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The Purse Challenge

As I have previously stated one of the things that drives me nuts about women’s clothing is the lack of pockets in the pants. One of the reasons that there are no pockets on women’s clothing is because it ruins the sleek shape and body hugging nature of the clothing. 354 more words


Business Casual

I am just starting a new job and am noticing a common trend in dress codes for companies; they are no longer splitting it up by gender. 1,016 more words


Welcome, friendly stranger

You have found your way to a blog concerning an e-book, published in March 2015, by the name of “Hi You Don’t Know Me: A Life, or Possibly Several” by the well known non-de-plume Mark Plunkett. 252 more words

Rubber Transvestite

Those were the words I typed into Google in 2007.  Having been fascinated by both words since being a teenager, I was searching for something that day.. 16 more words

More inspirations

As I said previously, Miss Twist is an inspiration of mine.  Others include Alison St John, Babette Jones and Sandra Gibbons:


They are all gorgeous women…Hope that you agree.

Thank you Miss Twist

I have recently joined WordPress and was delighted to find and follow Miss Twist.  On her blog she speaks so much sense about transvestism and cross dressing…How it should be fun and enjoyable above all.   15 more words

Gays Acting Like Terrorists

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Pat Robertson warns that gay rights advocates are acting like terrorists.