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A Sacramento Bakery Faced Some Backlash Over A Ken Doll Birthday Cake

Cake is once again at the center of a gender conformity argument. When Sacramento based Freeport Bakery received the request for a birthday cake featuring a Ken doll wearing an elaborate gown, they were more than happy to satisfy their customer’s request. 259 more words


Breaking: Your Kind CAN Pee Here (for now)

“The University of North Carolina, its officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and all other persons acting in concert or participation with them are hereby enjoined from enforcing (the law) against the individual transgender plaintiffs until further order of the court,” Schroeder wrote. 79 more words


Why 'The BFG' is about toxic masculinity

by Percy Palling

Stephen Spielberg is a well-noted liberal, as shown by his hatred of Trump supporters (aka Nazis) in Shindler’s List. But I’d never expected until now that he’d also be a radically progressive feminist campaigner, as is currently shown in his latest film, The BFG. 411 more words

Your Kind Cannot Pee Here, Cont.

The good people of North Carolina have had it with the junk-obsessed gawd-botherer Gov. Pat McCrory!

A majority of voters (55%) disapprove of HB2 compared to fewer than 4-in-10 (36%) who approve of HB2. 196 more words


The Lay of Thrym

Alright, while I am typically known for my work in Hellenic polytheism, when a group under the pagan umbrella spews hate based on race and gender identity, speaking out against that is imperative.   444 more words

Walking The Path


Me: It would be really cool to wear like a suit and a top hat! (Referring to an Alice in Wonderland themed event I want to go to). 31 more words

Monster in the mirror 

When people used to tell me that monsters didn’t exist, I would reply “That’s not true, I see one in the mirror every day”.

I can’t hear to look at my face anymore. 438 more words