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A critique of the hate crime agenda

The following is a transcript of my talk at the Five Leaves Bookshop event on LGBT Hate Crime. I would particularly like to thank Dr Onni Gust… 2,798 more words

Kanye West: ACCUSED By Caitlyn Jenner of Transphobia!

Kanye West is pissing everyone off these days: Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, his own wife Kim Kardashian, and now, his stepfather-in-law Caitlyn Jenner.

Last week, we reported that Kanye was in the studio recording a diss track targeting Wendy Williams, who had accused the rapper of being… Readmore..

Reblog: It’s All About Sex: Feminism, Paganism, and Trans Exclusion – GODS & RADICALS

“All women, trans and cis, run the risk of rape and sexual harassment; all women who date men, trans and cis, deal with partners who demand that their own pleasure must always come first. 247 more words


It's All About Sex: Feminism, Paganism, and Trans Exclusion

When I found a first hint of my Goddess, I was twenty and alone.

No one else at my small-town-South, church-affiliated college was openly trans. I wasn’t just socially stigmatized – I lacked spiritual tools with which to understand my alienation. 1,921 more words



Lesbians: if you don’t include men in your dating pool, you’re committing a transphobic act which leads to violence.

Let’s see how this works for other marginalized groups. 49 more words


Suffer little children.

Content note transphobia, childhood sexual abuse.

We have talked a lot here of the unholy alliance of the Christian right and exclusionary radical feminists. For quite a while terfs have claimed that the major rape threat any woman faces is when going to the bathroom. 739 more words

If you are Cisgender then you are Transphobic

If you are cisgender then you are transphobic.Period.
Accept that. Deal with that.

You’re allowed to feel hurt. You’re allowed to feel angry. As long as you recognize that that hurt and anger is yours to deal with and, once you’ve come to terms with your reaction, ultimately accept it. 248 more words