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How Strong Are Your Transvestite Tendencies?

At this time of year try to put a note of caution to many Transvestites out there. In particular those that have the freedom to express themselves as they wish rather than being left in the cupboard with everything all pent up. 1,251 more words


Stepping back -- Karlot retraces her steps

Karlot recalls how she escaped from her incestuous uncle …

Darkness is falling.

From my window I can see the narrow crescent of the new moon on the western horizon, yellow as butter, sharp-pointed as a dagger, symbol of death and doom. 804 more words

The Star

Sensual Sexy or Sexual

It took a long time for me to realise that my fascination for being a Transvestite was in actual fact a way of liberating an inner part of me that had been hidden deeply on my male side. 1,375 more words


And why not?

It started quite innocently, just a mundane mistake. As the minute hand on the boardroom clock jolted to three past nine, the Chair of the Change Management Project Steering Group meeting got proceedings underway. 648 more words


Transvestism And A Relationship With A Genuine Girl

Oh God this is a recipe for disaster? It’s such a complicated minefield that I could write a bloody book on the subject and still never find a clear route! 1,963 more words


A Plea To Our Better Halves For Understanding

How do you tell your partner you are a Tranny? It is so hard to explain what you are feeling and why you are as you are. 1,510 more words

Cross Dressing

Is Trannying A Coping Mechanism?

OK we Trannies like to dress and enjoy the whole aspect of transforming ourselves into our alter ego. Well I do and that is the whole purpose of these blogs! 2,218 more words