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At first, I didn’t know what it is

It crept up on me,

An unshakeable feeling

I knew something was wrong

Unable to identify what it was… 96 more words


The Wanderer in Black

I walk down an ashen cast road

With my cart full of needs

Squeaking, stamping,

Heartbeat unheard by any.

I was an accountant,

Before the bombs fell… 228 more words

Letters from Unsung Heroes: The Train – Franklin Millsborrow

Dearest Agatha,

I’ve had a most dreadful experience. As I’m sure you are aware by my lack of arrival, the train has failed. I have been trapped with the rest of the passengers for two seemingly whole days, though I cannot be sure. 572 more words

Letters From Unsung Heroes: The Train

screaming for escape

The Young Virgin, 1630, Francisco de Zurbaran

there is no god so i am witness to my own follies.

you are one among a million of them, 9 more words


HFMFM-Trapped Demo Review

Some things that unite almost every alternative genre are aggression and power. Whether it be through anger, emotion, belief or fantasy the evocation of this is key. 226 more words


No air...

Sometimes I can’t breathe

Suffocated and trapped by my own voice

The eternal chatter of the mind that creates dark corners that say stay out… 99 more words


I Can't Breathe

Some days
I feel like the
Are all
Closing in
Around me.
I gasp
For air
But my
Chest clenches,
Like there
Is a heavy… 146 more words