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Transmission work: REASSEMBLY

Here is a video of my transmission being taken apart and rebuilt by John Karal

Its good stuff and a GREAT “how to”.

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Excellent stuff from the Old Car Road Trip blog

Disconnection No. 7 - Silent Zone

This is Part 7 of the Serial called Disconnection.


* * *

Broadcasting live from the silent zone was just about the bravest, most amazing, and quite literally the most fatally stupid thing anyone could do. 1,192 more words


X Science Link to Neuron


Go through the site and understand how the impulse transmission takes place.

Class X Science

Transmission -is it a "go"?

There are a lot of arguments and opinions about when to change your transmission fluid and when it needs flushed. Bottom line is this: if you want your car to stay on the road beyond 10 yrs. 45 more words

Auto Repair 15102

Words and Letters For Sale! Part 1

The situation here in… I must not inform you yet of the name of the place where I dwell. All things will fall into place later on. 199 more words


Disconnection No. 6 - Transmission

This is Part 6 of the Serial called Disconnection.


* * *

The com of the triad played at drinking a bitter whiskey while her companions monitored her heart, and the rest of the room. 197 more words



Cuba has successfully eliminated mother-to-child transmission of both HIV and syphilis, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. 272 more words