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Lost Prescription

OMG! So, I was on the phone with my Cardiologist’s office earlier. One of my medications was held up by the pharmacy because my script was out of refills, so I figured I better call in case the issue was because of my new name. 161 more words


Week 4 of my RLE as, well… ME

As the saying goes, I’m SO glad it’s Friday! But not because work has been a torture, it hasn’t been that bad (apart from some torturous interaction with my boss… but at this stage everyone has the same opinion of him), it’s just been a long slog, 12 days without a break. 1,602 more words

What life means to Indonesian Transgender

People who live in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta have earned amount of money in many ways, they could become for example as parking attendants, peddlers, beggars, buskers, or prostitutes. 471 more words

Society And Culture

Let's Do This!

Hey everyone!

I’m Erica. But since this blog is so spankin’ new, you probably know me or you have some mega internet detective skills and I owe you money and now you’ve tracked me down. 43 more words

Rocky Horror

Since legally changing my name.

In the last 5 days plenty has happened since I legally assumed the name Cai. 382 more words


Full-On Girlfriend Mode

For the last week since I wrote the post about my difficulty in shoe shopping, I have been wondering what I can write about next. I enjoy writing this blog and the very act of composing something at least weekly really helps with my own thinking process. 2,321 more words