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Man who ran for Police and Crime Commissioner convicted of electoral fraud

From the blog of Dr Mark Pack – who is assiduously following the cases of electoral fraud from the 2015 elections:

“Last year I covered the odd case of a man facing trial on electoral fraud charges who managed to get the trial delayed… because he was running for Police and Crime Commissioner. 222 more words


The Beginning of Muzzling Freedom of the Press

So, it’s already come to this:

** The DT has told us what to watch by limiting who can see what’s being said by whom at the Presidential briefing. 296 more words

Body cameras = law enforcement transparency. Let us continue to keep them accountable. Act now!

The ACLU of Hawai‘i needs your help to pass comprehensive statewide police body camera legislation. We’re asking you to submit testimony in support of S.B. 421, S.D. 431 more words

Victurus Libertas 2-16-17... "HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider!"

This is the first I’ve posted from this website, but I’ve seen this article posted other places. The information in here is consistent with what I have heard/read from some other sources. 2,527 more words


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Excerpt: "The biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions. Big names will go down hard, and it gets the blood suckers drained from the swamp." FYI: PedoGate: a world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicate that involves child pornography, trafficking, molestation, work/sex slavery, satanic ritual sacrifice, murder, snuff films, organ trafficking, tissue harvesting, and blood extraction. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=65381

Leaks and the horrible burden of responsibility

This is what it’s like in America these days:


Leaks occupy a strange place in American politics, governance, and media. So many big decisions get made in secret, decisions that are momentous and important and for all that hidden as well. 238 more words

Oregon House Debates Whether To Ban Anonymous Bills

Members of the Oregon House are considering a proposal to ban the long-accepted practice of allowing members to introduce bills anonymously.

Most bills have either a lawmaker or state agency’s name attached. 26 more words

Oregon Legislature