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Ergonomics: We need buses in India that are friendly to humans

This set of pictures from Mercedes Benz shows bus design that is not hostile to people. This is important from a universal design point of view, and more so in a world with a growing proportion of elderly people. 244 more words


Time for Change

I racked up my first million credits a couple of weeks back. It’s been a bit of a grind, but that’s part of what Trading is all about. 585 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

I’m posting this challenge towards the end of the week because I’ve been waiting for today. I knew I’d be up with the lark this morning as Alasdair was off on a school trip to France. 70 more words


Trott'er'ing Around Peckham

There will be those among us for whom the regions south of the river are an immediate recollection of comedy. We remember Wolfie Smith and the Tooting Popular Front. 479 more words


National Fail: A disaster on the railways

Denton and Reddish Parliamentary Candidate, Nicholas Koopman, on why we should renationalise the railways

It is just over twenty years since THAT fateful decision: the 1993 Railways Act privatised British Rail and replaced it with National Rail. 571 more words

Green Party

Biking for a better city.

Riding a bicycle is as easy as walking. Well it can be.  In some enlightened cities around the world that’s how large numbers of the population roll.   775 more words


Community FreeWheeling

By Nicola Dunnicliff-Wells

You might have seen the FreeWheeling Fun tent down in Rosalind Park, across the creek from the farmers market. It’s where volunteers fix donated bikes and give them away to people needing them, chat about bike riding and support anyone wanting to give it a go. 391 more words