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Eleven Prague Corpses by Krill Kobrin

Eleven Prague Corpses by Krill Kobrin

Russian fiction

Original title – 11 пражских трупов

Translator – Veronika Lakotova

Source – personnel copy

I was saying I was overwhelmed with reviews and what is annoying I am reading fast than I can review so I let books slip and this was nearly one of those. 673 more words


ファビュラス //豚乙女


Title: ファビュラス (Fabulous)
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Album: 大富豪 (Daifugou)

飼い殺し 蛇生殺し そんな人生は真っ平ゴメンだ
kaigoroshi hebi namagoroshi sonna jinsei wa mappira gomen da
nakereba ubaeba ii desho… 373 more words


Cardinal Schuster on To-day's Offertory

Unhappily, far too few of our readers will have had the opportunity to hear the entirety of to-day’s sublime Offertory, Sanctificavit Moyses. The Offertory chaunt was originally a responsory, like the Gradual: a respond was followed by one or more verses, whereafter the entirety or part of the respond was repeated. 934 more words


WFYO 059


059. Saying a Bigger Number

They ate lunch before going out. The sun was shining brightly, but the temperature outside was quite low.  1,426 more words


WFYO 058


058. Be Careful of Hair Loss

“Ah?” He Jin drank a mouthful of his macchiato and looked up, “Yes, our relationship is quite good. How did you know?” 1,760 more words


Lucia Chapter 52 [part 1]


< — The Taran Duke’s Family Doctor — > (2)

TN: Vision = secret manual. 1,578 more words


"Just another mistake"

“Translations,Raza,Team Mars”

In my bedroom on July 4th, 2018

“As for all the rest, there is nothing that has escaped Aphrodite:

none of the blessed gods nor any of mortal humans.” 258 more words