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The Circus Freak Workout: Sculpt Yourself Skinny with Flying Trapeze

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I never thought I would try the flying trapeze. Not that I didn’t want to, it just never crossed my mind. 847 more words

City Livin'

Between trapezes

Two and a half years
Between trapezes

Letting go is hard
But then to hang
Wait for the next
On Faith
When you can’t see your way… 138 more words


The Burning Woman, Hurling Through the Air, with Dynamite in Her Hair, over Sharks and Spiky Objects, Caught By the Man Locked in a Cage

When I told my mum that I was going trapezing she laughed and said “when you were little I couldn’t even convince you to get on the climbing frame.” I might have been a nervy, mal-coordinated four year old but oh, how things have changed. 747 more words


Flight to Kenya: Part I

Alright people. Flying to Kenya was NUTSSS!!!! I’ve got two blog posts about the journey here alone. To start us off, I wanted to share about my flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam…roughly 8 hours! 903 more words

Last year on Valentine's Day

I was sitting in my window clinging to a cigarette at 8 a.m., 2014, watching three bulldozers pick up snow and dump it into a giant, well, dumpster in an attempt to clear the main street outside my apartment building after it snowed and snowed and snowed. 844 more words

iFly Trapeze Spring Workshops

iFly Trapeze’s opening day at Eisenhower Park will be March 28. Long Beach will open on May 23rd. If you have never tried iFly, it’s a lot of fun and perfect for group outings. 87 more words


A Late Take on Black Country Communion

My new job as a customer service clerk in one of the biggest library systems in the country has given me access to thousands of musical pieces I may never have otherwise procured. 575 more words

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