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I want to yell to the sky

Grab the birds as they fly

Give them a message to send

I am no longer that peaceful giant

Slumbering within

Be Still

I’ve never been so torn

By the absence of another’s love

My broken heart beats in my chest

Mocking me that I am still alive… 63 more words


There’s a time

for the shadow

and there’s a time

for the light

Even the moon and the sun

Understand this

Predictable Egos

I care not how the dance of my soul

Appears to the slaves of the mold

Mere mortals interchanging

conditioned responses

to bafflling circumstances

Rather than acting… 43 more words

Day 112 of 365 days of relinquishing control: the point

What if the point is to take the pain we feel and transmute it into something beautiful?

To express our pain, to sing it, paint it, scream it, rap it? 48 more words

365 Days Of Embracing The Unknown!

Private Coaching Packages

I’ve been coaching clients 1-on-1 for almost two years in addition to doing a lot of free teaching and mentoring through Facebook.  I’ve been wanting to take what has worked in my individual sessions and mentoring and put them in packages that are more affordable than individual sessions in the long-term and which have a clear direction for our time together.   936 more words

Hold your field

Hold your field

Feel the field. Clear Feeling.

You are strong, you are the unknown light which is infinite power/creation. Words permutation combinations cannot decribe that which you are. 271 more words