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Inside a body in transition...

Happy 6 months to Laine!!! Yes, this is week 26…officially halfway though the first year!!! I feel like we should have had cake or balloons or something after his shot this morning…but instead of throwing a party, lets talk about a topic that so many avoid…the reality of the health and proper healthcare of trans*men. 808 more words


My response to Channel 4’s “Girls to Men” Documentary

Whenever there is a Documentary about Transgender people on TV I find myself torn between excitement and dread. We desperately need more visibility, more understanding, more acceptance and the media is a powerful tool in assisting to either make that happen, or, by portraying us in sensationalised ways with incorrect terminology, do so much damage. 1,298 more words


Today's post is brought to you by the letter "T" for TSA, Travel, and Trans*

TSA security checkpoints at the airport can be quite the experience no matter who you are. Heck, just a few months ago on the return flight home from the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, I was flagged at TSA for explosives on my hands after a random swab sweep. 697 more words



So many people have asked me how I came to the realization that I’m transgender and to be honest, I don’t really know 100%.

All I know is that when I look back at my childhood, I see signs of myself being more fluid in general. 128 more words

Fuck you, dysphoria.

Esta es mi cuarta semana saliendo a trotar… me fue muy bien las primeras dos semanas pero para la tercera mi disforia atacó desde algún sitio donde la tenía guardada. 343 more words

Ftm Mexico

El nombre y la forma

En las últimas semanas he tenido dos sueños algo similares: personas que considero sercanas o a quienes aprecio no respetan mis deseos de un nombre masculino o neutral además de no usar la forma masculina. 546 more words

Ftm Mexico

Am I selfish for feeling like this? 

Is it selfish to feel alone with this amount of support? Feeling alone yet people are there for me
I have read about so many people who come-out as Transgender and receive little or no support from friends or loved ones. 864 more words

Becoming Mr Rylan Lewis