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Am I Contributing to My Living or My Dying?

In 1996, I was on an airplane that “fell” 25,000 feet in about a minute’s time. For the next two hours we did not know if we were going to live or die. 1,077 more words


Embracing the Visionary - Sofia University Archetype #2

Every university has its audience. Like a magnet, a school can grab your attention based on subconscious desires you may not even know were important. 128 more words

Sofia University

The Black Doves Came To Me!

I just had the most amazing dream. It was filled with so many snipets. Some were joyful and some were uncomfortable. Some could have happened in the present or might happen in the future, but others brought in elements of the past. 699 more words


Developments in the Neuroscience of Dreams

by Global PhD student, Bryrony Shaw

Humans spend roughly one third of their lives in bed sleeping and dreaming. Dreams have

been a source of fascination to many philosophers and psychologists. 381 more words

Nothing but a Skin Suit?

“The name holotropic (from Greek holos = whole and trepo/trepein = moving toward or in the direction of something) suggests something that might come as a surprise to an average Westerner: in our everyday state of consciousness we identify with only a small fraction of who we really are and do not experience the full extent of our being.   80 more words


Relationships, both intimate and otherwise, these same principles apply. A person projects onto another whatever it is they need them to be. Regarding intimate relationship, the inner feminine anima or inner masculine animus is seen expressed, in the other.

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Beautiful Shadows

I often find myself bemused and irritated by people (especially those in the new age movement and religious devotees) who see evil as a living entity or who see good people vs bad people. 213 more words