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Second Chance

It has taken some time and although I have encountered few slight setbacks and delays ‘Second Chance’ is now available from Amazon in its paperback form.   547 more words

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Movie Review: Over My Dead Body

I really don’t know why this movie didn’t get more acclaim. It was pretty damn awesome. But finding any follow up news took a little digging. 502 more words

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suspense is controlling my mind, i can't find a way out of here

eager, nervous, excited, scared. the transplant process is moving quickly and i’m ready to get through this and breathe without oxygen again. i’m also a little bit terrified of the surgery because it is so complicated and the initial recovery is such serious business. 333 more words

A Slow Start

It’s been a leisurely start to this transplant process so far. I’ve had my first dose of chemo: fludarabine. So far no side effects and it’s generally known to be a mild drug. 402 more words


Patience is a Virtue

William Langland said that in a poem in the 14th century and we still say it today.  So, it has stood the test of time.  But, it doesn’t mean it is easy to uphold that virtue.   615 more words


Moti Zisser ob'm, the Business Tycoon who was So Much More...

The walls of the homes of holocaust survivors often whisper: “Produce! Produce! Replace what was destroyed.” Moti Zisser a’h grew up in such a home and heeded the unsaid call. 860 more words

Charities In Israel

take a number where the blood just barely dried

so much, so much. in such a short time.

i am quite suddenly scheduled for all of my tests to be listed for transplant. yesterday i was called about the right heart cath test. 839 more words