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Scales: Solfege & the Notion of Keys

Did you know that you can play a piece of music starting on any of the twelve possible notes, while still preserving the melodic and harmonic character of the piece? 306 more words

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Question: How can I change the Key Scale (Pitch) of Tabla Loops?

Useful Support Request at Tabla Radio.Com:
I recently received a support request regarding how to change the pitch of Tabla Loops, I thought this will be useful for other readers too, so here i am publishing this. 181 more words

Tabla Loops

Sanctus Fail

I will not be discussing the Mozart-Süssmayr Requiem today, so the “Sanctus” is certainly not the Sanctus in the requiem. I actually love the Sanctus in the requiem, and the C-natural at “Pleni sunt coeli,” which some musicologists find strange and disturbing, is absolutely delightful, a kind of unexpected surprise. 1,277 more words

Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock (June 16, 1902 – September 2, 1992) was an American scientist and cytogeneticist who was awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine… 305 more words


Transposition, An Extra Skill For Brain Training

Musical instruments have been manufactured in different keys throughout musical history, some of them evolving from one key to another depending on sound quality and accuracy of intonation. 593 more words