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Rendezvous of Dejavu

There’s a woman sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop alone. She looks a bit sophisticated and superficial wearing her 10cms black pumps and pencil skirt. 187 more words

Minds And Soul

H&M in Jakarta, soon!

What’s your first reaction after you read the title?

So, I was flooding my twitter timeline with my random minds after I read that H&M being a trending topic and when I had found out, that brand become a TT because it opened it’s very first store in Singapore and I was like “what the hell?!” because it’s sort of overrated and I realized that actually, middle-class Indonesians who live in big cities must be over-acting too if its opened in; for example, Jakarta. 504 more words

Minds And Soul

Trashy things - week 20

Keep like things together. It’s one of the top five rules of organization and clutter reduction.

I’ve taken it to heart right through the process, too, by reducing my clutter in clusters of ‘like things.’ 309 more words

The Path Of Sanity

Trashy things - week 19

The Outlaw Farmer and I took a day off from our homestead duties last weekend to attend the Homefront to Heartland conference in Nashville. It was a fun and informative event, and I gotta tell ya … the minimal registration fee was well worth it. 442 more words

The Path Of Sanity

Trashy things - week 18

I started wearing glasses when I was about 12 years old. Not regularly, mind you, because that was long before Tina Fey and Sarah Palin made glasses fashionable. 246 more words

The Path Of Sanity

Trashy things - week 17

Having thoroughly enjoyed that bottle of Grinder’s Switch wine, I added the cork to my collection. I’m really not a drinker. Wine is the only alcoholic beverage I enjoy, and I seldom drink that. 175 more words

Trashy Things

Trashy things - week 16

This poem by Donald Hall appeared in my Inbox this morning. I’m sharing it in Trashy Things this week because it reminds me (and perhaps it reminds you) of just how important all that clutter is: 102 more words

Trashy Things