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Misogyny and homophobia: patriarchy, gender policing, and the male gaze

First published by Open Democracy, 29th July 2015

It’s 2014 and I’m in a quiet bar with my then-girlfriend. We’re enjoying our evening, being affectionate towards each other, and playing pool. 1,762 more words


Don't ask me if I had "the operation" and don't call me "sir"!

Today I was at the charity shop that the lovely (sarcasm) Seetec and Jobcenter had sent me too. I’m on my second Friday out of 4 fridays there, and transphobia and misgendering happend. 315 more words

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Female-Only Event Still Not Kicked Out Of Venue

Hart, MI–Three area organizers of a women-only event remain wistful on this Friday morning, nursing a familiar but somewhat distant feeling of Women-Only Event PTSD (WOE-PTSD) — musing about how things were different when they weren’t organizing within the last woman-only venue left in the country. 656 more words

Transgender film tackling bathroom bill issues in Canada and the United States

So, what might have happened if Bill C-279 — the gender identity/trans right bill in Canada — had been passed by the Senate with the controversial amendment introduced by Conservative senator Don Plett? 222 more words

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Caitlyn Jenner: A "Real" Woman?

The following is a hateful Facebook post I’ve seen making the rounds, with my own rebuttal after it. I realize I’ve posted a lot on Caitlyn Jenner in the last few weeks, but it’s because I am constantly being barraged with this sort of bigoted B.S. 1,662 more words