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ROME...Super Bowl 242 B.C: How the Games Became So Brutal....


The enormous arena was empty, save for the seesaws and the dozens of condemned criminals who sat naked upon them, hands tied behind their backs. 3,144 more words

Mysterious houses with enchanting secrets

Homes with unique secrets and mysteries have a certain enchantment. Properties with trap doors leading to a wine cellar, hidden passageways or rooms behind secret doors sound like they’re only found in films, but there are some houses right on your doorstep that have amazing secrets as well. 840 more words

Dream Homes

Titanic: The Musical

Spoiler Alert! There is details about the musical in this blog, if you plan on seeing the musical in person read at your own risk – spoilers! 461 more words


Watch those pub cellars

Fatal Fall Down Cellar

John Healy, aged about 50, a labourer by occupation, fell down the cellar of the Trades Union Hotel, Harbour-street:, city, this morning and broke his neck. 839 more words



Last week, I introduced the topic tagged “The three levels of achievement” and you know what, am very excited sharing this topic because it underscores and sums up the totality of human endeavors from the time of independence (for some as soon as they enter college and others, after graduation from the university) till death. 464 more words

Developing Success Habits

Dream #726

Dreamt we followed the sound of voices speaking in what we thought was Latin into the cellar, where we found a trap door in the floor. 87 more words


Photographing the creepiest place I've ever been

This is a ghost ‘ranch’ north of Mono Lake. It’s also the creepiest place I’ve ever been.

It’s not creepy simply because it’s a ghost ranch, or abandoned, but rather because of the *way* it’s so desolate even though it’s so close to Lee Vining and Mono Lake on the north side of the overly salty lake, which is creepy if you think about it because lakes so far inland next to snowy mountains should not be salty. 272 more words