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“The stories never said why she was wicked. It was enough to be an old woman, enough to be all alone, enough to look strange because you have no teeth. 213 more words


nītiśataka 1.96: sthālyāṃ vaiḍūryamayyāṃ pacati (a man doomed to dwell on earth)

स्थाल्यां वैडूर्यमय्यां पचति तिलखलं चान्दनैरिन्धनौघै:
सौवर्णैर्लाङ्गलाग्रैर्विलिखति वसुधामर्कतूलस्य हेतो: ।
छित्त्वा कर्पूरषण्डान्वृतिमिह कुरुते कोद्रवाणां समन्ता-
त्प्राप्येमां कर्मभूमिं न भजति मनुजो यस्तपो मन्दभाग्य: ।।९६।।

a man doomed to dwell on earth… 53 more words


Overlord First Half Chapter 71: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 11

This was long. UGGGGHHHH. Also I have a Japanese exam next week so I want to focus on that for a bit so I will not translate until the 3rd of Dec. 7,313 more words


Chinese Poems with English Translation

Bamboo Adobe

I sit along in the dark bamboo grove,
Playing the zither and whistling long.
In this deep wood no one would know
Only the bright moon comes to shine. 8 more words


171124 The Unit B Facebook Update with Hangyul, B.I.G Gunmin & Heedo

이 조합 실화입니까…
네… 실화입니다! 잘생긴애 옆에 잘생긴 애!
보고만 있어도 행복해지는 사진 감사합니다❤️❤️
#비아이지 #건민 #희도 #아이엠 #한결 #눈이_정화되는_사진 #더유닛 #TheUnit #오늘도_투표해주세요 #내일은_더유닛하는날 #본방사수

54 more words

"Often Asked" A Poem

“Often Asked” (a Poem)

You dressed me, undressed me, raised me

And we moved too,

Well, I also lied to you

No, those drugs I didn’t do… 198 more words


The Land of Green Plums by Herta Muller

How true is this opening line?

When we don’t speak, we become unbearable, and when we do, we make fools of ourselves.

Ms. Muller opens and closes her novel, The Land of Green Plums, with this line so she must thinks it’s important.   659 more words

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