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Transvaginal Ultrasounds & Endometriosis

You may have heard that you can’t see Endometriosis on an imaging study.  Well, this is true…BUT, it’s not to say that imaging studies are useless in helping to suspect/diagnose Endometriosis.   575 more words


You want to put that where?

Transvaginal ultrasound
It is as uncomfortable as it sounds. And do not EVEN get me started on how certain states in the USA require a woman to get a transvaginal ultrasound prior to an abortion – I would be here all day typing like an angry person – no. 582 more words


Sad and Worried

So much has happened. After resting all morning, I pulled myself together to go to the doctor. I am having cramping. There is not that much discharge – only when I wipe. 1,451 more words

The Journey...thus far

Over the past 5 weeks I have had 6 doctors appointments accompanied with ultrasounds, I have been to the hospital a total of 4 times and admitted 3 of those instances. 571 more words

Body, Mind, Spirit

Last week was one of those appointment-laden weeks when I was grateful that I work for an employer that allows flexibility!

It started on Monday, when I had to go for a trans-vaginal ultrasound. 538 more words

Personal Account

Day 1 - We want to have a baby doc!

Our first time to visit our new OB-Gyne. Of course just like meeting a new friend we introduced ourselves, shared our story and The Plan… 185 more words


Resurgence of Hope

As I sit up in bed, beneath our feather bed wrapped up in what was once a bleach white duvet cover, beside my husband and our two pups, I feel something different. 263 more words