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A Challenge for Those Using the Bible to Denounce Transgender Behavior

Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover has generated a lot of buzz among Christian bloggers who claim their views on morality are based in what the Bible teaches. 2,084 more words


Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto: A Book Review

I bet my boots whoever has lost loved ones can relate to this. It has two stories ,but they have the same theme- struggling with loneliness. 504 more words


Literary Crossdressing

My mother always told me that I should do more things outside of my comfort zone. So I’m about to take a huge leap out of my comfort zone by admitting what I’m about to admit. 476 more words

The Purse Challenge

As I have previously stated one of the things that drives me nuts about women’s clothing is the lack of pockets in the pants. One of the reasons that there are no pockets on women’s clothing is because it ruins the sleek shape and body hugging nature of the clothing. 354 more words


Purging A Very Unnecessary Expense!

This blog is, as always, really for the ‘novice’ transvestite who has not yet come to accept who they are. It is intended to save you a lot of money and concerns ‘purging’. 1,206 more words


Business Casual

I am just starting a new job and am noticing a common trend in dress codes for companies; they are no longer splitting it up by gender. 1,016 more words