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Dawn Traveler Chapter 8

Source: http://novel.munpia.com/25666

Author: Nam Hee Sung (A.K.A. Namhui Castle)

Translation: Machine Translation

Proofreader: SardonicMonster

During the tender age of (Part 3)

There were signs showing that there were an increased number of monsters in the tomb. 1,032 more words

Dawn Traveler

"Roast cockerel with its meat juice"

I hate to laugh, but some of the meal titles that the catering company at my work come up with in English are hilarious. I might start documenting them all so that I can put a little ‘Bad Translations’ book together at the end of my internship. 13 more words


The German San-Antonio Series (Bastei Verlag)

 Initiated by the publisher  Bastei Verlag ( Gustav H. Lübbe ),  in Bergisch -Gladbach,  an attempt was made to publish the San-Antonio series in Germany. The “Kommissar from Paris” was even given his own series, like in France, where it had only then  started to be the case (after more than 20 years of being part of the “Spécial-Police” Series).   241 more words


Translating and publishing your book/Tradurre e pubblicare il tuo libro

Ed ecco che oggi iniziano tre settimane di vacanza per la mia bambina. Al contempo, io giusto venerdì scorso (in tempo per la sua festa di compleanno) ho finito e consegnato il primo dei 5 libri su cui stavo lavorando, il che significa che adesso ho un po’ di tempo per andare avanti nel organizzazione della mia attività o accettare altri lavori (forse un paio di mesi). 1,087 more words

A Schedule(d) Announcement

Hello, fellow HnA fans! This is a just a quick update to let you know what is going on and my plans for the future of this blog. 130 more words