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Erik is Raven, Part II.

“Powers, what powers? What are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anyone would believe if you told them.”

-Quicksilver, DoFP.


We left off, I believe, at the Nazi banker/Erik scene in First Class and the Raven freeing the mutants in Vietnam. 1,499 more words


Your Daily Keep the Faith- interview with Peter Dinklage.

Tonight, I’ll have Part II of Erik is Raven posted. I’ll also post a short commentary on the Dreams Brighten story in the X-Men Gold series– it most definitely is part of the Charles and Erik love story. 892 more words

First Class

Blog schedule/What I'm working on

I’ve been asked by a few people to update on what posts I’m currently working on, and what I’ll be posting tonight, so here it is: 125 more words

First Class

Updated soundtrack info and The Tandem Initiative Conspiracy.

Ok, so an email just pointed out to me that the theme music that plays over Erik’s piano theme in The bentbullet.com website is actually Charles’ theme AND Hank’s theme combined. 330 more words


April 23, 2015

I’m still resting. Yesterday was… well, let’s just say “awful” and do not get into details. I kept myself very busy today and that kinda made things better. 184 more words


April 21, 2015

I’m done with Trask. *grins* And today’s the first day of my self-imposed vacation. I’ll staying at home, but I’ll refrain from working. Srsly.


April 16, 2015

Regrouping has started.

I’m almost done revising the first part of Trask. “Almost” is ’cause I need my editors’ advice on a couple of lines. Mostly though I’ve been catching up with emails and things. 9 more words