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Unbroken Vows

When I began my journey through transition, I made myself a promise. I promised myself that I would remain faithful, loyal, and clean for my next partner. 359 more words


Journey Towards Transition Part 11 - 28 Days Later

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I jumped the gun a little and started taking the testosterone blockers 5 days earlier than I should, with my first one on Tuesday 25th October. 792 more words


Picture Show. Second Balconette


Quite often it escapes me that this blog is meant to be reporting on my actual transition. Rather than just the random stuff that it sometimes throws up for me. 236 more words



The Seatbelts – Gotta Knock A Little Harder.

When I think of him, my world gets brighter – literally. Chalk it up to a silly imagination, or… 770 more words

Personal Blog

Compensations and such

I have a sister that my former self veritably raised. She cannot remember me baby sitting her when I was 8 or 9 dressed in girl clothes and acting like a girl (she was 4 or 5). 190 more words

Trans Woman

Surgical Strike


Now that the prospect of surgery has taken on some definition, I can’t help but give consideration to what exactly is going to change. And of course, the real world implications which are attached. 289 more words



It might sound a bit stupid but rather than literally forcing people to change what pronouns they use when talking to or about me, I’ve been hoping they sort of just adapt.. 180 more words