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So I went to the ER

This past Tuesday was my regular OB appointment.  I had to drive quite a ways and when I got to the new office I was the only car in the parking lot.   1,775 more words

The egg before the baby

Reproductive science has come a long way and it’s giving woman like me (with not only a rapidly ticking biological clock, but other fertility issues) a better chance at conceiving. 372 more words

Trying To Conceive

Good news!

Four was looking good today.  I don’t have the blood tests back, but he had grown and the heart rate was 156.  This was great news as I still don’t feel all that pregnant.   290 more words

1st Ultrasound

Yesterday was the 1st ultrasound.  The woman who has done all but 2 of my ultrasounds was there.  I was nervous, but I said a little prayer before we started and everything was looking normal.   290 more words

Yep, I am now using a cane

Since I continue to be stuck at home with continued debilitating back and leg pain, I have had the chance to read online about PIO issues.   319 more words

With Women’s Health, Timing is Everything

From ovarian cysts to endometritis, the timing of your period can make all the difference. While your doctor may order a test be done to correlate with your cycle, they usually don’t pay attention to that. 413 more words

Advice and Information on Pelvic and Transvaginal Ultrasounds

What it is

A pelvic ultrasound is an ultrasound done on the lower abdomen to view the uterus and ovaries, this is basically the same as an ultrasound a pregnant woman would have to check on fetus development. 1,319 more words