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Three body types?! Camelback shrimp

The Camelback shrimp (Rhynchocinetes durbanensis) is commonly well-known as “Durban dancing shrimp” and “hingeback shrimp” among scuba divers for their cherry red colour, small size, and humpback making them popular subjects photography. 167 more words

Why I Connect With Spirit

The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

The first reason is pretty obvious:  I am a grieving mother. My grief would have been much worse had I not been able to connect with John. 750 more words


"America! America!": Faith, Work, Law, and Liberty at the Inaugural Prayer Service

America! America!

God mend thine every flaw,

Confirm thy soul in self-control,

Thy liberty in law!

–America the Beautiful (Katharine Lee Bates)

It had been a long glorious morning full of adrenaline, symbolism, and splendid pomp and circumstance. 1,235 more words

Future Of The Movement

Even Healthcare Professionals are Patients Sometimes

Scott has been in medicine for more than 30 years, and he’s also a lifelong athlete and runner with an injury that threatened to sideline him. 914 more words

Freedom of Information — why bother?

‘Freedom of Information. Three harmless words. I look at those words as I write them, and feel like shaking my head till it drops off my shoulders. 76 more words


EDDC forced to publish documents on Knowle relocation - again

Owl loves the EDDC description: “there were no costs to the taxpayer because they were all ‘internal’. Everything that happens at Knowle obviously costs us absolutely nothing! 393 more words


Possible. Courageously.

January’s theme is possible. If you are just now joining us, WELCOME!

It is possible to live a marriage that is passionate, connected and loving. A marriage of unbounded, limitless, devotion. 840 more words