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This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, not even gonna lie. This is the “#FreeSpeechBus” – the bright orange oxymoron. As its a bus that literally tells you how you should talk about people and is in direct response to somebody else’s free speech. 566 more words



Double Rapist Identifies As Transgender – Gets Transferred To Women’s Prison


At the risk of upsetting the rather vocal LGBTQHPD community here’s a story about a transgender rapist. 619 more words


Pakistan's Third Gender

Both my parents were born in Pakistan and with five trips back to the motherland since I was born, I can attest to the magnetism of Pakistan. 284 more words

South Asia

have Courage, Respect who you Used to be

I recently saw someone mention on Facebook that a certain character from the new Mass Effect game is trans. And when I clicked the link to twitter I saw many comments about how unrealistic it was for a trans person to admit to being trans and even sharing their birth name. 171 more words


The Old Self

In the post Seeing Myself, I finished saying that any hate-turned-inward is unwarranted. The conclusion that I drew, is that my mind is having a hard time catching up to the fact that I am now Rowan. 338 more words


Beginning DHT/Andractim Treatment

I began using DHT to try and maximize my lower growth from HRT on March 15th. Because I have chosen metoidioplasty for lower surgery, getting as much as I can out of my natal anatomy is important to me. 691 more words



The blogging has been slightly patchy of late. I’ve just been somewhat busy. I’ve been away at a conference, looking at taking on some more lgbt work and battling with two bedrooms worth of clothes in a one bedroom flat. 270 more words