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Rethinking the Conservative Approach to Transgenderism by  Jennifer Gruenke

Conservatives do not take the introspective reports of transgendered people seriously, but there are good scientific reasons for supposing that subjective experience of gender is legitimate, even when it contradicts apparent biological sex.

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Shul Yearning

I haven’t been to shul in a while. It’s actually bothering me, too. The reason why I haven’t gone to shul is that I don’t know what to wear, or where to sit. 230 more words


That's Easy For You To Say

The least successful part of my transition so far has been Speech Therapy. But that’s more to do with my resistance than any failure on the part of the NHS. 302 more words


Brace (2015)

I first heard of Brace from my roommate, Ahav. “It’s great”, he said, “y’gotta see it!” Sometimes our film tastes overlap and I tried to remember the title so I could check it out. 162 more words