Watch This Man Throw His Girlfriend In A Trash Can After She Cheated On Him

Well this is just a mess. After walking out of what is probably a bar, this man walks his girlfriend to a nearby trash can, picks her up, and throws her in. 32 more words


Organizing Your Home

Over time, clutter tends to accumulate around the house. Eventually, there’s little piles of miscellaneous belongings on counters, tables, bathroom counters, and all over the floor. 344 more words

Trash Can

Plus one =3

So it’s finally happened and I have officially lost my mind! We have added another fur baby to the house.

My roommate has Trixie, a large 17 yr old dog who is half blind, half deaf, loosing bowel control and a 16 year old cat. 235 more words


A million different ways

The featured picture is a drawing of http://sugarmints.deviantart.com/, her (or his?) whole gallery is super dreamy and lovely <3

My English kinda became crappy after I started working, focused too much on writing in mother tongue I guess. 664 more words

Trash Can

Garbage Disposal Vs Trash Can

Garbage disposals vs trash can” is a simple infographics which compares the different pros and cons of both with each other. The green color indicates an advantage where the red color shows a con.

New Innovations In Trash Can Technology Are Becoming Available To Consumers

New innovations are becoming available to customers. Find an under sink trash can for a home setting. They will add extra space for tossing rubbish away. 291 more words

Trash Can