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You Are Not the Only One…
Recovering all your knowledge
Being Who You Really Are… 7 more words


Transmuting from Forgiveness - Elohim Arcturus via Julie Miller - 7-12-15


Transmuting from Forgiveness   –   Elohim Arcturus  via  Julie Miller   –   7-12-15


Channeler: Julie Miller  –  July 11, 2015


Forgiveness is a very powerful action that is generated from the heart and provides incredible healing attributes to your functioning mind and aids to your spiritual growth. 959 more words


Transmuting the Old

The incoming energies are very strong today. They started coming in yesterday evening. Initially I thought my body and mind were exhausted from a busy quarter-end at work this week. 94 more words

Energy Updates

Big Trouble - Friday Fictioneers

Big Trouble

Felix was in Big Trouble. He glanced at the ice, coating the tree’s blossoms. At least that mistake would melt away in the scorching July heat. 133 more words

Short Fiction

Transient Transition ~ Spiritual Processing

Many people are going through major processing right now on their way to physical and spiritual transformation. What does that mean? It means that before you were ever born you signed on to be on the earth during these times of great change. 690 more words

Ariaa Jaeger

How Are Fear and Hate So Easy, Yet Love So Hard??

Many times we find ourselves in situations that put us face to face with some of the worst aspects of ourselves. We are conditioned from a very early age to expect more of ourselves. 232 more words

The Pleiadians - Why Do You Have to Experience Something First to Heal It? - 27 March 2013

Many of you are asking on the inner planes, why can you just not go from one point to directly being healed? For example, why do you have to feel pain first for it then to clear? 870 more words