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Can't Get You Out Of My Dress!

My postman Dave has a part-time job as a security guard. He needs the money but there are occasional perks too. One Saturday morning, he rings the doorbell and presents me with two backstage passes for the Kylie Minogue concert at Wembley Arena! 3,449 more words


Christmas Is Not The Time To Expose Yourself

Most of us love to get out, particularly in the fun Christmas season. However if like me you feel you would like to look as feminine as possible there are some simple things that I think you should be aware of about how you ‘show’ yourself to the world. 1,815 more words


This blog may include explicit photo's.

Welcome to my new blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website. My name is Lucy GB, I am a 43 year old male cross dresser. 379 more words

Cross Dresser

So, creeps reap what they sow?

It’s been a lot longer than intended since my last blog post, but my outings this year have been of a purely social nature; no adventures; no grand photoshoots; nothing to report (at least, not yet…). 1,264 more words


Rupaul claims Trump touched him inappropriately in the 1990s... Trump-Vesticus?

This is just DEE-LISH! I love it it, and ya know what? I can’t help but believe it. Given the Cocaine fueled times they were… Oh how I wish I could have seen his Crocodile Dundee moment…. 8 more words

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Try Not To Be Too Much Of A Closed Group

This is one of those blogs where I lose a few friends!

How many of my Transvestite friends say that they would love to find a GG (Genuine Girl) that they could go out with who would take some time to understand them because as a T-girl they can offer so much more than the boring old grey man. 1,634 more words


Openness Trust and Forgiveness in A Tranny Relationship Can Seem Impossible

It is so hard that my partner, who runs a dressing service, and I on many occasions have to support a TV who is not disclosing their alternate self to their partner. 2,428 more words