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Here's how to keep track of Elon Musk's Roadster and Starman in space

Elon Musk’s Starman, the mannequin driver of the Tesla Roadster SpaceX launched aboard its Falcon Heavy rocket, is taking a trip around our solar system, in a large elliptical orbit that will bring him relatively close to Mars, the Sun and other heavenly bodies. 187 more words


Amish Spiked Horseshoes Trashing Wisconsin Roads

Because it’s not enough to merely eschew modern transportation — the Lord demands that you slowly, methodically grind all that showy pavement back into manure-choked rivers of mud! 92 more words


Little England. Nuwara Eliya.

After our great few days in Ella it was time to move on. Next stop on our trip was Nuwara Eliya. Whilst we were in Ella we managed to get first class tickets for the journey, the cost of which was a 1000 lkr per person around £4.50 each. 975 more words


Take a Fatigue "Selfie"!

In a previous article I discussed cognitive bias as it relates to flight operations. Although I just hinted at this in the previous article, let me be clear now: 420 more words


No, really, it's the Ann Sisson

A little over a year ago I learned that the steamship Ann Sisson had been beached and abandoned in Britannia Bay in 1871, somewhere SW of the lighthouse (effectively the end of the pier). 1,467 more words


Finally. An Organization for the Intellectually Average.

It was about half past two on a Wednesday afternoon. I had been sitting in a booth at Scooter’s Coffee Shop for nearly 30 minutes and still the man I was supposed to meet hadn’t shown up. 2,262 more words