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Sentence Revisions

These two unanticipated purposes for the use of the trash bag may not have been in the minds of the creators as items that should be put in trash bags for the transportation sake of their invention, should make more people think about what they are putting into their own trash bags instead of ignoring it. 289 more words


Tone Analysis


These two authors have two very different tones, yet both are still able to display their message without putting the reader to sleep. Bichell is definitely the more informal approach compared to the author of the wooden spoon which is more formal/research approach to conveying their messages about these technologies. 545 more words


In Class 11/18 Value System

The technology that I plan to research into the depths of our waste is the trash bag. The articles and books that I found range from the environment, the economy, and the methods of disposal. 360 more words


Pay-Per-Bag (Technology in Practice)

By ROBERT HANLEYSpecial to The New,York Times. “Pay-by-Bag Trash Disposal really Pays, Town Learns.” New York Times (1923-Current file), New York, N.Y., 1988.http://search.proquest.com/docview/110412605?accountid=14902… 217 more words


Prompt: "I can't support you anymore"

In everyone’s favorite creative writing workshop a few weeks ago, the one I feverishly plan on being on the eboard next semester for, one of four prompts was: Fiction- “I can’t support you anymore.” 89 more words

Creative Writing

Taking out the trash in Seoul


During my third time in Korea, one of the things I struggled with the most was one of the simplest household tasks – taking out the trash. 495 more words

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Trash Bags by Primode

I am reviewing trash bags. Yes, trash bags. We’ve all wondered if one trash bag was any better than the other, haven’t we? I received a box of 100 count clear trash bags. 174 more words