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My story of boobs, bras and binders

I’ve spent most of my life wearing regular bras.  Since I’m pretty large-chested, I’ve worn bras with underwire – fairly big contraptions.  Uncomfortable, but seemingly necessary.   1,802 more words

A No Holds Barred Account Of Lower Surgery

I have been open about all aspects of my gender transition and I have chosen to do the same with my lower surgery journey. It has not been an easy decision to share my surgery experience and photos but I  think it is very much needed. 86 more words


What can I do to "pass" as male?

I am often asked by Trans guys new on the journey, for tips on how to “pass”. I find this a difficult subject. I don’t like to be seen to tell people what to do, I think finding your own identity is very personal and there can be a lot of unfair pressure to be and act a certain way. 762 more words


Such a Riveting Conversation

2:37pm. Struggling to open my eyes, I vaguely see a text from my father. “You awake yet?” Rub my eyes. Put my glasses on. I see a text above sent at 10:33am, that I slept through, asking me to bring him a bag he needs for work he left at home. 1,465 more words


California legal name and gender change court documents.

I retrieved these in 2015, and it includes all the documents needed to legally change your name and gender through the California Superior Courts. 721 more words


Inside a body in transition...

Happy 6 months to Laine!!! Yes, this is week 26…officially halfway though the first year!!! I feel like we should have had cake or balloons or something after his shot this morning…but instead of throwing a party, lets talk about a topic that so many avoid…the reality of the health and proper healthcare of trans*men. 808 more words


My response to Channel 4’s “Girls to Men” Documentary

Whenever there is a Documentary about Transgender people on TV I find myself torn between excitement and dread. We desperately need more visibility, more understanding, more acceptance and the media is a powerful tool in assisting to either make that happen, or, by portraying us in sensationalised ways with incorrect terminology, do so much damage. 1,298 more words