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One or two? That is the question.

I went in for blood work and my first ultrasound today.

This was pretty routine. Undress from the waist down since it was transvaginal. Hopped up on the bed and assumed the position. 199 more words

Reproductive Endocrinologist: First Consult

Initially I was thrilled with this visit. I came in, husband in tow (and trying his best to make it fun), with a list of carefully thought out questions ranging from the doctor’s number of metroplasty (separation of the uterus septum) performed annually to her preferred recovery process (uterine balloon or no? 639 more words

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'The Uterine Septate Life – One girl, 2 vaginas, two cervix, one double roomed womb, and a lot of thoughts!'

For those of you who have read my blog, "Overlooked Ovaries and Other Bullshit Statistics" be sure to check out the blog posts in the link below. 139 more words

Transvaginal and Pelvic Ultrasound

Today as I sit here, home from work early and checking and re-checking my phone, I’m waiting for the results of my transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound to be officially told how complicated my fertility is, and figure out what the next step may be. 1,378 more words

Flirty Things to Say During a Transvaginal Ultrasound

  1. “Wow, that thing is huge!”
  2. “Do you mind if my husband watches?”
  3. “You’re going to need more lube.”
  4. “I’m allergic to latex.”
  5. “Ouch! That’s too deep.”
  6. 43 more words

Sexy and Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You're DTF

  1. Look him in the eye as you talk about babies.
  2. Invite him to your next appointment with your reproductive endocrinologist.
  3. Sext him a picture of your panties.
  4. 100 more words

Understanding Your Reproductive Health

“ A woman’s reproductive health involves the whole cycle that regulates menstruation, fertility, menopause as well as the sex drive. Having a healthy reproductive system is essential in a woman’s life that is why tests such as pelvic exams, pap smear and screenings for breast cancer is important for a woman to have on a regular basis.” 528 more words

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