What I Listen to While I Work

As I am a freelance translator and work predominantly from home, it means I have complete control over what is playing in my ‘office’ (actually a corner of my bedroom). 395 more words


Arabic Translations:


Algeria, Jordan, Somalia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to give some examples. Arabic is spoken in the Middle East as well as in parts of North Africa and is ordered close by other Semitic dialects. 478 more words


A Forest of Steel and Wool - MIYASHITA Natsu

During the performance, I tried to listen out for Mr.
Itadori’s signature tonal colour, but it was impossible. If the piano’s tone did
have a colour to it, then I’d say it was essentially blank. 699 more words


To write or not to write

What a cliché heading. But I could not resist because it describes my thought, oh, so well. Having felt the strong urge to take up writing again, I went on a hunt for a notebook and finally opted for a lovely little Moleskine classic in a black leather binding which now spends most of the day on my bedside table, and only before I go to sleep, I open it to write something about my day. 359 more words


Résumé (English)

Alexandrine Wiese, MBA

310-745-1312 | AlexandrineWiese@gmail.com

Project manager with over 10 years of experience in project leadership, team building, diverse organizational integration, change management, and business education. 921 more words

Agile Thinking

LA Translation Offer Translation Services Overseas

L A Translation is helping you to translate different languages into your comfort language and we are offering the best ways to you for translation. Our working staff is mainly translating law documents, land papers and official work papers for our clients and we are applying easiest methods to solve your translation problems. 184 more words


Can You Use Assamese Translation Services To Attract Potential Buyers?

Those days are history when you have to opt from one translating agency to another to find the best Assamese Translation packages. Things have changed and the world has become way too digital nowadays. 382 more words