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From guitar to ukulele: chord shape thinking

Ukulele is much easier to learn than other musical instruments. If you already play the guitar, it’s even easier. 170 more words


The Railfence Cipher

The Railfence cipher is a highly well known transposition cipher that gets its name from how it uniquely encrypts text. Since it uses transposition, the characters in the ciphertext are identical to but shuffled from the original plaintext. 418 more words


The Columnar Cipher

The columnar cipher is a transposition cipher in which the given plaintext is written in rows corresponding to the length of a keyword. The key for a columnar encryption must contain fully distinct letters. 530 more words


The Transposition Cipher

A transposition cipher is any cipher by which the symbols of the ciphertext are somehow permuted from those of the plaintext. As opposed to a substitution cipher, in which each letter of the plaintext alphabet is represented by a different symbol in the ciphertext alphabet, the letters of any text encrypted via transposition are the exact same as those in the plaintext, just in a different order. 620 more words


EU demand for ECJ to have supremacy over British courts must be rejected

Eurocrats have revealed their hand prior to the commencement of Brexit negotiations. In a leaked briefing document made available to Sky News, Brussels demands that EU citizens living in the UK will be subject to the supremacy of the European Court of Justice. 713 more words


Color for the Color Blind

Sometime in late 2015, I stumbled across a YouTube video entitled “Colorblind Guy Tries On Enchroma Color For The Colorblind Glasses At Sunset” (link here… 1,496 more words

Holy Spirit

Get More Mileage from your Licks

When people begin to learn improvisation, they often do so by learning “licks”. Licks are musical phrases that have been transcribed from other players and is a great way to develop an improvisational vocabulary. 270 more words