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Dr. Maureen Meade

Interviewed by: Karen Jiang, Christine Wu and Kara Yeung

Canada-DONATE is a national program of research that aims to improve the quality of care surrounding deceased organ donors in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 1,478 more words


Time to say Goodbye to Baldness Forever:

Are you experiencing severe hair loss and want to get rid of this critical disease? If yes, visit an authentic hair loss clinic and talk about your options. 489 more words

Episode 51 - Purple Hair, Celebrity Pitfalls and Fecal Transplants

Episode 51 has a very special guest, the lovely Carmel. In this episode we talk about dying ones hair, the pitfalls of celebrity and fecal transplants. 33 more words

The Hair Transplant Mystery Uncovered.

Hairs are the one of the most vital ingredients of body that completes the overall personality of a person. But if they start falling, you are in trouble buddy. 445 more words

Know the Signs of Balding and Prevent Hair Fall at Recent Stage.

Living in metro cities is kind of a hectic thing, the pollution, water, lifestyle habits, genetics are such reasons that might be the reasons for hair loss. 490 more words

Learning I needed a Heart Transplant...

When I first heard that I might need a transplant, I was in disbelief. It was a trip-the-light-fantastic thought… in my mind other people, sick people, dying people got transplants, not me. 678 more words


Transplantation Of Pig Pancreatic Cells To Help Cure Type 1 Diabetes. Part 3 of 3

Transplantation Of Pig Pancreatic Cells To Help Cure Type 1 Diabetes – Part 3 of 3

Others have reduced their everyday need for insulin and after 18 months post-implant, all saw their A1c levels (a measure of long-term blood sugar control) improve. 214 more words