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Will Franken revert from being Sarah?

A few months ago, London-based American comic Will Franken decided that he would wear women’s clothes on stage and off stage and would be called Sarah Franken. 1,541 more words


Cover girl at last!

I’ve been making an album on and off since July and I finally finished it last week. The tracks are all sequenced in order and the gaps between songs have been applied with maddening precision. 494 more words


Frown Away

Frown away like you don’t know what to do
While I’m away you may question what you knew

Frown away in an awkward state of mind… 71 more words


Thursday Morning Dress Up

Sometimes I wish I could write something a bit more meaningful than this. I got the chance to dress up today for a few relaxed hours and I had a really nice time. 145 more words


Charlotte Charke: Actress, Novelist, and Transvestite

Charlotte Charke seemed to have a hard time defining her career and her sex. Born as a female to actor/playwright and poet laureate Colley Cibber and his wife, musician/actress Katherine Shore, Charlotte as they named her, at one point, began to call herself Charles Brown. 93 more words



I used to be afraid to admit to myself that I wanted to cross-dress. Then it became easy. I think the changes that allowed it to happen were as much psychological as social. 968 more words


#Transgender #LGBT #History Part 2

Yesterday I created part 1, covering the period from the 800’s to the 1700’s, Again this takes a bit of research and so I will be covering an ‘era’ of history with the final part coming tomorrow. 540 more words