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Solar Fun

Having some fun playing with Solarisation in Nik Colorefex :-)


It's Kilometres... Not Miles!

In this first post on my European adventure in Euro Truck, some comment on measurements is required because running around in Europe is different compared to the US of American Truck Sim and the real world experience of driving in the UK. 770 more words


New Game; Old Trucks

Well I restarted and as mentioned in the previous post got myself up to skill-level 10 doing ‘Driver for Hire’ jobs. Normally I’d be thinking about taking out a bank loan at level 6 to buy my first truck but the vehicle I was aiming for only gets unlocked for purchase at level 10. 770 more words


Trucking Catch-Up

A ‘Where are we’ in the twin Truck Simulator’s is due I think. I set off to explore the various trucks available in American Truck as I had the money coming in from my company there to fund my exploration. 404 more words


Galactic Hitchhiker

“I find your lack of faith in the Driver… Disturbing!”
It’s odd – I haven’t had any bother with customers or the cops all day!


Uber Everything finds a ready urban transport vacuum to fill

Today’s point to note in the world of transport is Uber Everything, story here.

At the International Transport Forum (https://twitter.com/ITF_Forum) conference in Leipzig earlier this year, I heard from Alain Flausch, secretary general of the… 486 more words