Kapitein Gijs Gets a New Home!

Also known as ‘Pirate Gijs’, ‘Captain Gijs’ and ‘Buccaneer Captain’, you may remember that good old Buccaneer Gijs (or whatever you want to call him today!) was turfed out of his home recently due to Pinokkio moving into his¬†place in the fairy tale forest. ¬† 170 more words

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Tin Trash Can DIY

This is one of my favorite DIY projects of all time! I actually did it about 6 years ago before I left for college the first time around, and my project has followed me through every dorm room, apartment, house, etc. 275 more words


#1255 - A Farewell to Thingie

And thus ends the epic of the glowy thingie!

Though maybe “epic” is a bit of an overstatement.

Sketch A Day

HIDE those UGLY Plungers (Another Great Post for in between Delicious Recipes, right?)

We like the plunger we have. When… when… the Throne backs up, no one likes standing over it for a long time plunging it. So, a while ago, we got ourselves a accordion type plunger. 60 more words


What Anthropologie Is Charging For A Rusty Garbage Can Will Make You LOL

How much would you pay for a rusty trash can? Five dollars? One dollar? No dollars? Well, what if I said it was handmade and imported? 187 more words


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