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Four month long set back

Yup.. you read that right. I have been set back literally 4 months via my transition. As I wrote in the last entry I had switched off shots for a compounded version of androgel and I was extremely excited for it. 571 more words

Lesbian or straight transguy?

Hey everyone,

I get asked this question quite a bit, and I never know how to really reply. For people that I meet who I don’t know too well, or even people that know me well, when I get asked what my sexual orientation is, it’s always an awkward question. 359 more words


Ooooo a nice fresh page to write on...hello!

How exciting, my very first WordPress blog post!

I thought I had best introduce myself before I begin to flood the place with words…

I am Finn, the infinncible, because I just refuse to let anything stop me from becoming all I can be. 123 more words


The good news and the better

WARNING: Slight sex/contraceptive and urine mention later on, for anyone possibly triggered or made uncomfortable by such things. As always, read at your own risk. I am not responsible for ensuring reader’s suitability to view my content. 786 more words


So, anyone who knows me is well aware that my mother is not supportive of me being trans. Ever since coming out, she’s refused to make doctor’s appointments for me, knowing that I am severely telephobic and can’t make the call myself. 156 more words


Redefining Gender Roles

Earlier this week I read the latest copy of Original Plumbing, a North American magazine written by transmen for transmen. This quarterly it was the Selfie Issue. 498 more words


Waiting room

Today I had to go to the doctor because I’ve been experiencing some pain in my hip that hasn’t gone away with any over the counter remedy. 350 more words