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When conformity means death, survival means non-conformity

I have the enormous privilege of being a transvestite, although this is the first time I have called it a privilege when for much of my life it has been painfully difficult. 930 more words


Jasmine explains

There’s been a chorus of pots calling out kettles this week. I’m referring to the scandal of the Oxfam aid workers exploiting local sex-workers in Haiti and elsewhere. 1,745 more words


All the kink you didn't know you wanted 'til you read it

Under His Stiletto
by K.A. Merikan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

/me fans herself – gawd this book is just all ends up deliciously wicked and I loved every bit of it. 126 more words



Rain ran down the window. A snowflake hit the same pane, melted and followed the rain drop on its journey to the bottom of the window and ultimately to the ground. 227 more words


Jasmine begins a search

This week I read a book suggested by Lou, my wife. It’s called “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. It was an unusual choice for her as it can be classed as science-fiction; not space-opera, it is an extrapolation of present day trends.  1,757 more words


Lilly on the Spot: Sun, Sea and Clothes Galore

Harpers & Queen have asked me to do a piece under the title “Lilly, what would you wear on a Mediterranean island holiday?”

Ooooh, now that is a question! 1,677 more words


The upside of falling down

Tonight I am up late because I couldn’t bring myself to lie by my wife after what I did.  She was out of town and I lost my mind.  875 more words