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Announcing Gabrielle, Part 1: Prologue

A lot has happened since I last wrote in this space.  There have been several holidays (even a new year!).  Oh, and I announced to the world that I am a woman named Gabrielle. 854 more words


Review: MAC Clear Lipglass

Hey there,

Having a clear gloss is something I did when I was 15 because..yeah, I didn’t want to put color on my lips and I thought that just a little bit of shine would do. 363 more words


Well, I’m still sick.

Not immobilized and writhing in agony sick.

More like wet cat food complexion sick.

Or homeless grandmother looking sick.

Nevertheless, I went outside today. 530 more words

No Reflection

I wouldn’t be angry if I woke up one day and no longer had a reflection.
Of course, it would eventually take its toll.
Irritation would set in… 109 more words




By: Melanie Morales

I challenge you to look deep. Let’s look beyond, and let’s be real here. I think it is a desperate attempt to hide our brokenness that fills us with lies and illusions of what should be. 1,315 more words

Gods Plan



Be real with me now. We aren’t always honest about who we show to the world. Usually we’re afraid of who sees the real side of us, the side that maybe one person sees. 784 more words

Jesus And I