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Meditation is the practice of continuous wakening to the present moment; a process that is aided by realizations, where the emphasis is on the word… 476 more words


Trauma-informed yoga isn't what you think

I don’t like to talk about “issues of the day” on my little space on the internet.  I write about me, because once I start writing about “you” or “them” I travel back to self-righteous indignation town.  987 more words

Double the therapy

So, my therapy bill is doubling.  I hate that that is the first and main thing on my mind all about this but for years I’ve resented having to PAY to get over what shouldn’t have happened in the first place.   437 more words


Temporarily stuck

I’m still dealing with health problems, but the doctor is referring me to a specialist, so I’m hoping for better care soon, but I might have to wait for months to come to the new clinic. 419 more words



Occasionally random events offer a representation of life events sent to test us. A Sunday morning recently I woke at 5.15am to hear a neighbour say “It’s on fire!”. 110 more words


Is it Possible to Shake Out Trapped Emotions? Find Out in This Review of Kundalini Meditation

There are many kinds of meditation and the one I do in my personal time almost every day is a traditional vipassana – sitting up straight and concentrating on my breath. 1,145 more words


hynotherapy and eye movement integration

More about Eye Movement Integration™

We are living in an age when all of us are more likely to be exposed to the tragedies of war, terrorism, natural disaster or other forms of violence. 4,901 more words