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New Hope: Mother to Child

I read and article how a mother in NewYork who is hiv positive, on medication gave birth to a child and there was an official report, that mother to child transmission of hiv did not happen, there was no transmission. 150 more words

All Thoughts On Hiv

Day Five TEZA in images: Ako Ako, Workshops with Corinna school students, Strong Pacific Families, Sharemart, Volunteer Refinery, JIT, Creative Summits and

Images: Gabrielle McKone, George Staniland and Sophie Jerram

As part of his Ako Ako role-Swapping adventure, Ash took on the role of Tracey Wellington, CEO/co-founder of Kiwi Community Assistance, a food and resource recovery agency to assist people in the community. 242 more words


Power Sector - A Complex Challenge


The Power sector of India presents a complex set of challenges. On one hand there is no doubt that a 6-8 % growth in GDP also needs 10% growth in power supply. 594 more words

JainMatrix Investments

Response #4: Murdoch Stephens

I am friends with more Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa (TEZA) participants than not. A day in the life was more catching up with old pals than digesting new ones. 1,626 more words


Day Four TEZA in images: Ako Ako, Sharemart, Volunteer Refinery, J.I.T, Strong Pacific Families, Hawai’i Craft, Food to Table workshop, All Good? Pop-Up shops and a rongoa session.

Images: Gabrielle McKone, Jung Shim Krefft and Amanda Joe

Tuesday was our busiest day yet, with 100s of people through the TEZA Hub. By lunchtime we were thrilled to see how we could accommodate no less than six different activities in the Hub at once, all exchanging with one another, while at the same time around the corner in Hartham Place there were another four events happening. 419 more words


Writer response #3: Rangimarie Sophie Jolley

The Fruit of Diversity

Rangimarie Sophie Jolley

For some strange reason, the vast and ever expanding universe that is Porirua is forever being swathed in the old brown cloak of ‘poverty, diversity and ghettoisms”. 750 more words