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5 Easy Ways To Be Transparent Every Day

Transparency is something public relations professionals know very well; it’s being open, authentic and honest in all aspects of the industry. In the field, being transparent is crucial and can often be a determining factor in whether you receive a job or acquire a new client. 412 more words

Accountability in Education: The Blame Game

Traditional education has been turned upside down. It is no secret anymore that changes have been happening in schools in the United States. Certain words have become synonymous with education reform: accountability, transparency,  and data-driven. 1,330 more words


Nature Lessons 59

Living honesty, speaking your own truth, living in love and being transparent in your approach to life, allows the light to shine through you, lighting you up brightly for others to find.

~ Liza


What is transparency? Transparent is how my friend and illustrator Leila described my poems the first time I told her about my secret project. Transparency is writing about my own feelings using no filters and no make-up. 232 more words


Cop Cams and Transparency

          Should We See Everything a Cop Sees? In a vivid article in The New York Times, McKenzie Funk describes the wide cast of characters in Seattle who are grappling with a problem, how to comply with a court order to make police camera footage available to the public. 504 more words


Trahant Reports now on your iPhone

Trahant Reports

There is always a lot of experimenting going on in this new world of media. I recently heard that something like 80 percent of the Washington Post’s distribution is through outside channels. 125 more words


Compass Box 3 year old Deluxe

Malt Mileage Rating: ★★★★☆

Type: Blended malt

Origin: Scotland

ABV: 49.2%

Price: £155  400 more words