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Body Interrupted

Pleasure – that deep, mysterious, unpalatable sensation we call orgasm, which serves as a means for common understanding – is oh so powerful, gorgeous, otherworldly. 49 more words

Castle Braid

I figured

I’m a bag – free to be flexible in every way, in all directions.

I’m a bag – free of solidity, form, roughness, and toughness. 55 more words

Castle Braid

Give Lust a Shot

And the two shall become one trash.

Gender – clear white.

Love – straight queer.

bodies – charged embrace.

Become one with me – till death, around the corner, packs your drag.

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Castle Braid

Who Am I?

I used to be a collection of components. They named me “trash bag”. After that, I begun serving a purpose – sheltering pieces, components and randoms. 47 more words

114 Troutman Street

Out of Body Bag

Till death do us part. And even then, together we shall be – in soul and spirit, which has always been one and bigger than both of us, together. 20 more words

Castle Braid

Disposables - Trash Bags

From the book, Frugal Living for the 21st Century:

“When I was a child, my mother never bought trash bags. Somehow as an adult, I came to assume that I had to. 149 more words

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