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I’ll never be what you wanted me to be. The person you probably envisioned when you held me for the first time. Then again no one ever is. 241 more words


One long bus ride pt. 2

Made it to my first pit stop in Mobile, AL with a layover of an hour…

A small pit stop compared to all the ones I will take over the course of the next day & a half. 53 more words


Transgender: A Curiosity

I am very careful about disclosing my trans status to certain individuals.  It wasn’t an issue with my family:  they love me for me.  I tell  some friends and coworkers, and they respect my wishes to be identified as male.   343 more words


New Beginnings

In less than 4 days I will (yet again) be leaving my hometown of New Orleans and venture off to another part of the US. 77 more words

5 months on T 10/26/16

Not much has changed within the last month.

My chin hair is growing to the point of minimal visibility in certain selfies and there’s minimal upper lip hair. 449 more words


Transgender: Past, Present, and Future Wishes

According to my mom, I was showing some signs of gender dysphoria as young as six or seven.  I liked my hair short, I cut the hair off my dolls and Barbies and called some of them boys, and even insisted that I was a boy (along with a fairy, Peter Pan, a dog, etc.).   844 more words


Look what the ferret dragged in...

Well hello hello reader & peepers.
Allow me to extend a brief re-introduction. My name is Kristian Iman King. My associates call me Kris, my friends call me King & those who really know me call me Iman. 247 more words