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Kuroko no Basuke Replace, Chapter 5, Parts 13-15

Translation of parts 13, 14, and 15 of Kuroko no Basuke -Replace- Game 5: Terror! Tragedy at the Mountain Resort

Click here to read it on its page. 21 more words


Crazy Thoughts

Once in a while, a lady dates a man-child, he’s been pretending to be a man since he turned eighteen. You know the type from a far, he looks like he’s got it all together till you realize that cupid was messing with your head. 815 more words


Never let anyone plant doubt in your mind

When I was in secondary school, must have been one or two years before my friends and I graduated, one of our teachers was sick and we had someone else doing the replacement. 338 more words


St. Luke, Suicide Bomber: Political Philosophy Paper #2 in Translation

A couple of weeks ago, I assigned paper topic #1 in my political philosophy class here at Al Quds University. Here is paper topic #2 in (Facebook) translation. 842 more words

Hi,From Padang,Indonesia.....


Just like the big title above, I would say “Hello!! from Padang (the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia)!!”

I’ve been here almost all the time I ever remember my self exist in the world. 344 more words


remember me

to read a book
to sew a little
to wake up early.


Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs - Zero Comma, Irotoridori no Sekai PART 2/5: 「終わりのはじまり」 & 「まで。情熱ミックス 」

Back in May I’ve translated さんざめく by Mass of The Fermenting Dregs, and I feel like keeping on translating songs from that album.
So, there will be 5 posts about this album, the first being the one I translated in May, the second being this one (which is a double post) and the others coming soon on other different posts. 818 more words