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Diddly Dee With Jungle Drums

Readers with week-long memories and little else to occupy their minds may recall that last time round I finished off with a teaser that I had another first coming up this week.   1,539 more words


Please Stand-By

It´s relatively easy for me to figure out what my breaking point is. Usually, if things drag on for way too long, everything else starts crashing down too. 387 more words


Specifying your gender on Facebook

Just over two years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “Does a rose by 58 other names smell as sweet?” where I talked about Facebook’s attempt to allow users to specify more than just a gender binary of male or female. 531 more words


We've reached 100 hits!

We’ve reached 100 hits on the LGBTransgender blog!

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My Ten-Fold Path to a Successful Transition

It’s almost over! On Wednesday, I received my surgery date. On August 5th, I will check into OHSU and eight hours later, wake up in the recovery room, my body complete, nothing sticking out or bulging where it shouldn’t be, and I’ll begin the long painful road of recovery from major surgery. 620 more words


Transition ≠ Sacrifice

Transition means very different things for different people. One thing is for sure: it´s a ritual of passage, a point of no return – once you decide that this is for you, you´ve taken a step in seven league boots*. 383 more words


A Friendly Slight

I went to see the gender psychologist, today. It was the first appointment, and since I am still considering an alternative to the rigid mindset that seems to prevail in our gender clinics, it might be one of few. 371 more words