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THE ALL isn't personal, but sometimes it can feel that way.

I’ve had the pleasure of coming into some pretty profound insights within the last couple of months in my quest to find a good life balance.   283 more words



Faith tethered with Desire
Never to be destroyed
Energy only transmuted
But can be strengthened
Harnessed and used
Calls to phones without wires
No need to understand… 104 more words


The Beautiful Life

What is life? Simply, it is that which moves forward. It is the same concept as time. Same as the expansion of the universe. Same as evolution. 786 more words

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For - Star West ★

The power of Ancient wisdom and profound healing is available to you now. Allow the Light of Divine Consciousness to flow into every cell of your Being. 117 more words

The Tree

I sat in and wouldn’t get out
Thoughts were destructive
Fear of the future and no
Gratitude for the present
Building myself from the inside… 127 more words



How to explain.

At one point in a recent conversation, I realized that people see “having a positive attitude” as something that comes and goes. … 242 more words

You Came Here with a Purpose

You ARE the chosen one! I say this because you chose to be here to experience life. To experience Heaven on Earth! You made this choice before time existed. 528 more words