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Jaydn Moss ** Commission Art Review

Hey guys, gals & everything in between 😊

Today I’m going to talk a little about the ask guy that did the commission art for my logo that was on the “November fan appreciation giveaway” tshirts. 133 more words


Trip To Vermont #TranslatingIdentityConference 

Hey guys, gals and everything again in between.

Today I am on the road, on my way to Vermont for the Transcending Identities Conference. It’s about a 5hr drive from upstate NY but it is already proving to be an awesome adventure. 99 more words


On a personal note...

Desde la última vez que escribí sobre mi proceso de transición han pasado una serie de cosas.

  • A principios de año, después de volver de mi estancia en la Ciudad de México, estaba en un peso y talla alarmantemente alto, además de que estaba sumamente deprimido y tenía ataques de ansiedad constantes.
  • 710 more words
Hombre Trans

Let's talk, BABIES *whats up Iman

YES , I said babies 👶. Of course if you knew me a few years ago , hell my whole life actually up into the last couple months you most likely will take this as a joke. 625 more words


Gender Cat***customer review

Hey hey 👋🏾

Today I am here to talk about a dick in a box and the adventure that led up to it.

I am doing a review on the Gender Cat Self-adhesive 6″ soft packer. 426 more words


The Shadow's Journey

By Damien Knight

Finding myself in the mirror of my past, am I free at last?

When she haunts my dreams can I ever be me? 1,046 more words


Every Day Transman Concept 2

Damien Knight

I been mulling in my mind about doing web comics for a while. I use to draw comics in middle school and high-school but I never felt I was good enough to pass for an “Artist.” Anyway today I tried using paint to sketch out spatial concepts. 42 more words