Contract Based Translation Jobs To Become Invaluable Asset For The Business

Among the major mistakes, a company does while moving to a foreign market is the negligence on their part of hiring translators for the work. This mistake may cost dearly as business translation is the necessity and avoidance of any kind can be harmful to your global business. 316 more words


Translator Camera Scanner Pdf

Cam Scanner App + PDF Scan, convert and translate all your documents to PDF. The perfect tool for office works. View and Download Vasco Translator Premium 7 user manual online. 371 more words


Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 422

Chapter 422  Lady, you’re beautiful

After Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo made sure everything was in order and the Special Enrollment Students had arrived, the said, “Since everyone has arrived, we are ready to set off for the Yun Lu Mountains. 645 more words


Focus on Studio

Last week I was invited to attend another SDL Trados focus group, following on from the one I’d attended well over a year ago, back in November 2016. 1,327 more words



Hi! I’m Majo, the translator this past week, and it may sound absurd but, I haven’t translated a thing… yet.

Anyway I made a compilation of words, that we learned this week or related, and their definitions. 325 more words


TECH: Travis Blue - A Translating Speaker

I have championed and written about Travis the Translator (Travis 1.0) for over a year now.  A few weeks back I finally managed to catch up with the team at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, hoping they would have a demo unit of their new product… and I got lucky! 873 more words


Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 421

Chapter 421  Thank you, Bai Jun Yu

Seeing Bai Jun Yu’s receding figure, the corners of Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips lifted up in an enchanting arc, it seemed it would be good if Zhi Qing and Bai Jun Yu were together. 686 more words