Shows I have Dropped Mid Season

I found it fitting for someone like me who has seen way more anime than any should, to write a post about the shows I just could not take. 38 more words


I need this trash can

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum trash can. Forget the Wright Brothers’ plane, Apollo 11 and the Spirit of St. Louis – where can I buy this trash can?


Evening Light on the Wall of the Convenience Store in Bonlee North Carolina

Evening Light illuminates the wall of the convenience store in Bonlee North Carolina.  A sign tacked to the wall implores patrons to try the new Snack Size Cheese Bread from Hunt Brothers Pizza with the slogan, “Dip it! Dip it Good!”

More On My Laundry Room Reveal - Keeping It Organized

In yesterday’s blog post you got to see my complete laundry room reveal. I touched upon how much time I spend in that room, and if you’re a mom you know that’s no joke. 846 more words

Interior Design

Writer's Block? Faulse.

A true writer does not get writer’s block.

Maybe I am not a true writer.

I’ve tried to write a book on strictly philosophy and logic in the past but lost my work in the shuffle of technology (Im not good at tending to my belongings). 401 more words

Premium Patented High Quality Car Trash Bag/Storage Bag

Let’s face it with a child, it’s beyond easy for your car to become messy. I love car storage. I have a storage system on the passenger side for all those things that you may or may not need in your car with a child. 294 more words