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Just words: vote

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Vote is a four-letter word, but I never took Latin. So, no voting for me.

Hey, Friend,
Are you going to vote? 341 more words

Just Words

Iwamoto Renka Mail Translation, October 30th 2020

Well, yesterday my eyes got swollen…

I don’t want to leave the stage

Honestly, I want to be with her until the end

I am very grateful that I was chosen to be Shiawase no Hogoshoku’s senbatsu, Shiraishi-san’s last song. 508 more words


WORLD of translation. WORDS of damnation

Which untranslatable word is your favoritte?

Picture this: Billions of words in the world, and over 5,000 languages spoken in this exact moment!
And since we all see the world in different ways, of course there are many words that are far away from being easily translatable. 276 more words

Language Learning

The Greatest Hindi Stories Ever Told, Selected and Translated by Poonam Saxena

The Greatest Hindi Stories Ever Told, Selected and Translated by Poonam Saxena

Published by: Aleph Book Company

Fiction: Short Stories, Indian Literature, Translation

Book summary: 680 more words


Redline saves Halloween - Fate/Type Redline Ch.16

Kinda slow chapter but I’m just glad this wasn’t delayed along with volume 2.




Loneliness (G.E.M.) | 孤獨

Bright moon
Please cleanse me

Ayy, it’s another night, a drizzling night
After all the noise I stand on the street, looking up at the moon… 533 more words


The Puppet (Kayee Tam) | 扯線木偶 (譚嘉儀)

My hands cannot touch my body; being willingly manipulated is my stupidity
My heart endures it, my voice trembles
A thousand strings around me, I can’t walk out from the lying voice… 240 more words