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Apricot House (after Wang Wei)

Apricot House (after Wang Wei)

We cut the finest apricot for roof beams
and braided fragrant grasses over them.

I wonder if clouds might form there… 239 more words


Book Reviews In the Wild

So far, 2017 has been a good reading year. I’m even a few books ahead on my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

I wanted to post links to some reviews I’ve written for other sites in the past few months (in case you all missed me). 300 more words


śatakatrayam 1.58: saṁtaptāyasi saṁsthitasya (a drop of water vaporizes instantly)

संतप्तायसि संस्थितस्य पयसो नामापि न श्रूयते
मुक्ताकारतया तदेव नलिनीपत्रस्थितं दृश्यते ।
अन्त:सागरशुक्तिमध्यपतितं तन्मौक्तिकं जायते
प्रायेणाधममध्यमोत्तमजुषामेवंविधा वृत्तय: ।।५८।।

a drop of water vaporizes instantly
from a block of red-hot iron, 45 more words


Chapter 21.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Time flies! It is already Thursday and tonight is my last night in Singapore for this trip. The 2 weeks training is finally ending…. I am so glad to be heading home in less than 24 hours…. 855 more words

C-Novel Translation

Glossary Basics for Translation Buyers

In a previous post on the importance of good instructions, I talked about the likelihood that your company or industry has specific jargon that may seem strange to outsiders. 673 more words


Chapter 5: The Night of Slaughter

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Welcome to the 5th chapter of Inner Demons!

Xing Li froze for a moment. This empty knife so that his arm almost strained, to this time also feel a slight trembling fingers, a good half-day to mention no effort. 1,781 more words


Биткойн (Bitcoin) гэж юу вэ?

World Economic Forum-ээс авч орчуулав. Англи эхийг эндээс үзнэ үү.

2010 онд хэн нэгэн пицца авчрах үед санхүүгийн түүх бүтээгдсэн. Хэрэв та анхны үйл явдлыг сонсоогүй бол санаа зовох хэрэггүй. 7 more words