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"Pseudonym: E.E.G."

“She turned you down!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“I couldn’t believe it either,” answered Esmeralda. “I told her to choose: that writing project or me. Was I being unfair to her?” 2,848 more words

5 Days on T

I´m now five days on T plus shark-week. The reason I mention the latter is because I´ve experienced a gigantic peak in testosterone over the last couple of days followed by an equally steep dive, due to estrogen building. 425 more words


"You were never REALLY trans" Actually, we were

People who detransition or stop identifying with the trans label are a small, but growing voice. Before transition we were told that only the tiniest percentage ever feel any regret afterward. 873 more words

How I realized gender doesn't make sense

“Gender critical” is a tricky term because it’s so often associated with people who want to keep trans people out of bathrooms or refer to them as men in drag or other nasty things.   1,077 more words

3 Building Blocks for the Church’s Response to Same-Sex Attraction

Once more this dialogue rears its ugly head, along with more Compass( I can’t find any sign of this now but this was an organisation in the Diocese of Wollongong for the reprogramming of Gay Priests) type of Cure incidents; resulting in incidents of lesbians and gays who have now committed themselves to heterosexual marriage and are repudiating most of what Medical Science and Psychology has determined in the past 20 years. 393 more words


"Pseudonym: Patient History"

The following day, Nicole agreed to Esmeralda’s proposal. She gave no indication as to why, so I decided not to press the issue either. I’ve always believed in the importance of trusting oneself; as Nicole is my other half, that means trusting in her judgment too. 3,122 more words

"Pseudonym: Symptom"

When I next awoke, it was the middle of the following day. My bedroom light had been left on, and coupled with the sunlight streaming through the window, it’s surprising I hadn’t woken sooner. 2,826 more words