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The Mindset of Success

I supposed that since the title of this site is Holistic Alchemy, the first subject I should write about in the spiritual aspect is alchemy. To begin, the concept of alchemy comes from what is known as Hermetic Philosophy, the ancient esoteric teachings of Egypt and Greece. 817 more words


Lord Ashtar message

Friday, January 20, 2017
8:24 AM GMT

Dear Lord Ashtar I am here

Thank you my child, my love.

I am here also, always. I would like to tell you about some items that are about to become clear to you. 531 more words


Transmutation: Sex Can Help You Be Wealthy

Transmutation, which is the mystery of sex is the tenth step to becoming wealthy. Transmute means the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another. 607 more words

Think & Grow Rich

Hey, Hypocrite!

If you are brave and read comments after articles on the internet, you see a lot of people calling each other “hypocrite.”

You yourself might have – once or twice in your lifetime – called someone a hypocrite. 353 more words


6 (i take my pain)

i take my pain
      like an alchemist
  through fire
                   my intense
            my wordless choke
 my dark ne s sun derthehouse

  like an alche mist
     i take the lead enheart
& the pouring ink
     crafting coins
 to pay the ferryman

    crossing the styx to
              the otherside
   costs only a memory
              a tear
              a frightened
     transmutable me

Chicken Liver Empath (Part III)

In my case, I think the fact that I didn’t love myself stemmed from not being around CERTAIN TYPES of soulmates.  I couldn’t see myself in everyone’s eyes, and that was okay; that was expected.   252 more words