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National Security Agency - Matrix

matrix, n.  A geometric form or pattern.  In transposition systems, the figure or diagram in which the various steps of the transposition are effected; in substitution systems, the figure or diagram containing the sequence or sequences of plaintext or cipher symbols. 13 more words

National Security Agency

The Tory plan for 'Brexit' is designed to keep Britain in the EU

‘Brexit’ Minister David Davis MP faced ‘negotiations’ with the EU dictators this week and sold-out immediately by agreeing to pay Brussels a “divorce settlement” for Brexit. 756 more words


Practicing in all 12 keys

Practicing in all 12 keys can be an overwhelming task for many beginner improviser, but is absolutely essential to internalizing and developing your own improvisational vocabulary. 355 more words


Last week, I noticed a typo on a poster that said “SPOLIER ALERT: The results are terrible.” I had to give the writer a hard time about that, and it brought up an interesting discussion about creating spell-check programs. 143 more words



Song from my childhood
Transposed for the violin
Quiet notes, bow bounce

5 good reasons not to trust your spell checker

Proofreading and copyediting, while not nearly as entertaining as the writing process to some (a lot of us quite enjoy it), is still important. For many authors who don’t outline editing is a chance to iron out plot holes and check character arcs. 559 more words


The Great Repeal Bill is 'The Great Lie' to deceive Brexiteers 

#StrongerOUT leads the field in the escalating campaign to #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution during #Brexit but in our path stands ‘The Great Lie’ being spun by the Tory regime. 645 more words