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The Real Root Behind a Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis BY KRISTEN MCGEEHON

Do you ever feel as though you’re unable to control your emotions? Or that your emotions are “too much” for any one person to handle? Do you find that it’s easier to lean on “retail therapy” or other impulses rather than opening up and talking about your experience? 889 more words

Be Angry When You Need To

Anger is not a pleasurable feeling, so no wonder we try to avoid it. How often do we try to push it aside, brush it under the carpet or simply ignore it and “move on”? 881 more words


Creole Prayers

My friend Bonnie called shortly after returning from Haiti, following the January 2010 earthquake that hit just south of Port-au-Prince, leaving an estimated 230,000 dead. 874 more words

Day To Day

Reclaiming Your Power When the Outside World Is Just Wrong.

Politics, trauma, racism, sexism, all the other isms, assault, abuse- the outside world can seem brutal at times.  These types of trauma can truly take a toll on our systems and can leave us feeling powerless. 593 more words

The Sins You Didn't Commit.

“One day, when it stops.

When you finally feel safe,
it will all fall apart.

Screaming for attention,
it rises like bile.

Crushing your mind, 39 more words


The Power in Busting Myths!!!

Point: I was told I would never recover from TBIs; well I had 14 and recovered primarily on my own from several devastating Concussive syndromes; Transient Amnesia, onset of Parkinson, inability to Read with total loss of comprehension, inability to speak a congruent sentence – nor hold a conversation! 1,444 more words

I Am Here To Touch Your Heart With Life

Mother's Day and Mental Health

Check out my latest goodtherapy blog- this one’s particularly personal with Mother’s Day and the anniversary of my mom’s death coming up. This day can be so complicated for so many of us and the month’s article explores the many ways this day could land for us.  53 more words