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The Nation-State Reborn

CAMBRIDGE – One of our era’s foundational myths is that globalization has condemned the nation-state to irrelevance. The revolution in transport and communications, we hear, has vaporized borders and shrunk the world. 199 more words


Foregrounding Sex Workers' Rights: New Social Movements and NGOs

This is the first of several posts summarizing the fundamental content of my review.  This post basically reviews Susan Berger’s concept of the “neocitizen”, its relationships with NGOs and how her criticism of the new women’s movement in Guatemala parallels how neoliberal democratization has affected other closely related movements such as the sex workers’ movement in Thailand.  1,149 more words


"The Underwater Web: Cabling the Seas" - Smithsonian Library Exhibition

In 2001, the Smithsonian Institution sponsored an exhibit on undersea cables, tracing the history of international communications from 1851. At first, these cables carried telegraph messages, subsequently telephone traffic, and now internet data. 105 more words

Undersea Cables