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Right-wingers claim Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear is a trans woman

So far we only know bits and pieces about the strange and isolated life of Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged shooter who murdered three people and injured many others after holing up in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday afternoon. 998 more words

Men Who Should Not Ever Be With Women Ever

28/11/15 The Crow Girl

Today, the crow girl decided it was my turn.

She threw me to the white linoleum floor of the aging cafeteria, and a circle of students, shoulder to should, formed around us. 547 more words


Transgender woman dies after spiteful courts pick male prison

A transgender woman has died after courts sentenced her to 12 months in a male prison. Vicky Thompson was found dead on 13 November at HMP Leeds in Armley. 216 more words

LGBTQ Socialists

F1 in Abu Dhabi

F1 fans are always quick to point out human rights abuses in Bahrain and China, and yet little is made of the UAE where by law, LGBTQ people can face chemical castration, and even execution. 173 more words


Zoolander and Benedict Cumberbatch: A Lesson on Judging Books By Their Covers

So recently, I was trying to piece together some thoughts I had about the latest trailer for Grimsby, the new, upcoming film from actor, comedian and troublemaker Sacha Baron Cohen. 628 more words

Zoolander 2

Trans "Phobias" - Transplanted Uterus and Transgendered Men

Some have been spewing sharing “fears” about a recent article in the New York Times about a transplanted uterus being placed into a man’s body. Ignorance is not pretty, nor is it even cute. 443 more words

Pushing My Buttons!

Our Voices, Our Stories: Disputing the Stereotypes of the Single Story

Last week, November 16 Р20, was Transgender Awareness week; a week aimed at augmenting the visibility of the transgender and gender non-conforming community and highlighting the issues that we face. 1,020 more words