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YueHua - Endings Guide

There are a few different endings in this game even though it has not received a complete version yet. For each character in this unfinished version, there is one… 149 more words


Diabolik lovers Lost Eden - Mukami Ruki ecstasy 2

Ecstasy 2

(mình không ngủ được gì cả. đi hóng gió thôi!)  A… Ruki kun!

Aa em à……

(Ruki kun cũng không ngủ được sao?) anh này, em đến bên anh được chứ? 712 more words


Guides and Walkthroughs

In this category you will find various guides for games that will be featured here on this site. You can either click on the drop-down menu on the left, or click the links here to select a specific guide. 28 more words


Senritsu no Stratus - Walkthrough


Walk with a little input on the analog stick.
Run by increasing input on the analog stick.
○ button to Speak/examine/open and close doors. 280 more words


Reading the World: 'Feather' by Cao Wenxuan ***

Cao Wenxuan’s Feather is the only children’s book which I have chosen to include upon my Reading the World list.  It has been translated from its original Chinese by Chloe Garcia-Roberts, and has been written by China’s answer to Hans Christian Andersen.  278 more words

The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse 1.1


Chapter 1: Rebirth

“Motherfucker! Lao zi1 shouldn’t have been so soft-hearted to buy the little brat!” Luo xun cursed furiously under his breath, as he weaved left and right in the midst of narrow alleyways, closely following the slippery fish-like figure. 676 more words