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The Way Trans Activists "Argue" with "TERFS" *Trigger Warning*

Listen up you truscum piece of shit, you’re a lesbophobic murderer and should drop fucking dead with your bigotry and HATE! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because someone thankfully directed your ignorant fucking ass here to get educated. 1,329 more words

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4 reasons 'Matilda' isn't as feminist as you think

Daring to diss Matilda is about as terrifying as criticising Beyonce or One Direction; either move puts you at risk of being attacked by an army of full grown women who wouldn’t hesitate to rip off your face. 1,016 more words


Super Metroid’s Samus Aran is [Probably Not] a Secret Transgender Woman. Deal With It.

…or, how ad-click starvation leads to clickbait by writers desperate to stir false-yet-trendy gender controversy.

Writers Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody recently penned a piece titled, “ 733 more words

#TbackinBlack: Some Thoughts and Rally Footage

Last Tuesday, I had the honor of attending a rally for #tbackinblack, a national effort to center the lives of Black trans people especially trans women. 142 more words

Black Women

Falling through the branches of the Ladybrain Tree

Years ago, back when New Labour were desperately trying to justify the invasion of Iraq, I remember the arguments being compared to a monkey falling from a tree. 858 more words

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Dear South Dakota

Dear South Dakota,

One of the members of your Legislature has recently said he wants to introduce a bill that would require high school students’ genders to be determined based on what’s on their birth certificates and a visual inspection. 473 more words

Common Sense

Queer Demons: A Short Story

Queer Demons: A Short Story by Julie Langston

Content Note:  This story contains disturbing themes and images including graphic violence, transphobia, homophobia, physical and emotional abuse of a minor, strong language, religious themes, themes of suicide and self harm.  7,067 more words