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Sox Cottage

Birds accompanied the sound of the stream as its rhythmical babbling filled the air. Sunlight made the water sparkle as it danced downstream to its own music.  371 more words


a ripped coat and a patent leather handbag

I recently moved to Copenhagen before Christmas. My first job here was as a temporary “Christmas assistance” hostess in Magasin, the capital’s oldest department store. Day in and day out for just under two months I rotated between the different entrances, greeting guests and appeasing those irritated by alarms left on their purchases. 556 more words

JEFFREY ROSSMAN, sissy faggot from Connecticut, revealing what he really wants...

I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN, a sissy faggot from Connecticut, admitting to all who see my picture that I love boys and love having a hard throbbing cock from a well endowed man deep inside me. 110 more words

One for the Road

You know, there comes a point when you just have to admit you are not as young as you used to be. You stop resisting. You roll with it. 4,510 more words


Indonesia : Demokrasi, Toleransi, Jokowi dan Kang Emil

Di antara banyaknya isu-isu dan kejadian-kejadian yang menggelitik nalar, Indonesia sekarang ini sebenarnya sedang tersenyum. Kehadiran Bapak Presiden Joko Widodo adalah sesuatu yang patut disyukuri, terlepas apakah kebijakan Beliau diterima atau ditentang oleh sebagian orang. 1,763 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Summer of Love

Tim had almost completed his first year at university and I was looking forward to him being home for the summer. His mother had left when he was five years old and there had only been the two of us in the house since then. 4,052 more words