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サクラドライヴ || Sakura Drive

sakura doraivu
Sakura Drive

Vocals: nayuta, Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: Sakura Drive (サクラドライヴ)  【Official Site】
Circle: 7uta.com
Event: M3-2017 Spring… 739 more words


Sinhala Translation of Malinda Seneviratne's "All that is solid is made of air"

සකලවිද ඝනද්‍රව්‍ය වායුවෙනි තැනෙන්නේ

සකලවිද ඝනද්‍රව්‍ය වායුවෙනි තැනෙන්නේ
පාවා දැමූවන්ගේ සුසුම් වැල්ද
සුමට ඇසකට තුලන ආයුධ වලට
වැට කඩුලු නොබැඳි
ජීවමාන ග්‍රැනයිට් කුට්ටි මත දිය වී ගිය


タイド・コラプション || Tied Corruption

タイド・コラプション || Taido Korapushon

Tied Corruption
Ràng buộc vào trụy lạc

Album:喩 -tatoe-(Metaphor)【Official Site
Circle:Diao ye zong「凋叶棕 」 1,332 more words


YouTube Creator Plusses; Apple vs Qualcomm; Facebook Messenger Translations; Stanford Blockchain Research

YouTube has announced new ways for content creators to make money. Now, according to engadget.com, channels with over 100,000 subscribers will have access to Memberships, which will let viewers pay a monthly $4.99 fee to get exclusive access to badges, emoji, livestreams, members-only videos and shoutouts. 403 more words

Deep Deeper // EastNewSound

Title: Deep Deeper
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Mystic Gate

Deep Deeper…
Believe me
Deep Deeper ,Deepest Layer
knockin’on your heart
Deep Deeper…
I’m lovin’ you
いつまでも いつまでも永遠に 289 more words