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Transparent (Season 2) (2015)

★★★★★ (out of 5)  Season 2 of Amazon’s boundary-pushing show moves beyond Season 1’s focus on transgender transitioning to include issues of personal history and religious identity, as well as the bonds we have with family, friends and even foes, never forgetting to put its characters first and aided greatly by pitch-perfect performances by all involved, all under the assured, confident guidance of creator Jill Soloway, creating a masterpiece  that outshines the first season entirely.

Even the ‘most transparent administration in history’ failed to pardon Snowden

In February 2013, President Barack Obama hailed his administration as “the most transparent administration in history.” It was an echo of a 2008 promise, made first on the campaign trail and then enshrined in Presidential memoranda, to share with the world the otherwise opaque dealings of an executive office, to restore trust in public servants. 710 more words


AOKI A223 Transparent Dressing 4

AOKI Dressing used to cover and secure I.V. sites to protect at-risk skin, or as a primary or secondary dressing over acute wounds, surgical sites, and chronic wounds. 46 more words

Choose Freedom

Have you ever had to choose between what was and what is? A place where you are beholding your past and your new identity (future). Last year, I was in a place of transition-where I had to undergo many trials and tribulations which would physically transform me into the person God intended for me to become. 408 more words


Shattered the Matter

“Oh you’re depressed, why does that matter?” Oh please don’t depress me, and shatter me. Please don’t detest the best inspiration in these times of anticipation! 278 more words

TV News Roundup: Amazon's 'I Love Dick' Gets a Premiere Date

In today’s TV news roundup, the “Transparent” creators’ new show starring Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon will premiere in May, social media celebrity Ray Diaz joins TV Land’s “Lopez,” and more. 210 more words