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dysphoria, and allergies.

lil dream thing and my thoughts;

so last night, i had a dream that was weird, but also confused me?? like i dont remember the specifics but i was hiding from my family because i was presenting myself as a… 530 more words

How about "No"

Another post related to Trans* things! I Blog about other things, it’s just that I- fuck it. My blog, and I’ll talk about what I want without the need for excuses. 1,169 more words


To the girl I still love.

It’s been 2 years since I started this journey. 2 years of becoming the person I was meant to be. The one I held in for so long, suffering in silence. 483 more words

My story of boobs, bras and binders

I’ve spent most of my life wearing regular bras.  Since I’m pretty large-chested, I’ve worn bras with underwire – fairly big contraptions.  Uncomfortable, but seemingly necessary.   1,802 more words

A No Holds Barred Account Of Lower Surgery

I have been open about all aspects of my gender transition and I have chosen to do the same with my lower surgery journey. It has not been an easy decision to share my surgery experience and photos but I  think it is very much needed. 86 more words


What can I do to "pass" as male?

I am often asked by Trans guys new on the journey, for tips on how to “pass”. I find this a difficult subject. I don’t like to be seen to tell people what to do, I think finding your own identity is very personal and there can be a lot of unfair pressure to be and act a certain way. 762 more words


Such a Riveting Conversation

2:37pm. Struggling to open my eyes, I vaguely see a text from my father. “You awake yet?” Rub my eyes. Put my glasses on. I see a text above sent at 10:33am, that I slept through, asking me to bring him a bag he needs for work he left at home. 1,465 more words