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New Rainbow double decker to celebrate London's diversity

Londoners and visitors to the Capital are set to board the world’s first rainbow bus in passenger service this week as Transport for London (TfL) and bus operator, Stagecoach London, team up to celebrate and support diversity in the city. 408 more words


Moving down the platform


I agree, it is tempting to stay
standing there now arrived shouting YAY,
but we, by all means,
don’t look like sardines,
we ain’t packed and we can move that way. 16 more words


Allowing others off first


Have you ever tried hours in vain
packing more of what bags can contain?
It just wouldn’t fit,
take out quite a bit!
It’s like that when you get on a train. 21 more words


Holding doors


In those high heels she was very slow,
I hold the doors because, later, I know
the prey will be caught.”
Well, that’s what I thought, 28 more words


Priority seating


That stick is nice and sure is a treat
elders use to lean on in the street,
but they might take the flight
and fall left and then right… 29 more words


Loud music


Sometimes it’s good to play music loud:
it sends away the noise from the crowd,
but those men who stare,
can’t hear, but they’re there, 28 more words


Getting off the train when ill


Oh my God! That guy with the red top!
He fell down and he made a big flop.
There’s no doc in disguise,
but I’m sure he’d advise… 27 more words