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Urdu Hindi translation agency

Hindi and Urdu are spoken in the same way but written in different script; for example, Hindi is written in Devanagri and Urdu is written in… 334 more words


Coming Soon! Annie’s Karma em breve em Português!!

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Annie e o Carma

Chelle Cordero

Depois visitou Karma, Annie Furman move-se de seu passado e seu futuro com o sub-xerife Dave Turner. 427 more words

Chelle Cordero


Neither Wangye nor Wangfei were in their other courtyard. In this melancholy mist, chilly and desolate rain, Yun Ge’s heart was very relaxed. The mountain pressure from the two people had finally disappeared, and the series of misfortune that befall upon Wangfei was also gone. 732 more words


Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Same Group

The examiners in charge of the academy examinations was already up on stage and the personnel that were holding the wooden buckets had recorded the different categories to divide it to groups for the examinations. 1,533 more words


Isekai C-Mart Hanjouki ch 014

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The Inimitable Swimsuit

“Hey, Master? What’s this?”

The idiot elf, who had been rummaging around in the heap of stock items I was calling the ‘failed merchandise storage,’ pulled out a few pieces of stretchy blue fabric held together by a cord. 2,388 more words

Isekai C-mart Hanjouki

Chapter 18.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Hi Everyone. It has indeed been a while…….. work has indeed taken a lot of my time recently hence, translation has taken a short break. Hope that everyone has indeed enjoyed the Anniversary Special that tinkerbellsan and mhryu brought to you with the blessing of  922 more words

C-Novel Translation

śatakatrayam 1.31: jātiryātu rasātalaṃ (let caste go to hell!)

जातिर्यातु रसातलं गुणगणस्तत्राप्यधो गच्छतां
शीलं शैलतटात्पतत्वभिजन: संदह्यतां वह्निना ।
शौर्ये वैरिणि वज्रमाशु निपतत्वर्थोऽस्तु न: केवलं
येनैकेन विना गुणास्तृणलवप्राया: समस्ता इमे ।।३१।।

let caste go to hell! 46 more words