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Internship in Transpersonal Psychology

“During my six weeks of internship with Lagu Damai Foundation while staying at Jiwa Damai permaculture center,  I was working on a psychological self- exploration focusing on personal growth and self-development. 109 more words


Be Careful What You Wish For

In the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a period of several years when I had a series of mystical experiences. Even though they may have been frightening at times, they were also fascinating and exciting. 407 more words


"We’d rather think of God as being nothing…or devitalized…rather than heartless; like we feel Him to be, because of our experiences with authorities in childhood"

“We’ve experienced meanness and cruelty in our early lives, so we imagine a Divine with no qualities at all. We say It is loving, but in an incomprehensible way and “from a distance.” So how loving … really … is someone who is distant? 178 more words


I wear my heart on my sleeve | reflections

“I wear my heart on my sleeve”

Today I was asked (for the 4th time in two weeks) to introduce myself in from of an entire room of my peers, including faculty whom are all professional Clinical Psychologists. 872 more words

Mental Health

An Alumnus Speaks! The Transpersonal Institute in Wuhan, China

Sofia University was pleased to have Dr. Baorui (Magdalena) Lee at the 40th Anniversary Event, August 1st. We were honored to have her speak about her efforts in China with the Transpersonal Institute. 263 more words

40-Year Anniversary

Naropa University...It Is On!

here I sit with a couple hundred souls, each of whom is beginning their path at Naropa University. I did my undergraduate studies back in the ’80s at UCLA and I have to say, while young people are in some ways pretty much the same, I don’t remember there being quite so many tattoos back in the day. 195 more words

Moving To Boulder