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Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera

Translated from Spanish by Lisa Dillman

This is a very short book (about 100 pages) that contains so much. At a basic level, it’s about a young woman, Makina, who crosses the border from Mexico to America to find her brother and bring him home. 668 more words


writing in french: où habites-tu?

one of my goals by the end of this year was to be able to start blogging completely in french. i’m going to start practicing writing in french through translating advertisements that i see on the street, transcribing essays from class and sharing notes that i’ve scribbled down on the subway. 463 more words

Bad Praxis, Bad Client (2)

In my previous post, I made a comment about a freelance editorial professional and her difficult relationship with a client, whose pay was low, did not pay on time, sent her poor-quality texts, and gave her little time to do her work. 157 more words


One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (一生一世美人骨) — Epilogue 3 and Author's Afterword *NOVEL COMPLETED*

Attention Toupai and Really, Really Miss You lovers! I had promised the epilogue of Really, Really Miss You after the conclusion of this story, and next scheduled posting, I’ll be keeping my word. 4,382 more words


IF Comp 2015: Life on Mars? (Hugo Labrande)

The 21st annual Interactive Fiction Competition is currently on, through mid-November. Voting is open to the general public; the only prerequisite is that you not be an author, not vote on games that you tested, and submit votes on at least five games. 406 more words


JLS Language Corp Receives 2015 Best of Menlo Park Award

Press Release


Jls Language Corp Receives 2015 Best of Menlo Park Award

Menlo Park Award Program Honors the Achievement

MENLO PARK September 30, 2015 — Jls Language Corp has been selected for the 2015 Best of Menlo Park Award in the Translators & Interpreters category by the Menlo Park Award Program. 278 more words


My Two Cents

“The only thing Shakespearean about his plays is the language. I’ll never understand why, when you attend a Shakespeare production these days, you find listed in the program a fight director, a dramaturge, a choreographer and lighting, set and scenery designers — but rarely an expert steeped in Shakespeare’s language and culture.”               –James Shapiro,  481 more words