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Penniless And Transgender (II)

I was so lucky being born in this nice era of technology, when we can have access to all the information in the world, as anyone else has, rich or poor. 2,233 more words


How To Become a Woman For Free (Male-to-female transgenders)

Are you a girl trapped inside a boy’s body? Do you want to start transitioning but can’t because of financial or other reasons? If yes, you are at the right place, and I’m here to help you. 204 more words


Isn't there a mismatch between gender and sex in all of us?

I’m going to be honest here, being transsexual or transgender is not something I’ve been able to understand. In the past this ignorance did breed fear, I would feel uncomfortable around transgender people, I didn’t know how to react, I didn’t know what pronouns to use or what was appropriate. 1,515 more words

Societal Norms

Penniless And Transgender (I)

I don’t know about you, but my transition never been easy. Because of the money, and because of my cowardice. Taking them both, what they really mean, for a restless soul of a transgender person. 853 more words

Domestic Violence

Jasmine alone

Not a lot of time this week for writing but things are moving with publication of Bodies By Design – the 2nd Jasmine Frame Novel, as both a paperback and e-book and the novella… 2,357 more words

Jasmine Frame

Trans Profile - James*

A riveting interview that shares the life experience of a queer transsexual Afro-Trinidadian. 

Hi James*, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a married, Afro-Trinidadian man in his 30s and lives on the east coast of the United States. 2,499 more words


A Close Shave

As of today, I cannot shave till Tuesday. This is going to be strange. But necessary. I need another set of photographs to document how my IPL is going. 222 more words