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Baring My Necessities

Today saw me taking my biggest step towards actual surgery so far. Finally made a proper start on the Pre Surgery IPL.

There are a number of situations in life when humans might be comfortable sharing their genitals with relative strangers. 189 more words


Wedded-ness-Monday 4th October 1999

This piece of work belonged to my then latest Opus, called ‘wedding’. The pictures always seemed to come first and as in all my Works, it holds within it symbols of my life with Jessica up to that time. 393 more words


Other gods-4/10/1999

This work drew itself out of a Sermon given by the Rev. Ray Richmond concerning Jesus’ walking on the water. It was Peter’s actions which we examined that day, and this response which drew itself from my heart, represents all the fears and hopes which restrained me from my walk on water. 353 more words


Sex with a Hero

Hero; such a vast word. I could think of so much semantics to describe what makes a hero but I guess I’ll just have to tell you a story about my encounter with one. 2,739 more words


Transgender woman chose to be less bitter this morning.

Young bagel clerk John Mclove who interacts with a transgender woman at “Lucky Bagels” on 3rd street had us at the edge of our seats this morning. 346 more words


Two Anniversaries

The Lisburn Ladies Fine Dining Club had our first outing of 2016 at the weekend. And it wasn’t just dining for dining’s sake, enjoyable as that is. 3,071 more words


My review of TRANSmission

HOLY CRAP! What did I just read!!

Okay, let me back up a bit.

I read TRANSmission, the latest release by my good friend and overall naughty internet badass… 459 more words