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Publishing a Kindle book, and then a paperback too

Thousands of people have published their own Kindle books and then blogged about the process. I decided to do the same. But this is in no way a definitive guide. 3,038 more words


Developing digital literacy through change - is transliteracy the answer?

Digital literacy I hear you say it’s everywhere! It is certainly a topic I hear much more frequently now than I ever used in my current role as a Career Consultant in higher education. 680 more words


Scholars Present to the Board of Education

At the November Board of Education meeting, two library superstars presented to a room of 50 adults. 3rd grader, Henry , and 2nd grader, Melanie, came out at night to read their Storybird e-book creations and advocate for all the digital learning occurring at Highview School. 68 more words

Fake News? Maybe not. Gladwell explains

Each moment, the information firehose pumps an explosive amount of data our way.  We encounter, comprehend, process and evaluate a seemingly unending stream of input. There have been many efforts to explain the cognitive processes we almost unconsciously use to make sense of our information environment.   1,151 more words


Skype Without Boundaries

Just last week I connected a 2nd grade library class with a high school reader in Arkansas. Fellow school guybrarian extraordinaire, Stony Evans, in Arkansas asked to Skype. 157 more words

Families That Read Together Succeed Together

Continuing in my new school’s tradition, I am leading the monthly book club established by my predecessor. The book club is a family engagement piece that requires both an adult and child to be present for all sessions held once a month in the evening. 159 more words

Nick Vianna Author Visit

The new school year has started and gone so quickly. After having spent the last year in a city district that frowned upon blogging, innovation, edtech and grant writing, I am overjoyed to finally have found a home where I can be the educator and school library media specialist I have always dreamed of being. 101 more words