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Things to do with (or without) a baby in Belgium: Sample the world's best beer - West Vleteren

According to my calendar it is March. Yes! And with our adopted adult family member, Uncle Johan, in tow, we made like adventurers and headed (finally!) to the beer holy grail, West Vleteren. 332 more words


It's YouTubesday!

Here’s a look at Chimay, the most-well known Trappist brewery.


Day 32: The Return aka Trappistes Rochefort 10

I quite literally feel risen from the dead.

Some people do well when they’re sick. I am not one of them. I work with a guy who had a crazy cough and felt like crap and just kept working for 2 months before he was finally diagnosed with pneumonia. 417 more words


Indulgent Christmas BBQ Ribs with Belgian beer marinade

Christmas is all about indulgent dishes, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve decided¬†this was the right week to try my rich oven-baked ribs recipe – I have been looking forward to the moment since falling in love with the menu of a restaurant called “Ribs & Beer”, which we tried to get a table at (and failed miserably) during a weekend break in Bruges, Belgium’s prettiest town. 395 more words

Marinade Recipes

@2beerguys 31 Beers of December: Spencer Trappist Ale

I’m happy to once again be participating in 2beerguys “31 Beers of December” guest blog-stravaganza. My selection:¬†Spencer Trappist Ale.

Maybe I’ll repost my contribution here in a better format, but it’s early on Sunday, so just click the image below to read my original post in its entirety. 7 more words


It's YouTubesday!

Here’s an introduction to Trappist beers that is a little bit dumb. But also full of information for newcomers.


Westvleteren 12 - Belgian Beer - Why is it so good?

Okay so I’ve been recently treated to a few Westvleteren 12’s and I have to say it is some of the better beer I have managed to drink in my day. 181 more words