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ACCESS! That is the aim.

Keeping it short and simple for the time being, I’m about to begin the legal process to have law-binding access to my daughter. 293 more words


Fatherless Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there. And to the Mums having to do both roles.

My own Dad has been gone more than 20 years. 79 more words


Where I've Been - A Family Disappointment (1/2)

⌈Trigger Warning; depression; fights; harsh language; dysphoria⌋

I’ve been trying to write updates, and I even actually started typing several times but I simply couldn’t finish anything. 836 more words


Jasmine's back

In four weeks I’ll be at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Southport, Lancashire for the BLISS Book Lovers event (Sat. 14th July.)  It’s another of those bookfairs where the authors display their books and engage visitors with enthralling chat about their work. 2,101 more words


Just Some Dude II

In my last post, I described how there´s an incongruence between how I view my (past) self, and how others view my (past) self. I feel like I have always been male – albeit in a deceitful package. 337 more words


Just Some Dude

I´d hoped to go to bed more or less early this time. Ah well. It “ain´t gonna happen”, so I might as well tell you why I´m awake. 373 more words


I Ain't Never Seen Ball Lightning Before I met Jamie.

He drove me out during a storm once. The whole sky rolled with light and noise like the angels were playing neon bowling instead of lightning strikes like I was used to. 74 more words