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Neowin: Microsoft is discontinuing the Skype Translator bot

Neowin: Microsoft is discontinuing the Skype Translator bot. “Today, Microsoft announced that Skype is getting an update to version 8.54, which Skype Insiders have been testing for a couple of weeks now. 51 more words

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Mitsy 53

Chapter 53 Boy’s stupid treat

“Do you have ‘analysis’?”

“That’s it.”

Arno nodded to the words of the confused Yuushi.

“Yuushi-San, ‘analysis’ is a degraded version of ‘Super analysis’.” 1,093 more words

Web Novel Translation

śatakatrayam 2.60: kaścumbati kulapuruṣo (which noble man will)

कश्चुम्बति कुलपुरुषो वेश्याधरपल्लवं मनोज्ञमपि ।
चारभटचोरचेटकनटविटनिष्ठीवनशरावम् ।।६०।।

which noble man will
kiss a prostitute’s lips?
though charming,
it is just a spitting platter
for servants, thieves, slaves, 6 more words


Kim Chan Hyuk - I Can Only See You (너밖에 안 보여) Want A Taste? OST Part 1

Mindlessly, in my eyes, I can only see you
In my heart, I can only hear you
Even the smallest trembles make my heart flutter… 210 more words


Heize - Destiny Tells Me (운명이 내게 말해요) When The Camellia Blooms OST Part 9

My sad role that has already been decided
Seeps into every place, every moment I’m in
It might hurt you
Because it’ll make me cry… 179 more words


Jung Sewoon - Drawing You Out (너를 그린다) Extraordinary You OST Part 8

I don’t even know how many hours are in a day
Only the time of thinking of you exists to me
As I was missing you alone and comforting my heart… 244 more words