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Eating seasonal small dog in Spain - a story of hongo y seta

Actually I didn’t really find ‘small dog’ on a menu even though Google decided to translate perrochicos as ‘doggy’. But one can never be sure what is eaten in other countries. 1,530 more words


2018 PEN America Literary Awards

Earlier this week, on the 20th, the PEN America Literary Awards were awarded! 211 more words


First Fine Dawn by Wang An Shi ( 1021-1086)

The clouds are washed with shades of pink

In the valley of the roof the snow is softening

On the hill dawn wakes the trees as chill disperses… 17 more words


As Usual(いつもの如く) - A one-shot short story

I am only translating this short story and do not own anything related to it, you can check the original story from down below. The featured image can be accessed from here: https://holidaybays.com/famous-shinto-shrines-in-japan-you-must-visit/ 996 more words


[Translation] Shuhei and Kaoru's Blog

Today Shuhei and Kaoru are participating on CBC Friendly Run!

They successfully finished the 21km half-marathon! *Clap hands*

Well, to commemorate this (and since I still haven’t finished writing other post orz) I decided to translate Shuhei and Kaoru’s blog post regarding their achievement! 769 more words



Picture courtesy: http://www.shutterstock.com

Kalitrudanilai is a puram theme describing the bravery of a fighter who kills and also gets killed by a war elephant. Purananuru… 224 more words


Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: July 11th (English Translation)

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Ema: (I know it’s Sunday… But the others still aren’t up yet.)
Ema: Maybe I should have stayed in bed with Juli a little longer… Haa… 752 more words