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Honoring My Inner Wisdom

I published a new post, Honoring My Inner Voice, on The Seeker’s Dungeon this morning. I hope you take a moment and head to the Dungeon to read it! 29 more words


Honoring My Inner Voice

When it snowed in Seattle last week, I decided to take a walk in the Greenbelt lot behind my house. The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of my back door was that a small Juniper tree had fallen across the path I take to get to that lot. 1,055 more words


Alumna Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D Talks Cultivating Spirituality in Children

Most parents, grandparents and guardians have great hopes for their children, but they do not take seriously enough their role in creating an environment that truly empowers children to fulfill their fullest potential as human beings… We are not attending to their human needs beyond their survival. 2,179 more words

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A Transpersonal Evolution and Awakening - Maria's Story

I was fortunate to teach Transpersonal Entrepreneurial Skills fall quarter, 2016. In this hybrid course, I hoped to inspire students who are not used to… 892 more words

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Sifting dichotomies

(Originally published 06/08/13 at Trojan Horse Productions.  Republished here 10/30/13.)

In recent days, I’ve spent much time trying to sort out my understandings of Good and Evil, order and chaos, darkness and light. 263 more words

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What can I do with an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology?

So what is Transpersonal Psychology?

At Sofia University, transpersonal psychology is described as the study of an individual’s highest potential for the betterment of humanity and the sustainability of the planet.  656 more words

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Making A Difference

Many years ago, at the the end of the programs in each city on Amma‘s North American tour, there was an announcement that contained a story about a squirrel who contributed to the building of the Rama Setu bridge. 247 more words