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You are greater than that...

No matter what your problem, always remember you are far greater than that. World issues, you are greater than that. Illness, you are greater than that too. 230 more words

Spiritual Writing

Be done with Grief

I was still thinking about my conversation with my Guardian Angel on Memories and Sinchronicity, about how we attach ourselves to certain situations that cause us grief. 416 more words

Daily Post

union in deuces

She asked a simple question
silence filled his mouth
with eyes and ears
no memory
no fruit.

A gilded cage rattler
turning on while
seen by other travels. 71 more words


A Light In The Dark

­čö╣I have been receiving so many messages regarding holding a light in the dark. And I see many people trying so hard to do this. 219 more words

The Mindset of Success

I supposed that since the title of this site is Holistic Alchemy, the first subject I should write about in the spiritual aspect is alchemy. To begin, the concept of alchemy comes from what is known as Hermetic Philosophy, the ancient esoteric teachings of Egypt and Greece. 817 more words


Lord Ashtar message

Friday, January 20, 2017
8:24 AM GMT

Dear Lord Ashtar I am here

Thank you my child, my love.

I am here also, always. I would like to tell you about some items that are about to become clear to you. 531 more words