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A Plea To Our Better Halves For Understanding

How do you tell your partner you are a Tranny? It is so hard to explain what you are feeling and why you are as you are. 1,510 more words

Cross Dressing

Is Trannying A Coping Mechanism?

OK we Trannies like to dress and enjoy the whole aspect of transforming ourselves into our alter ego. Well I do and that is the whole purpose of these blogs! 2,218 more words

Cross Dressing

A Break From Trannying Can Be Very Good

Sorry I have been absent for some time it has purely been about taking a pause for breath. Sometimes the whole Trannying thing can be too much. 1,355 more words

Cross Dressing

Caitlyn Jenner's Gender Change Isn't the Only Interesting Sexual Story

Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from male athlete to attractive female has been a major media story for many months. The level of interest in her is reflected in the fact that one of her recent Facebook posts has received over 1.5 million “likes.” But transsexualism is only one of many manifestations of sexual difference. 682 more words

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Obama The Free Mason Androgyny "He/She" Pagan Sodomite And Son of Satan!

FOREWORD: The information below is explains the Transvestism agenda of Pagan Bi-Sexual Sodomite and Free Mason Barrack Obama. His childhood includes being sodomized which resulted in the opening of the “spiritual door” for Satan to begin his work in grooming him to be who he is today as a powerful… 2,751 more words

Bill Bunting

Transvestite is forced to have his penis amputated after years of taping the organ down causes cancer

A Thai transvestite who became an internet celebrity for his bizarre online postings has had his manhood surgically removed after years of taping the organ down caused cancer.Web star Sexy Pancake was diagnosed with a problem in his penis after a visit to a clinic in Khon Kaen, north-eastern Thailand, following a short illness, Daily Mirror reports. 81 more words

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Life's a Drag

While sheltering from a series of alphabetized terrors this Christmas season, I enjoyed binge watching several Shakespearean cinematic adaptions. A personal favourite was Baz Luhrman’s 1996  824 more words