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Learning Literacies - LLED 469 - Learning Log 1.4

In module 11, we examined “the ways in which the literacies are similar and different, how literacy and/or literacies underpin inquiry, and how you can infuse literacy and/or other literacies in your own inquiry-based teaching and learning” (Ekdahl).  990 more words

Inquiry Based Learning

When I think about the general characteristics of the students who take my online ENG4C class, my learners:

  • Struggle with task completion
  • Struggle with goal-setting…
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Graphic Novels and Transliteracy

Required Primary Reads:

  • Skeleton Creek / Patrick Carman (Transliteracy)
  • The Arrival / Shaun Tan (Graphic Novel)

Read in Prep. for Annotated Bib. Project:

Graphic Novels and Transliteracy

The Daily 5, a literacy program that focuses on individualized reading strategies and student choice, has a launch lesson called “Three Ways to Read a Book.” This initial lesson teaches students that there is more to reading a book than simply reading the words. 483 more words

Transmedia Literacy International Conference - March 22-24, 2018

Join us on March 22-24, 2018, for the Transmedia Literacy International Conference. This event brings together a vibrant and global community of media and education researchers and innovators. 1,077 more words


Publishing a Kindle book, and then a paperback too

Thousands of people have published their own Kindle books and then blogged about the process. I decided to do the same. But this is in no way a definitive guide. 3,038 more words