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Three chips, one dog and lots of gays

Random three chips with my THREE egg breakfast.

Charlie the dog. Courtesy of Alec.

R and She. With Dom!

Trapeze Thingy

This afternoon, things went well. “And So It Goes” (got the title wrong before) sets really nicely for an adagio dance trapeze piece. I roped Denis into doing some acro for the opening, though it was awkward because our portable crash mat is mas squishy — not particularly stable. 233 more words


Belated Notes 

Since Ms B got married and there are no longer two BWs among my ballet teachers, I shall henceforth refer to Company B simply as BW (because I’m lazy and it’s easier). 483 more words


Glenn Hughes - "Heavy" [Single]

Glenn Hughes is set to mark his return to his solo music career in November 2016 with his all new album Resonate . Firstly he revealed a teaser video of him talking through the album which had some snippets from a couple of tracks. 117 more words


2016 Blog 2 Flat Out Happy

At the end of my class on Saturday when we were absolutely exhausted I said to my long suffering training partner Chantelle I’m pooped. She said so am I. 1,186 more words


Hello again trapeze bar!

Three things learned from Monday’s session:

  1. Ross’s aerial fitness class doesn’t take any prisoners.
  2. I am approximately 0.01% as strong as I’d like to be.
  3. 97 more words

2016 Blog 1 Circobats – An Amazing Class run by Amazing Teachers

I had such a wonderful time at trapeze class today and on my way home I gave thanks to the Universe for having this class and I planned my Face book post to say thank you for it. 1,460 more words