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Moments in Queerness: The Compton Cafeteria Riots

Every movement has an event that sows the seeds for its growth. For the trans, non-binary, and the intersex community this event is known as the Compton Cafeteria Riots. 1,397 more words


Transphobia Never Wins (part 1)

So, after a long absence that saw my wife and I move to a new apartment, I’m back.

I’ve had a hell of a couple weeks, work-wise. 392 more words


I'm not transphobic, just different in my needs and my way of copingĀ 

One thing that has helped me rid myself of my own transphobia is an acceptance that many transgender people are as mentally ill as I am, perhaps in different ways. 334 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

A Conversation On Pride Parades

It’s Pride month which means pride parades everywhere!!! Right?
If, like Aylin or me, you live in a country like Belgium or Germany there’s probably one in your city, or a city close by. 1,305 more words


Not Normal, Just Common

I’ve bumped into something a few times recently, so I thought it worth taking some time. And also, hey, it’s Pride Month, so what better time to remind folk about the difference between normal and common? 1,421 more words

Queer Culture

Brushing Hair

CW: Animal cruelty/death, Racism, Transphobia.

(Big Sister LILLY is brushing younger sibling CAM’s hair)

LILLY: I’m just worried about you is all Cami – Cam. You know that’s it. 452 more words