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Belgium Day 2 - Carbonnade Flamande

Carbonnade Flamande


You’ll find that a lot of dishes from Belgium are influenced by French and German cuisine, due to the fact that Belgium is a fairly small country. 986 more words


Belgium's Westvleteren 12: Going great lengths for the Holy Grail of beers

Travel by car to the western edge of Belgium, and encounter the Trappist beer aficionados have coveted for decades – one of the few remaining true Trappist monastery owned and operated breweries left unspoiled by marriage to the corporate world: Westvleteren. 547 more words


The Best Beer in the World?

An unusual post today: a week ago while painting our apartment, we thought it would be nice to try something special. Belgium being the land of a thousand beers with a long-standing beer-making tradition, it is inevitable that some of the world’s best will be produced here. 157 more words


La Trappe Trappist Beers, New Year's Day and Eindhoven, Holland

165 days of rampant, alcohol-filled travel across Europe’s major wine, beer, and spirit regions lands us in Holland.  Our EU Austerity Drinking Tour has overwhelmed our knowledge of the wide variety of drinks culture Europe offers us. 895 more words


Monks and beer: a winning formula

Thanks to the help and generosity of some new friends here in Brussels, I was lucky enough to have the rare opportunity to visit the Sint Sixtus Abbey and get my hands on some of their legendary Westvleteren 12 beer, a Belgian trappist ale brewed by the Sint Sixtus Abbey monks that is considered one of the best beers in the world. 958 more words


Trappistes Rochefort 8

THIS BEER! This was my gateway beer to good beer. You may know that in a few magical places in the world, full-blown monks hang out and make amazing beer.   218 more words

Park Beers

The long road to Westvleteren

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bonafide beer geek or budding brew enthusiasts like ourselves; if it’s your first trip to Westvleteren, the road to this trappist brewery of Saint Sixtus Abbey is sure to be paved with everlasting memories. 567 more words

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