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Translating Resistance

Recently, I happened across a news article that unexpectedly sent me drifting more than 15 years into the past. Upon arriving there and sifting through its dusty, neglected contents, I meandered back to the present following the thread of a certain activity that had its origins in that seemingly forgotten corner. 1,850 more words


沈む舵輪のロンド // Feuille-Morte

A song about freedom and what it means.

Title: 沈む舵輪のロンド (A Rondo of the Sinking Rudder)
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Album: ワンダリア (Wandaria)

亜麻色の髪 優美に靡かせ
amairo no kami yuubi ni nabikase… 787 more words


Eeva Kilpi, "The Thistle, Autumn's Late Bloomer"

Ohdake, syksyn viimeinen kukkija.
Hillitty, vaalea sinipuna.
Vankka varsi, ei kaadu sateessa,
ei taitu tuulessa.
Piikkinen: selektiivisyyttä.

Latvassa nokkosperhonen.
Iso, uusi, vastakuoriutunut,
tuorein värein,
elämänsä viimeisessä vaiheessa: 270 more words


The Fight for the Mozarabic Rite Continued: Liturgical Trial by Fire

One of our earlier posts recounted the story told by Roderic, Archbishop of Toledo, about the trial by combat in held in 11th century Spain between the champions of the Roman rite and of the autochthonous Mozarabic rite. 1,144 more words


Chapter 37 Children

The outer base wall was built up but since the inner circle already had protection it was necessary to increase construction projects to provide a place for the new people to live. 2,224 more words

Reborn Otaku Code Of Practice For Apocalypse

Mexico: Idealized Nature: On Absolutism and Misanthropy

Originally posted on It’s Going Down
From Propagación Anárquica
Translated by Scott Campbell

There is an ever-spreading idealistic, romantic, and superfluous tendency regarding the existence of a pristine, virgin, and idyllic nature that has never been touched by human beings and that must be preserved without having any contact with our species. 1,613 more words


Koishi Heartbroken // カナタノート

As you can see, I am trying to keep to my schedule of 1 translation per day.

Title: Koishi Heartbroken
Circle: カナタノート (Kanata Note)
Album: ある日の少女達 (The Girls From That Day) 237 more words