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Posttraumatic stress disorder a greater risk in rich countries

One would think that people with few friends and living in poverty are more at risk for PTSD than those with a strong support network and many resources. 571 more words

Trauma Recovery

Can Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Assist in the Release of Emotional and Physical Pain?

I’ve had acupuncture before at a physiotherapist clinic and for the most part, it was good. It certainly helped me release some physical tension in my body and relaxed me somewhat but when I had… 2,117 more words


Night Terrorist.

I don’t know,

what it means,

I don’t recall,

too much at all,

all that I know,

upon wakening,

both fists in a ball,

afraid of everything, 139 more words

Americana Injustica


Woke up again this way,

my groggy mind,

already confined,

to a maelstrom’s disarray;

and I snarl at the new day,

looking ahead,

I’m unexcited, 88 more words

Americana Injustica

Patience and Prudence

We’d wake in the dark part of morning when it was still cold and would be for the next few hours. I’d hear the sound of my father loading the hard plastic buckets with rods, nets and the big rake. 1,993 more words

Twin Tears

The trip to return to my home state of Washington was full of setbacks, until I actually hit the Arizona border. From there on out, it was smooth sailing.  413 more words

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My Littles are Screaming

The little people inside my head are screaming. Uncontrollably. They don’t like change. I am not sure how many there are, but there seem to be at least 4 under the age of 6. 176 more words

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