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The Sober Artist and the Creative Process

By Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT

This Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) examines the lived experiences of 6 professional creative artists who had previously struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, found successful treatment, and gone on to lead healthy, sober, emotionally well lives while still producing and performing their art. 239 more words

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True Forgiveness-Can you accept your portion of pain?

The long, wooden conference table was surrounded by 12 women, including me. We giggled a bit: Where were the men?

“All over the world, it’s almost always women,” said the first and only man to enter the room,  561 more words

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Intergenerational Imprints

Intergenerational imprints and their effect on one’s life is not to be underestimated. It is necessary to apply our conscious awareness to a possibility that a lot of what we carry within our souls and bodies do not actually belong to us. 1,082 more words

Dr. Robert Frager - When The Sufi Talks Heart, Self and Soul

“The core of transpersonal psychology includes the premise that wisdom, creativity, and intuition are essential qualities within each individual. The goal of transformational education is to facilitate our access to our own rich inner resources”- Robert Frager, Ph.D. 738 more words

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Mind and / or Brain

Despite the time lag between the publication of Mario Beauregard’s Brain Wars (2012) and David A. Lieberman’s The Case Against Free Will (2016), the authors of both books, while being read side by side, seem to have engaged in an electrifying debate as if they have had each other’s views in mind before writing for and against an age-old question about whether our thoughts, volition, emotion, and behavior are governed by an immaterial mind that is separate from our physical bodies as Cartesian dualism suggests (Beauregard); or whether our behaviors and mental processes, even without our knowing most of the time, are determined by our genes and environments (Lieberman).  9,179 more words

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On Living and Dying Day 6 by Karuna

Am I Contributing to My Living or My Dying?

by Karuna of Living, Learning and Letting Go

In 1996, I was on an airplane that “fell” 25,000 feet in about a minute’s time. 1,158 more words