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Lost in Translation?

How often do you think about whether the book you are reading was originally written in English?

As the possessor of a widely spoken lingua franca, England is one of the most ignorant countries in the world when it comes to modern foreign languages. 434 more words

International Art

5 September 2015. Further Adventures in Translation Land…


Это у Шекспира, «быть или не быть»…

А у нас, «эх, была не была!»


Literally, Это у Шекспира, «быть или не быть» comes out as “It’s in Shakespeare, “To be or not to be”… that’s easy. 88 more words


untitled (English)

I feel as though I am waiting for the summer rain.

All day the clouds have covered the sky and now, after evening has come, the moon is covered as well. 91 more words


Royal Canadian Professional Translations Services of Business Documents

Royal Canadian, a Canadian institute for the processing and development of professional translations of business documents, and in addition the proper utilization of experienced interpreters has earned a worldwide reputation in all the years after its founding. 67 more words

Free Translation

DPF / Otero

For doctors, from Selected Translations, by W.S. Merwin.

from On This Earth / by Blas de Otero (Spanish, 1916-1979)

shaped like

Get lots of air, the doctor
told me


Think Ahead and Write for Technical Translation

It sounds perfect. It’s been proofread, polished and re-polished and edited so many times, you’ve lost count. Your medical device manual is ready to be published, but it also needs to be published in French, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. 305 more words


7 Things about French Translation Your Boss Wants to Know

All translation is not created equal. Translating from English to French is not the same thing as translating from French to English. Likewise, translating English to German is not the same as translating French to German. 248 more words