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Eight of Iran's "Women's" Soccer Team has a Little Something Extra...

Face it, the Iranian women’s soccer team has a few more balls than the other squads…

Eight of Iran’s women’s football team are actually men awaiting sex change operations, it has been claimed.

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Colorado Democrat Keeps Creeping Women Out by Using their Restroom...

I’m a tad confused; I thought Americans were ignorant, biased, and really had nothing to fear from allowing mental defects to use whatever restroom they desire to use at that moment??? 1,145 more words

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You never can tell

Does this lipstick match my beard

My mate Ray, sister-in-law got a new job which meant she had to travel three hundred miles away from where we live to do a week-long training course in London.   1,153 more words

Police release transgender women after re-education

Police in Indonesia’s sharia-ruled province of Aceh said Tuesday they had released 12 transgender women after they agreed to act and dress as men.  270 more words


Not Content Just to Kill Babies, "Planned Parenthood" Will Now Inject Children With Hormone "Sex Change" Drugs...

As the U.S. abortion rate continues to decline and regulations tighten, Planned Parenthood is looking toward a new source of revenue – hormone ‘sex-change’ treatment for minors at Medicaid expense.

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Kaliarnta - The glossary of the homosexuals & transvestites of 60's Greece.

By Elias Petropoulos

Kaliarnta is a glossary of the idiom used between homosexuals and transvestites during the 60’s in Greece, which is thought to be the first gay slang dictionary written in any language. 117 more words


Is The Statue of Liberty a Transvestite?

Is so-called “Lady” Liberty really a man? I know, I know, that’s ridiculous, right? But check out this vintage picture of the statue’s magnificent erection. 10 more words