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Episode 13: A Hole is a Hole (A Very Special Episode)


This week the ladies, along with gusband Ben and superfan/gusband Jim, strip down and lotion up for Lexi Post’s, Cruise into Eden. They learn that Emily Dickinson was busy creating all male, all nude planets with no sexually transmitted diseases, pheromones are real, how to land a man in three seconds, and that sperm burns. 122 more words

Romance Book Reviews

Fifty Shades of Trash

I’m many years behind the times, I know, but after plowing through The Bestseller Code, which analyzes the plot structure of  Fifty Shades of Grey  592 more words


Primal Screams: Carrie by Stephen King

After the blood comes the boys.

Primal themes abound in the annals of horror and trash lit, but nowhere as dramatically as in Carrie by Stephen King. 1,513 more words


My Return to Peyton Place

Peyton Place by Grace Metalious
I discovered Peyton Place where I imagine most kids growing up in the 1960’s did: under my parents’ bed, where along with those soft focus… 1,555 more words

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