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Another HSTCL patient and new friend of ours, Ben, is heading into transplant soon and he’ll be the first HSTCL to undergo a double cord transplant. 42 more words


Dear Danny... It has been 12 years.....

Dear Danny,

I always enjoy celebrating our dating anniversary as a chance to think back to when we got started. I remember how I avoided a second date, even though the first one was a great time, because I was fearful that everyone would laugh about my returning to our beloved high school to find a guy. 715 more words

What I Do All Day

Morning comes early here in the hospital with whispers by a nurse with a vampire fetish. Clicking on a dim light, she sucks blood from my PICC line into small tubes while I try to continue snoozing.   974 more words

Heart Transplant

Local - The UnSalted Life

There is something so utterly soothing about sitting on the front porch in the morning, listening to the lake and enjoying the breeze. Sometimes- it’s surreal. 189 more words


FUE Hair transplant in Singapore by Follicle

Follicle Hair Centre is an award-winning beauty and hair salon that does Hair transplant in #Singapore. We use the best method of hair transplantation called the #FUE method. 6 more words

How to transplant a plant at the wrong time of year

Transplanting plants is best done during their dormant season;normally the winter months. Impatient inspiration; or, as in my case, it being the day job often necessitates this being done whilst they are actively growing. 471 more words