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#DemocratDictionary 09/18/2018 Judge Kavanaugh Edition

Democrats are going all out to keep Kavanaugh off the bench! From trotting out extras in a broadway play to protest to disrupting the chambers, they’ve pulled out all the stops. 565 more words

Why is sex so great?

There are candles in the room and it smells like roses. There are clean sheets on the bed and the curtains are drawn in front of the windows. 1,618 more words

Kinky Dungeon

Moving to France: Getting your documents translated

In France, you need all your documents IN FRENCH.

Driver’s Licence, Birth Certificate, Marriage documents — all need to be in French for any and all administrative purposes! 1,419 more words

Face-To-Face Vetting

Hey, over 80% of communication is non-verbal. That is exactly why interviews are so important in getting hired. Despite an impeccable resume, candidates can ruin their chances with a potential employer if they really under perform in an interview. 323 more words


The Waiter, by Matias Faldbakken

The Hills, a very old restaurant in Oslo, Norway, is an institution. The walls are covered in art from and portraits of old guests. Layers of food smells and smoke are baked into the walls. 494 more words


Chapter 69: Crucible Street (part six)

Hmm, if you can’t tell, this arc will be focused on preventing Nibelheim’s destruction rather than defeating the phantom beast. Might seem boring to you, but this arc is necessary both for Erica and Harold, and for future world buildings. 1,713 more words