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The Millionaires' Club

Fourth graders from Ms. Jackson’s and Ms. Lopez’s are learning about the stock market and finances.  In a group selected by the teachers, children are able to learn about the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ exchange. 105 more words

Literacy, Test Literacy and Equality

‘The Elements of Literacy” addressed a serious issue with recent changes to the education system. No Child Left Behind is possibly the biggest change to teaching in the past century, it changed the way we access students and standardized teaching methods throughout. 384 more words

Free Write


To be literate in the 21st century takes more than satisfying the literal definition of being able to read and write. By modern, first-world standards if you aren’t literate you might as well find a cave and start painting pictures on walls. 450 more words


20 years since the founding of trAce. Do you remember the Noon Quilt?

In May 1995 I was teaching creative writing in the English Department at Nottingham Trent University when, quite unexpectedly, I fell into the internet. That moment redirected the course of my life, and the most instrumental part of that change was the birth of the… 445 more words


Tablets and the Academic Library: Comprehensive College Environment

Academic libraries have been researching the potential of tablets in terms of changing the way library user’s access information for several years. Spirited discussion about the use of tablet computing in academic libraries has been published in literature for approximately 5 years. 759 more words


Launching a book club with a riddle

My White Pine book club is growing stale. The same few students join every year (which is awesome) but I’m not reaching as far as I’d like to in my secondary school of 1200 students. 104 more words

Celebrating Thanksgiving Traditions with Balloons Over Broadway and Looking Ahead

Second grade signed up for a rotation through the library as part of their Thanksgiving feast celebration on the day before our holiday break.  Their request was to read the book  575 more words