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Muslims in Morocco Attack and Beat a Male Transvestite Tourist Nearly Senseless (Video)

A ‘gay man’ dressed as a woman was ‘..caught in the act..’ of ‘..possessing the goods..’ inside a nightclub in Morocco. And this is the harvest he reaped… 13 more words

Provincetown MA

For the last few days I’ve been vacationing on Cape Cod. So, with its LGBT friendly reputation you might think I would head for Provincetown. 106 more words

The washroom debate

On a day trip to Nantucket found myself in a restaurant striking up a conversation while waiting in line for the washroom.

 We briefly debated using the disabled washroom rather than waiting longer for the men’s. 70 more words

Photoshop and the art of self delusion

Is it okay to Photoshop yourself? Or rather, when is it okay? The photo above shows me giving a talk for this year’s Skeptics on the Fringe… 635 more words


40 years of Rocky Horror!

Why is Rocky Horror still hugely popular with the masses after nearly 40 years? I shall tell you exactly why…

I would like… if I may, to take you, on a strange journey…………… 554 more words

An Unexpected Session

I had some well earned time off during the week and I got to do a whole bunch of fun family stuff. Days out (including the Edinburgh Festival), pottering around the house – that sort of thing. 316 more words


Stepping Out, An Adventure

Although I am just taking the time to write about it now, I had a fun adventure back in the winter, en femme.  I had the weekend to myself at home and I decided it was well past time to play and have some dressed up fun.   1,288 more words