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Defining A Transvestite

So you are a TV who is trying to understand why you are as you are? You are also trying to explain to others who you are. 1,608 more words



I don’t have a body; I am a body.
– Christopher Hitchens

You might like to believe otherwise, but all the evidence says we are no more and no less than physical beings.

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Who Is Charnstar Anderson?

As far as cinema goes in this here shire of Brisbane, only Charnstar Anderson compares with our own Kristian Fletcher in his level of passion and thirst for knowledge. 652 more words


Sophie Went to the Ball

I’ve been talking a lot about this both on here and my twitter account, but Saturday just gone, I went to a masquerade ball. This has been my dream for some time now. 690 more words

Transvestite or Crossdresser

I recently joined a crossdressers forum and one of the subjects on there is do you prefer to be called a transvestite or a crossdresser? I seem to be in the minority that I prefer transvestite. 181 more words

Symbolic Dreams of a Transvestite 

I never used to remember my dreams. I think smoking copious amounts of marijuana in my late teens and the majority of my twenties had a lot to do with that. 847 more words

Crossdressing and Relationships

As you will probably have established if you have read my previous posts, I am single (well technically still married but that won’t be for long) and probably will be for some time. 700 more words