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Another Scan, Another Problem

My illness is starting to feel like a long meandering river that you might see photos of in National Geographic Magazine, with a caption describing how it formed over centuries under the pressure of slowly receding glaciers. 943 more words

Chronic Pain

CD10 - Trigger Shots

Well here we go!  I went in the past two days for blood and ultrasound.  On the 9th my Estradiol was 2176; on the 10th it was 3223.   1,130 more words

CD7 - adjusting the dose

So the follicles were measuring 10-12 today.  Estradiol is at 1553.  The ultrasound crapped out right after she measured the left side.  The tech said that happened once with a patient who had over 40 follicles…wow!   288 more words

CD5 Update…par for the course

So I just returned from my morning bloodwork and ultrasound.  I need to wait for an update via the online patient portal, but so far so good .   241 more words

Transvaginal Ultrasounds & Endometriosis

You may have heard that you can’t see Endometriosis on an imaging study.  Well, this is true…BUT, it’s not to say that imaging studies are useless in helping to suspect/diagnose Endometriosis.   575 more words


You want to put that where?

Transvaginal ultrasound
It is as uncomfortable as it sounds. And do not EVEN get me started on how certain states in the USA require a woman to get a transvaginal ultrasound prior to an abortion – I would be here all day typing like an angry person – no. 582 more words


Sad and Worried

So much has happened. After resting all morning, I pulled myself together to go to the doctor. I am having cramping. There is not that much discharge – only when I wipe. 1,451 more words