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Thrust, Parry, Riposte

Finally started a Testosterone blocker this week. The ominous sounding Cyproterone Acetate. A few days in and not really sure I can report much difference. Although instances of forgetting why I’m in a room are up 50%, this might be coincidence. 114 more words


Thailand - A Journey

Normally I only post a blog post on Mondays and Thursdays because I don’t have the time to write every day and there are some days that are just not good for getting people’s attention. 923 more words


Is Homosexuality and Transsexualism Dangerous or Wrong?

Short answer: no, but if you want proof then keep reading.

There have been a lot of comments lately on various things in light of Caitlyn Jenner and homosexual marriage being legal in all 50 states now and, frankly, some of the comments are a bit confusing. 785 more words


Irish Days and Arabian Nights

I’m still playing catch-up with my blogging after May’s trip to England. I have decided that it is most inconsiderate of time to continue flowing while I’m in this mode, as the present day seems to be getting ever more distant from the time about which I am writing. 2,525 more words


Levels of Acceptance

I am still sitting in awe of the weekend I had, the people I got to see, and finally being free to be me, with said people, for the first time. 415 more words


"But Thinking Makes It So"

If you are lucky enough to visit the Appian Way in Rome this summer, you will no doubt come upon gravesites and monuments with epitaphs extolling the virtues of the middle class. 757 more words

Living Full-Time as a Woman - Weeks 20 & 21... including health appointments, good experiences at work... and I have "turned my daughter's life to hell"

Dear Diary… and readers, here are the highlights of weeks 20 & 21 living full-time as my true female self… into RLE week 5:

Wednesday 17th June… 1,808 more words