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A tornado in my head

“They didn’t even have nappies at the maternity ward,” she tells me
“I had to get my sister out of there: that hospital was a health risk.” 510 more words

Trauma Recovery

5 Steps to Unpacking Emotions

I finished my book recently and sent it out to a few people to get feedback. The results were interesting because as much as the book captivates its audience (which I take as a huge compliment), some family members were concerned with the idea that I am somewhat wallowing in the aftermath of the traumas. 1,196 more words


Walking with the vulnerable self

To walk with the soft spot is to reclaim the disowned self and openly acknowledge its vulnerability without trying to change or “solve” it. To do this, the psychological barriers that prevent contact with the vulnerable self must be peeled back. 625 more words


Things I Have Forgotten and Things I Can't Forget

Trigger warning: Talk of sexual assault and memory. 

I can’t remember much. What I had for lunch yesterday, who sings that one song about monkeys going to heaven, the definition of the word “intransigent,” directions to my hair dresser, my favorite color, the titles of any of the short stories I have written, my little brother’s zodiac sign (although this can be quickly Googled), events from the ages of 19-23, if I like squash, lyrics. 1,087 more words


My Me's

Back in 2010, I started a blog called “The Me’s” intending to take everyone with me as I explored the many personalities that I was being told by my then boyfriend, that I was displaying. 395 more words


No more a victim

It has recently come to my attention that I have been living in the past. After all this time and work and effort I have put in to becoming the person I want to be, who I feel I was meant to be, I have been continuing to live as a victim. 193 more words


No, I Do Not Need To 'Forgive' My Date Rapist, ThankYouVeryMuch

Holding onto anger about anything — a situation, trauma, person or lost circumstance, whatever the case may be — isn’t a punishment to anyone but you. 118 more words

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