Writer's Block? Faulse.

A true writer does not get writer’s block.

Maybe I am not a true writer.

I’ve tried to write a book on strictly philosophy and logic in the past but lost my work in the shuffle of technology (Im not good at tending to my belongings). 401 more words

Premium Patented High Quality Car Trash Bag/Storage Bag

Let’s face it with a child, it’s beyond easy for your car to become messy. I love car storage. I have a storage system on the passenger side for all those things that you may or may not need in your car with a child. 294 more words


Space station astronauts give huge trash can the boot

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The International Space Station just got a whole lot tidier.

A pair of NASA astronauts released a capsule loaded with 1.5 tons of trash Friday as the space station soared over Bolivia. 343 more words


Kapitein Gijs Gets a New Home!

Also known as ‘Pirate Gijs’, ‘Captain Gijs’ and ‘Buccaneer Captain’, you may remember that good old Buccaneer Gijs (or whatever you want to call him today!) was turfed out of his home recently due to Pinokkio moving into his place in the fairy tale forest.   170 more words

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