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John Nolte's Ridiculous Article

Because we have more “””friends””” at The Daily Wire than just mister Ben Shapiro, who I’ve already written one or two articles on, I thought we should give them a bit more attention. 1,254 more words

Funeral for a friend

As I wrote in my book, I was/am part of a group of television professionals who hail from San Diego State’s Department of Telecommunications & Film, TCF for short. 3,649 more words


Transgender TERF war!

Lunchtime, and I was meeting up with Katie, a friend I’ve known for the past five years. Time to tell her about my trans side. She’s super-socialist, fabulously feminist and very opinionated. 902 more words


The Great Bathroom Debate

I had planned for today to be a review of Gillian Flynn’s the Grownup, an ironic title choice if ever there was one considering we don’t currently have a grownup in the White House, however, recent events have made it clear to me that we need to discuss a thing. 503 more words



So Trump repealed a law Obama put in place making it illegal to tell a trans person to pee in the bathroom of their sex instead of their gender… 829 more words


There's A First Time For Everything

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday. But today he is no spring chicken. Although chicken is one of the descriptors that seems to suit best. Still absolutely no chance of a resolution but still holding it together enough to wish him nothing but the best going forward. 92 more words


Journey of Transition Part 25 – Computer STILL says no! [cough]

Part 1   Part 24

Don’t type angry…don’t type angry!!

I’m rapidly losing my patience, having received an email back from the passport processing people to say they are not going ahead with my passport, stating that, “As you are yet to provide evidence that you use the name you have applied in for all purposes we are unable to amend the passport at this time”. 800 more words