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For the God of love

I could hear a faint whistling. It was slowly getting louder. I couldn’t quite make out where it was coming from. The street lights started to flicker, no, all the lights were flickering. 508 more words

Cross Dressing

Erotic crossdress fiction

The Girlfriend Project

Karen and I met when she spilled her drink over me in a coffee shop. She apologised profusely, asked if she could sit at my table and offered to get my clothes dry cleaned. 4,105 more words


The Parakaleo ministry in the UK is a sad transvestite called Keith Tiller, who goes round telling people transvestism is wrong, a trans woman’s wife told me around when I transitioned. 559 more words


Lilly a World Away

What would Lilly be like without all the pressures of society’s norms and expectations that make her what she has to be?

Like a butterfly emerging from its cramped chrysalis she becomes a different creature. 449 more words


Who Wears the Panties?

I can be dressed in my most glamorous outfit, I can take every trouble with my makeup, and yet, if, underneath, I am still wearing my Marks and Spencer black men’s underpants, I feel a complete fraud. 1,033 more words



The tumble weed blown by the gale skipped through the sandy waste of my mind. Mountain peaks stained ochre by the setting sun rose high in the distance and my laptop screen pointed a blank word document into the back of my eyes. 335 more words

Cross Dressing