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Loving Truth

What is Truth, and how do we know Truth for ourselves? In this short essay, Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. explores and answers bravely these questions. He brings us, the reader, to refine our understanding of truth, and slowly, gently takes us on a ride of loving truth and how it is vital for us on the path of developing love-wisdom. 61 more words

Scott Mandelker PhD

Cage of self-encapsulation

“We are imprisoned by the inability to find true contentment. Our cage is a kind of self-encapsulation, where brain equals mind, the internal world is a closed system, self-preoccupation is high, and the self is experienced as enclosed by the skin, locked in spirals of ruminating thought as well as the anxiety, doubt, grasping, and aversion it spawns. 56 more words


Boris von Rechenberg


“It’s become clear to me that there is much that can be known, but not understood.”

I am a transformational healer.

I came to Australia when I was 14 from Sweden, where we lived after Germany.  2,699 more words

What are the differences between a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology?

According to Psychology Career center.org, psychology careers are a highly regulated industry. Earning a degree, especially a doctorate, is very important to ones upward mobility and success. 940 more words

Sofia University

Our Higher nature= our Deeper nature

“Depth-diagnostic and therapeutic techniques should ultimately also uncover these same metaneeds because, paradoxically, our “highest nature” is also our “deepest nature.” The value life and the animal life are not in two separate realms as most religions and philosophies have assumed, and as classical, impersonal science has also assumed. 112 more words


Introducing 5 Psychology disciplines you don't know existed

My postgraduate studies in psychology recently made me stumble upon some interesting disciplines that I was not aware of existed. There are plenty of psychology fields out there but I thought I might share the 5 most surprising ones for me with you. 471 more words


Is Movement Meditation a productive alternative?

Mindful Movement

Movement meditation is ideal when we feel energetic. Some people are so vigorous or restless that they cannot use sitting meditation; thus, moving meditation is a productive alt… 354 more words

Sofia University