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Abraham Maslow: Psychology Revolutionary

By Kevin Page.

This is an article from my LinkedIN exclusive series on Psychological Revolutionaries, stories of psychologists who changed the world and how we view one another. 16 more words

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Transpersonal Psychology definition and its cure through counseling

The subdivision of psychology which integrates the transcendent and spiritual aspect of a human’s experience by frame working modern psychology is known as Transpersonal Psychology… 382 more words


When you’re willing to do something or give up something in exchange for something else this is an agreement, this is called ‘the contract.’

In relationships, a contract is viewed as a marriage certificate, as it is recognised by law.

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The journey of psychotherapy

I would describe the process of psychotherapy as a process of unfolding and becoming. It is a journey back ‘home to ourselves’. Therapist is a witness to that process, who is let into a world of a client to journey with and who serves a purpose of ‘being with’ another human being and reflecting empathy, acceptance and unconditional love. 262 more words

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Suffering by Overthinking

You nervous? You shouldn’t be. We’ve been over this. You’re concerned and growing anxious over that which is hypothetical. Stop, breathe and aknowledge that you cannot possibly predict how the future will play out. 452 more words

Transpersonal Psychology


A few days ago I wrote about my vision on the role of the teacher/trainer in the Western Mystery School. But what do the trainers train? 408 more words

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The Materialist Trap

Can you feel it? A surge of dopamine just flooded your brain like a levy giving way to a 12 point tsunami. You didn’t finish reaching an orgasm, snort a line of cocaine, or clear your plate of a king sized portion of chocolate cake; you just made a purchase, and it has your brain firing on all cylinders, lit up like a pinball machine. 779 more words