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History of the Word "Faggot"

I remember watching this scene in the first season of Louie a while back and it always really stuck with me:

And while after doing a bit of my own research (aka Wikipedia) and realising there isn’t any hard evidence on this particular rumour, I did want to give the T on what the word “Faggot” means to the LGBT community. 27 more words


Not TERFs, but TERFism: Marxism Against Radical Feminism

It is become common practice among those committed to the great task of combatting all oppression to refer to transphobic feminist icons, such as Germaine Greer, and their less well-known followers as TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) in order to contrast them with Marxists and other feminists who acknowledge the existence of transgender and non-binary individuals and strive for their liberation. 657 more words


being/longing (notes from the cock)

I dream of faggot communing (utopia) and it’s so close. I am an unabashed slut. I am like you; there is always an exception, a ‘but…’ 422 more words

Cis Writers: Do Your F#cking Homework Before You Write About Trans People

You tell me if this makes sense:

I know nothing about this topic, but I’m just going to wing it.

I think I have a vague idea what this word means? 1,735 more words


Samhain Special 1: The Uncanny Valley

I decided to out another category on my blog: witchcraft. As a witch, the most important feast of the year is for me Samhain. And aside of being kinda the holy day where the borders between the sphere of the dead and the living is thin, it is the ancestor to the famous Halloween. 848 more words


New Poem: Crossing My Legs

Because apparently people just cannot fathom I might need to pee. 162 more words

Creative Writing

Angry Internet Man Has Glasses-Fueled Breakdown

Today’s post takes us to the world of anti-SJ blogs, which are an endless circlejerk, a never-ending procession of screams and tired Otherkin jokes issued from a chorus of boring edgelords. 638 more words

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