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Soma from the Well: William James

The spiritual in man appears in the mind-cure philosophy as partly conscious, but chiefly subconscious; and through the subconscious part of it we are already one with the Divine without any miracle of grace, or abrupt creation of a new inner man. 38 more words




I updated my new artist’s website with WORDS (gasp!). I made it free, from WIX.com.

Someday, I’ll make it official when I have the funds to do so. 8 more words



I have been through the ‘system’ more times than I can even count. I personally know what was missing for me. I intend to fill that gap in the coming years. 156 more words

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Soul Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology… I think I just found the area where spirituality and psychology blend. Two areas I am incredibly fascinated by, yet have always had trouble integrating together to make sense of the world. 118 more words


The word transpersonal came up in my studies and development of the IEL (Intuit the Energy of Love) Program. Wikipedia gives meaning to this word in spiritual ‘psychology’ as follows: The transpersonal is defined as… 435 more words

Angel Whispers

Anxiety and Growth

Anxiety is something many people, including myself, face. We all want to get rid of it – it’s no fun to experience and there are many suggestions on how to reduce anxiety. 350 more words

Positive Thinking

The First Post!

Welcome to The Pocket Lotus! This blog will be dedicated to short, easy posts about spiritual topics, transpersonal psychology, and mindfulness. I hope to cover topics such as love, relationships, ways of reducing anxiety, etc. 62 more words