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I believe in the power of resolutions. Actually, if 2017 taught me something its that belief is an integral part of fortress May. It’s what has gotten me from point to point along my life for… basically forever I think, helping define and administer a balance between control and letting go. 927 more words


Months 3-4 Post Op

The third month post-op was exhausting. I wasn’t informed how exhausting it was going to be. After two months at home with the occasional exertion outside, I was expected to be healed enough to start working again. 1,565 more words


Dear Trans Men

[Pic taken from: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jonmichaelpoff/profoundly-beautiful-disney-quotes-that-will-inspire-you?utm_term=.rx00o58Z1#.csabDmE9G


Dear trans men,

My relationship is complex with you. You are my coworkers. You appear in a lot of the community activities I’m a part of. 746 more words


First Couple Months Post-Op

The biggest issue I’ve faced coming home was that my nurse practitioner, the trans healthcare specialist at my clinic, was away and I had no idea when she was going to be back. 1,060 more words


Trans Autistic Presentation from Congress

Since only my friends came to see me present, I thought it would be prudent to post the presentation I worked hard on here. Citations can be asked for upon request. 1,675 more words


Surgery Diary 3 - The Journey Back to Body Autonomy

Day 5 of post-op, the vaginal mold aka the crusty bandages were removed. They were sewn on and saturated in a ton of fluids I’d rather not think about. 1,174 more words


Being Fat Post-Op

Going into surgery, I was terrified. Intellectually, I know that thousands of trans women have come before these doors and had their surgeries done. This is an exacted art. 1,499 more words