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Content note: This is a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about cissexism and transphobia, both external and internalized. If you’re a trans person and you’ve had a particularly bad or dysphoric day, you might wanna skip this one. 1,545 more words


Worth Fighting For: LGBTQ+ Love

Love (or really the concept of love) is central to my world view. Connotations of kindness and compassion are linked intrinsically to my ideal of love. 419 more words

Lgbt Perspectives

International Day of Peace Should Be Every Day

Change starts with the disallowing of others to drag their muddy footprints through your head and heart. Be positive, and spread love. Be stubborn in this; positivity is just as intoxicating as negativity is. 8 more words


Paedophiles, anger and death

Over the weekend I got into a little fight on Facebook regarding everyone’s favourite boogie man, the paedophile. I was shocked to see just the amount of people who, out of anger, were calling for the brutal murders of people for being a paedophile. 1,067 more words


Silence: The key intersection between native, queer, and p.o.c. identities

Silence. This is the void of voices in response to the massacre of queer folk enjoying a night out at a club. Silence. This is the void of voices in response to dogs being set upon native water protectors in southern North Dakota. 616 more words

My own transphobia (fear, not hatred) 

I dod something yesterday that I’m very ashamed of, but it goes to show that my transphobia is still there. I don’t hate transgender people, but I’m very much afraid of them. 386 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Old Friends, New Life

Plenty has happened this last week. As usual I haven’t been too practical- no uni and most of my free time (and there’s been a lot) has been with Emily. 433 more words