An Unstable Gang Leader And Traveling Through Canada With Burnie Burns And A Translator Dies

This morning while going over this dream from last night in my mind I accidentally forgot parts of this dream, especially the earlier parts of the dream, and so parts of this dream are missing. 1,597 more words


Translators, you rock!

Translators do the magical job of conveying ideas from and into other languages so that people can better communicate. They usually put all their passion into their jobs, but this is not often acknowledged by others. 69 more words

Freelance Translator

Why hire Jan Delaporte?

For every individual there always comes a situation when they need to hire a translator who can offer linguistic meaning to their piece of writing. Unfortunately, finding a knowledgeable… 441 more words


A guy and his blog (about comments)

Funny thing bout comments, I had about 400 or more that we’re in my spam for some reason, I checked it because of one comment, and found a whole lot more.   86 more words

How to become the world’s most translated author

Becoming the world’s most translated author is no easy feat. Many of those in UNESCO’s Index Translationum list of the top 20 most translated authors have held a place in the list for some years. 455 more words