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I have a serious case of TERF fatigue

I’ve always been someone with a firm belief in justice. If somebody is being a dick, you let them know and try to find ways to get them to stop being a dick. 1,110 more words


"Hey, how about you not deadname a trans person, even if you don't like them, hmmm?"

When did I ever deadname K. M. Claude? The only reason I have his older aliases listed on this blog is because some of the receipts on him involve content posted under those names. 13 more words


Trans women are no threat

Self-declaration is the way to make gender recognition fair. I do not need a psychiatrist to tell me who I am. No-one who is AMAB will declare herself to be a woman lightly, and a few safeguards will make that risk minimal: requiring a change of name, requiring an oath or affirmation, making it slightly more difficult to change back, will prevent people doing it for laughs. 579 more words


Child Dumped due to Transgender Blood Transfusion

On the one hand, this story is heart breaking because the parents are so ignorant and it’s the child who is paying. On the other hand, it’s heart warming because this woman has a child she might not otherwise have been able to have. 91 more words

Munroe Bergdorf: "I’m a part of the movement, not the movement itself"

Emma Simkin

cw// transphobia, racism, internet hate, death threats, suicide

Munroe Bergdorf, the black, trans activist and model, was fired from L’Oreal after making comments about systemic racism on social media. 1,353 more words


Why anti trans feminists are setting back women's civil rights

Queerness Curator Sam Hope demonstrates why the feminist anti-trans lobby are doing Patriarchy’s work for it, and makes some radical suggestions for ways forward.

You would be forgiven for thinking from listening to the UK media that trans civil rights pose a genuine threat to women’s rights, and that feminism and trans rights are somehow in opposition. 1,806 more words


We Have To Do Better, Ladies...

Last weekend, there was a new episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is one of my favorite shows to watch and live tweet (if you aren’t aware of how LIT #RHOA is on Twitter, you need to get into it). 1,245 more words