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Difference Between OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Reference Model

Before moving towards the Difference of these two important models, question is, What is OSI Model and What is TCP/IP Model?

I already have discussed these two models in detail in my previous posts. 218 more words


OSI Reference Model

A user from one country sends request and Google web search engine opens it for you, if net is connected to the PC. Have you ever wondered how all this is happening? 1,680 more words


TCP/IP Reference Model

TCP/IP is the most pervasively used networking protocol in the history of networking. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every network built using any networking product today supports TCP/IP. 1,005 more words


OSI Model

OSI Model is a 7 layer model created to define a standard for networking. Even though it was meant to be a protocol, nowadays ISO/OSI is just a model. 455 more words


What is the Difference between TCP and UDP


TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. In TCP/IP, IP deal with the packets only while TCP establishes a connection between 2 hosts and responsible for data transfer. 118 more words