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KOH Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Feng Family

A ball of fire condensed in his hands and he threw it towards the monster without limbs.

All that was heard was “ 636 more words


easy game // N+

The word シンジゲート seems to be a misspell of シンジケート, but can also mean something like 信じゲート (Faith Gate). Keep that in mind.

Title: easy game… 940 more words


2015.05.11 Meg Magazine Web Interview

Disclaimer: there might be some inaccuracies in this translation. If you notice anything that’s too inaccurate please feel free to drop me a message!

Original interview… 1,025 more words


絶体絶命 || A Desperate Situation

zettai zetsumei
A Desperate Situatio

Vocals: Miku Nakamura
Lyrics: Miku Nakamura
Music: Miku Nakamura, Cö shu Nie
Single: 絶体絶命 (A Desperate Situation) 260 more words


PokeColo- Account Backup

Worried that you could lose your account after changing devices? Fear not! You can back your PokeColo account up to an email! 154 more words


KOH Chapter 400

Chapter 400 White Clothed Male

Upon hearing those words, Dan Dan stopped crying and his short legs slowly walked towards Elder Jiang’s side.

His round, small, pig-like body jumped onto Elder Jiang’s stomach, shouting, “Villain, you harmed Mother! 668 more words


ATBPY Chapter 9

Chapter Nine Leaving the Manor

On the youth’s seductive face there, there was an unfeeling chilliness. Even the wooden Xue Zhuyue had a murderous intent flash through his eyes. 1,684 more words