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Decisions Before Data

I’ve been giving some consultations and on metrics lately. People ask for advice and show desire to have data in their decisions. Data, as opposed to opinions or, worse, looking at the crystal ball or superstition. 291 more words

Decision Making

Strangest Moment in The Circle pg 150-200

For me, this section of the novel detailed many strange moments.  For example, Mae discovers a lot about her health plan.  She is required to have biweekly checkups, and is allowed to have her parents put on her health insurance plan.   558 more words

The government's new consultation guidelines

In order that no-one gets their hopes up with these new guidelines, Owl publishes the last sentence of this document first. It reads:

This document does not have legal force and is subject to statutory and other legal requirements.” 601 more words

Democracy And Public Speaking

You can always tell what a poet’s going through by reading their art.


Hey Guys...What is Your Marriage Looking Like? (Part 4)

As a guy, if I view my culture through “husband eyes,” I begin to get a picture of how I am expected to be – tough and strong, suck-it-up, singularly-focused, don’t let them see you cry, we’re always wrong, non-commital, non-pursuing, not quite sure what to say at the right time, with an “emotions are only for guys on the Hallmark Channel” type of attitude. 1,525 more words


Leap Year Resolutions

You know, each year I promise myself that this will be the year I keep myself writing more, reading more, making more things, doing all that artsy crap that makes me feel alive and stuff. 1,018 more words


Materials: One-way street for light

The closing ceremony of the International Year of Light took place last week. As a way to join in the chorus, and celebrate once more the importance and versatility of light-based research, it seems fitting to post this piece on a novel demonstration of directional light transparency. 399 more words