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All tidy once more

Another visit to the salon and my hair is looking great again. The short bits have finally caught up with the long bits and now I have a classic bob. 79 more words

When psychiatrist destroy families

This is an excerpt from The Telegraph epaper (Calcutta edition) from another part of my book. Click on ‘Torn Apart’.

Torn Apart

For those who have read the book and those who have not – meeting this psychiatrist more than my running away became the turning point in my life for what transpired later. 1,082 more words


Is this crossdressing, underdressing, overdressing or just plain dressing?

A few weeks ago I wrote this article https://daniellaargento.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/when-is-crossdressing-not-crossdressing/ in which I explored what was in fact crossdressing and what was not crossdressing. I questioned whether you could be crossdressing if you were wearing women’s clothes that were not obviously women’s clothes? 447 more words


I, object?

Trying to look sexy? Trying to look cool? Dressing your age? Is that how women are ‘supposed’ to look? What do you think you look like anyway? 1,024 more words


Why do I crossdress? Pondering the imponderable

I have literally been inundated by requests; wait no, that is not really true, but one or two people may have asked me why I crossdress so I thought I would devote some time to answering the question as best I can. 761 more words


Sweet Story

This is a sweet story by Katherine Day called “The Pink Dress”.  It sums up a young boy’s consternation at his budding love of feminine clothing when he has always been taught that it is a sin. 148 more words

Is a Garage Still a Man's World?

Joining a garage as a Director a few years ago gave me a total culture shock. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, or should I?   In  previous employment I just took it as fact that Mr / Mrs so and so was in charge, therefore I expected the same. 236 more words


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This is very illuminating. Sexist attitudes are deeply entrenched in society. Given these entrenched values it is no wonder that trans* gender people are so afraid of 'coming out'. The risk of losing this socio-economic advantage is simply too great. Once we tackle sexism we may all be free to fully express ourselves and all our nuances.