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Colorado's Water Plan will need everyone to pitch in, officials say -- The Denver Post

From The Denver Post (Bruce Finley):

Colorado adopted a landmark $20 billion water plan Thursday to try to accommodate rapid population growth by conserving more, reusing more, storing more and sharing more between farmers and cities — and diverting less from west to east across the mountains.

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Colorado Springs Utilities and the #COWaterPlan

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Ryan Maye Handy):

…despite the painstaking work of people in nine water basins, multiple drafts, dozens of public meetings, and pushback from utility companies, the water plan is not a panacea.

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"My colleague likes to say, instead of one silver bullet, there’s lots of little silver BBs" -- Liesel Hans

From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Jacy Marmaduke):

Thirteen gallons: It’s the volume of a standard kitchen trash bag, a 6-minute shower or a little more than a full tank of gas for a compact car.

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Aspinall Unit operations update: Gunnison River through Black Canyon streamflow to increase to 1100 cfs

From email from Reclamation Erik Knight:

Releases from Crystal Dam will be increased from 600 cfs to 1100 cfs on Monday, November 16th. The purpose of this increase is to lower Blue Mesa Reservoir down towards the winter icing target.

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How Water Is Reshaping the West -- Hillary Rosner

Here’s a report from Hillary Rosner writing for Nova Next. Click through and read the whole thing. Here’s an excerpt:

“Be careful of rattlesnakes,” Brian Werner says as we walk near what will, a few years out, become the south end of Chimney Hollow Reservoir.

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Feds delay decisions on new Colorado River diversions

water quality, endangered species issues still unresolved

Staff Report

The complex permitting process for a pair of new Colorado water supply projects has been delayed yet again, as federal agencies continue to study the impacts of new diversions from the Colorado River and enlarged reservoirs on the Front Range. 194 more words


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#COWaterPlan storage: There are "about 100,000 acre-feet that could be snatched up pretty quickly'" -- James Eklund

From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Gary Harmon):

Building a transmountain diversion in Colorado is one thing — 11 on a difficulty scale of 5 — but increasing water storage might be far easier, the head of the Colorado Water Conservation Board said.

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