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Transport for London Brief

The following Transport for London advertorial was featured in The Metro. The brief was to:

  • Devise advert copy based on the advertorial information
  • Devise emails to people who want TFL updates – target groups being those seeking…
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Nők és iskolás lányok verekedtek az utasokkal teli londoni buszon

Ahogy kaotikus felvételek is mutatják, egy középkorú nőkből álló csapat és egy fiatal iskoláslányok egy csoportja esett egymásnak a 236-os londoni buszon.

Néhány nő megragadja egymást, egymás haját cibálták, pofozkodtak a sokkoló jelenetben. 223 more words


Dead cat on the line: How the Cannon Street train 'plan' distracts from the real issue of who runs our rail

In political campaigning there’s a tactic known as the “dead cat strategy“. It’s best associated with the Conservatives’ campaign manager, Lynton Crosby.

Boris Johnson, no less, … 3,143 more words

Local Stuff

Transport for London to order new trains for Docklands Light Railway

Train manufacturers across the European Union have been invited to consider supplying 43 new trains for London’s Docklands Light Railway (DLR) from 2022, which would increase in service’s capacity by 30%. 237 more words


Neighbourhood groups say no to Oxford Street 'transformation' plans

Community groups from the four districts surrounding Oxford Street are calling on residents to oppose pedestrianisation of the shopping street by responding to a consultation saying they do not support the plans. 663 more words


Transportation in London: Is the Bike Lane Greener?

Despite the short amount of time we were in London (3.5 days), we still managed to get a ton of photos of the transportation scene – of course. 847 more words


Bus W*nker

I love the on this day feature of Facebook, it gives me a daily dose of appreciation. My life is such a catastrophe, that if it’s got to ten o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been punched in the head by some uncoordinated commuter or shat on by someone’s pet pug next to me on the train it’s going to be a good day. 1,220 more words