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A new leaf

Well, it happened.  After about 4 years of working through this, and many ups and downs, I finally just gave in and put on a bunch of my wife’s clothes last weekend.   831 more words

Adventures in Crossdressing (part one)

I figured I’ve written enough blog posts in the past few months dealing with some very general, weighty issues and it was high time I got back to talking about just… 569 more words


Anna's New Shoes

Good day to you all!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend – I know I am and I want to tell you why. The best charity shop find ever happened yesterday, I found a pair of size 11 heels which reach a staggering height of 6.5 inches. 204 more words


#1 Who's more courageous?

Who’s more courageous? Bruce Jenner for coming out to the world about being a transvestite and turning into Caitlyn Jenner, or our soldier’s preparing for war? 1,234 more words

If you want something visual (but not too abysmal)

Hello there!

After my very wordy last couple of posts I thought I’d share some pics from the weekend. I managed an evening and morning session which is always fun and also played about with a new photo editing app for some ‘post production’. 172 more words


2 Sparkle

The sun shone brightly over the Pennines, the thin ribbon of tarmacadam wound its way across them like a snake. Eighties classic songs wirelessly blue toothed to the sound system in the car were playing at a low volume as we took in the view. 525 more words

Cross Dressing

The Letter

A few weeks ago I posted about a letter I was going to write to my wife. Indeed I wrote it and it worked out to be 5 pages of A5 paper in the neatest handwriting I could muster. 390 more words