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Response: Magdalen Berns

Magdalen Berns is a radical feminist YouTuber, who unsurprisingly, is trans exclusionary. We’ve been having backs and forths on Twitter for a while, and after reading my blog she agreed with a few things I had to say. 1,751 more words


Stealthy Living


Been a wee bit lazy with the blog for a couple of weeks. But that’s because things are generally going alright. I feel tangible progress and that’s not something I’m always able to measure. 263 more words


An introduction

Hi, I’m Sann Dylan and I’m a trans guy. This is my little space online to share the ups and downs and all arounds! I started seeing a gender therapist in 2014 and transitioning in 2016. 93 more words

Female To Male

Transgendered Men in Women’s Facilities?

Transgendered Men in Women’s Facilities?

James R. Aist

Scientific studies have found that 73%-81% of male-to-female transgendered “females” are still sexually attracted to females.

Introduction… 1,450 more words


Christmas Tyme - Chapter 2 “and so it began...”

For those of you who read my book know I love love love Christmas – and for the next few weeks, I’m taking a brief respite from the serious side of things to nibble a few Christmas cookies in the from of a a short story I wrote to cheer up my sister a few years back… and I’m hoping it works for us all. 1,916 more words


Pills & PMDD

Yet another post about medication. I will still write all those other posts I had in mind, the ones about feminism and counter-movements; and posts to add to my how-to category, and posts to recommend awesome sites and products. 375 more words


Rainy Day, Mall Day

Rainy days like today makes it so miserable at times, but it also makes for fun days. This morning I awoke from my hotel room in Little Rock and my girlfriend informed me that she wanted to get out and do some shopping before we head back to Smallsville. 263 more words