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Savage Trail Run down Three Bridges Trail with the Librarian

We were stretching on the giant compass. Once again, the Librarian jammed her spandex-covered ass-craque so far into my face that I could actually taste her rancid, pungent, dripping, sweaty, gaping, del.ic.io.us female part. 690 more words

Critic's Corner

In their best red stilettos, German transvestites stomp on AfD

BERLIN (Reuters) – German drag queens are using satire to spoof a hard-right party’s anti-Islam election campaign, and German voters are loving it.

Is This Final Proof Michelle Obama (a.k.a. Big Mike) Is A Man? Number 1 Video On The Web

Swing it…~TS

Shocking video of Michelle Obama coming out of a dorm and making adjustments to something. What do you think? Is this final proof that Joan Rivers was correct when she told the world Michelle was a tranny?

Alternative Theories

'Get Us Outta Here!'

As Paul ambled purposefully beneath a torrid ‘Noel Coward Sun’, he wondered how it always transpired, that at the hottest time of day, in the hottest of climates, he was always the Englishman! 1,119 more words

The Lola Boys

Boys Will Be Girls

So, there I was working, paying the rent, as they say, when a rather robust, muscular  woman popped out of a stall in the ladies room. 141 more words


Transgender and the Public Washroom Debate

This is one of those controversies I only hesitantly get involved with. Given the current political climate my take on things guarantees pretty much no one will be happy with my opinion here. 1,223 more words