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Ok maybe I’m overreacting. But just a tad.

Peace and blessings everybody. Welcome back to my readers, you’ve been here from quite sometime if you have been here from the start. 296 more words

Stealth or nah??

Peace & blessings readers. Good to see you came back.

Today I am going to discuss my opinion on the difference in being “stealth” vs “dont ask, dont tell.” 763 more words

Kris, meet testosterone.

Welcome back it has been a while. Sorry for the delay. A lot has happened since my last blog, as you can imagine for a young unapologetically black transmale. 220 more words

Show and Tell

This post is strictly photos showing the compression binder and at the very bottom of the post is the final result immediately after the binder was removed.   141 more words


Yay clothes!

So a little backgorund… My parents aren’t exactly “accepting” of the whole trans thing with me, and so it’s very rare for them to even bring it up, other than to argue about it. 284 more words


Day 1 5/26/16

I decided I couldn’t handle the anticipation and caved. My shot days are now every Thursday for two weeks and then weekly after this first month but I might switch it to Friday’s once I’m weekly. 162 more words


Introduction Time

Well, I suppose, as I’ve started a new site, it’s time I made an introduction.

I’m an anonymous teenager living somewhere in Britain. I’ve known I was male from an early age, but my first few attempts at coming out were utter failures. 319 more words

Trans Things