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FIRE element and productivity

How to become more focused, driven, motivated and goal-oriented for whatever task you are seeking to engage with and complete. It is such a difficult and alchemical process often for so many of us to access that get go feeling, to motivate yourself into doing something productive, necessary, exciting and important. 531 more words

A Scientist Living in a Hippy Society: January Diary of My Living Experience at Naropa University

There are many different colleges in the US that seeks to empower the learner that puts their mind and effort into it. However, the question should not be what they do but how they do it and what underlying philosophy did the school utilize in order to maximize the potential of the student. 57 more words


Are My Trips to Amritapuri Fulfilling a Need or a Want?

Since I wrote the “Needs vs Wants” prompt, I have been reflecting on my own relationship to that subject.  Sitting here in my flat at… 1,009 more words


Ancient wisdom and modern science: the value of transpersonal psychology for understanding spirituality

Spirituality of ancient wisdom was concerned with the nature and source of consciousness and personal identity.

Translation of meaning as well as words

The language of ancient wisdom traditions cannot be directly translated into our modern ideas. 331 more words

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Exploration of Emotions – love and hate

Emotions are alive, constant and free flowing. They can come one at a time or overwhelmingly as a bunch vibrating as conflict and confusion. You might feel like you are lifted up by them and can breathe freely and easily with delight. 833 more words

Let my tell you about my muse

What is a muse? One of nine goddesses presiding over the arts, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Or a woman, or a force personified as a woman, the source of inspiration for the creative artist. 752 more words

Learning My Lessons and Experience with the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path Religions and Traditions

As a practitioner of magick, occult and a student-scholar that is searching to refine his own knowledge, I was taught that the most refined way that one can learn to see the religious traditions is to see it as a drawing, where if one were to draw a drawing like Mona Lisa, one must have a variety of tools and a variety of colors in order to make the drawing a refined piece of literature for others to feel and appreciate its beauty. 972 more words