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Jeremy Irons in Feb/Mar 2016 AARP Magazine

Jeremy Irons is featured in the February/March 2016 issue of AARP Magazine

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Jeremy Irons: What I Know Now

The genteel Brit, 67, weighs in on bad guys, butlers, the joy of motorcycles and why he wore sneakers to the Oscars… 527 more words

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Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen Trashed My House & Smeared Dog Crap on the Rugs!

Another day, another tale of gentlemanly behavior from everyone’s favorite tiger-blooded warlock from Mars.

Last week, we learned that Sheen had ex-wife Denise Richards and his two kids kicked out of the home that he’d promised she could live in rent free for life.
Of… Readmore..

Waste-less themed films

There seems to be a spate of documentaries of late that deal with the theme of trash and reducing our consumption. All of them are quite interesting in their own ways, although most of them are a bit American-centric. 333 more words


You got that right! I’m your GAY, COMMUNIST, BOOGEYMAN… and I’m here to confiscate your guns and have sweaty homo sex with your dad!
– Derf Backderf

Derf,B . (2015). Trashed.


Trashed ● Jasinda Wilder


four destiny stars

this is not you ordinary love story. our heroine doesn’t need saving but she has guarded herself too long.

do you believe in love at first sight? 186 more words