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We Should be our First Allies

One hears queerphobic things all the time. Some times they are very blatantly bigoted comments, some times is a cis straight “I have many gay friends”. 421 more words

Tues July 26 2016: BCNU Locks Out Staff - Forces Strike -- MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert - Trans Rights Bill

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'Your Kind Cannot Pee Here' and now NBA Will Not Play There

Future-former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory reacts to the NBA All-Star Game leaving his state after he called for and got a law (the infamous HB2) that took away non-discrimination protections from LGBTQ people and told trans people that they literally cannot use public bathrooms: 115 more words


Learning From History

It has been far too long since I updated. Was just telling a classmate about the blog the other day when he remarked on my shirt (the one I use for my cover pic up at the top), and so, when I linked him to here, I was surprised it’s been six whole months! 1,065 more words


Minority group on minority group hate 

Can someone explain to me the logic of one minority hating on another? For example, a black person hating transgender people, a gay person hating immigrants or one ethnic minority hating on another? 428 more words


Ben Carson says he doesn’t like transgender people.  In fact, he hates them.


I don’t get Republicans in general, but am especially confused by Ben Carson.   158 more words

The Big Tent, Cont.

Folks is dumb where she comes from

Let’s listen in as OK Governor Mary Fallin, who was the co-chair of the RNC Platform Committee, unbelievably explains that the platform itself is not hateful of the ‘mos: 271 more words