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Process-to-Process Delivery: UDP, TCP, and SCTP

Transport layer bertanggung jawab untuk proses-ke-proses pengiriman. pengiriman paket, bagian dari pesan, dari satu proses ke proses lainnya. 399 more words


Yesterday I started to write about network performance. When talking about the Internet, we can’t forget the protocols which are the driving force of the Internet. 783 more words

Network Performance

Transport Layer (Layer 4)

As layer four of the OSI model, the transport layer is responsible for providing communication services between computers on a network. Accomplishing this communication between processes requires that the transport layer perform several different, but related jobs. 549 more words

OSI Model

Transport (OSI)

This layer manages packetization (process of dividing the long message into smaller messages) of data, then the delivery of the packets, including checking for errors in the data once it arrives. 50 more words