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What is the difference between two transport protocols ie:UDP,TCP
So  lets understand what is the meaning of transport protocol.For the very outset,lets take a brief intro to OSI model of network. 826 more words



For the CCNA test examination you should know the name of the layers, the protocols involved in each one and a bit knowledge of what do each layer do, its not necessary become an expert but its important to have the idea of what happen in each layer. 595 more words


Transport Layer

The protocols discussed above are few of the protocols available in the Application layer. There are many more protocols available. All of them take the user data and add a header and pass it down to the Transport layer to be sent across the network to the destination. 382 more words

Transport Layer

Transport Layer

The Transport Layer is the layer that is responsible for transmitting data between two endpoints utilizing a virtual multiplexed connection with virtual port numbers indicating the communication endpoints. 157 more words

Transport Layer

Transport Layer

The Transport layer (also known as the Host-to-Host Transport layer) is responsible for providing the Application layer with session and datagram communication services. The core protocols of the Transport layer are… 129 more words

Transport Layer

Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection which is created by International Standards Organization. This standerd was created as a framework and reference model to explain how different networking technologies work together and interact… 675 more words

Computer Networks

O.S.I (Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model.

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI) is a conceptual model. It standardizes the internal functions and steps of a communication system by partitioning it into abstraction layers. 180 more words

Application Layer