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Fahrenheit 351?

The Peterbilt 281 and 351 ‘needle nose’ trucks are icons of American Trucking for many of us in the UK largely through the auspices of Steven Spielberg’s film Duel. 903 more words


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Two different things or the number two

I don’t often do selective color but I think this shot meets this challenge well

Two buses. 30 years of design philosophy between them. One high floor, one low for ease of boarding. 53 more words


Introducing Mystery Blue

In the previous post I explained my decision about play choices in the Truck Simulator programs. So now I think it’s time to introduce you more fully to Mystery Blue. 903 more words


Divergent Strategies

In Maps and Mod’s I suggested that one upshot of adding in the map upgrade to Euro Truck simulator was likely to be a different way of playing the game. 596 more words


Fresh Paint,

Old Warhorse.

My newly purchased Peterbilt 351 leaves our local dealer in Bakersfield. I’ll do a review of her very soon :-)