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Second Puberty

Is it just me or is this like, never discussed? I mean sure, it’s mentioned but actively discussed and its implications dissected? Nope, not even once in my memory did I hear someone “discussing” second puberty. 678 more words


Is Blaire White really trans?

CLICK BAIT TITLE ALERT. I wasn’t actually going to call it that, but yay clickbait I guess. Besides, a lot of people have been asking me and talking about that exact thing. 936 more words



In my opinion, happiness, like love, is a fickle thing; it comes and goes and it’s forms are near indiscernable. Consider that everyone defines happiness and love¬†differently. 1,560 more words


Straying Alive

I actually struggle daily with the practicalities of being a woman, rather than a man. Mostly because so much male privilege is literally ingrained in me. 256 more words



I am not a transsexual person (that is, a person wishing to transition from one gender to another), although some might consider me to be… 1,080 more words


Out Of Control 

If this blog has taught me one thing, it’s that the people who read it respond best to pieces that paint me in an unfortunate light. 243 more words


The Power of Social Media

A few days ago I posted a tweet about how I’d have never known how many transgender individuals actually exist, if it wasn’t for social media. 349 more words