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Healing My Heart. 17Apr2015.

I have experienced two significant changes in my recovery this past week. By “recovery”, I mean the process of emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically coming to terms with the loss of *David in my life. 594 more words


healing trauma: attachment, mind, body and brain

Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body, And Brain

Reviewed by Hilary Le Page, MBBS

Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body, And Brain.
Marion F Solomon, Daniel J Siegel, editors. 915 more words

Trauma Recovery

Understanding Emotional Flooding

Oh, the joys. I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, but it’s large and complex. I haven’t entirely done it justice here and I’ve touched on some areas that I’ve covered in other posts in more detail so I’ve linked instead of repeating myself. 3,213 more words


Active Feet! And I don't mean walking, but it helps with that too.

All standing poses start with the feet. Being anchored, grounded, or “rooted” are all ways to talk about what’s called “active feet.” In yoga classes I’ve taken in the past, I’ve been told to lift my toes up and shift my weight. 321 more words

Trauma Recovery

Do not think bad, do not think not-bad

When a child grows up with low self-esteem, she may go through life feeling “bad”. If her up-bringing involved punishment then a fear of punishment and anger may be superimposed over the feeling of badness. 409 more words


Perks of "parts" therapy

 Most people are familiar with the concept of their ‘inner child’and everyone uses vernacular such as ” a part of me” etc; but for those of us who have distinct parts that under stress have acted independently from our own knowledge (if this confuses you, see… 685 more words


Getting by with a little help

Grateful for friends on the other side of the world who send flowers.

Things are hard. We’re in crisis mode. Not much sleep is happening. I’m doing a lot of paperwork tracking down these debts. 229 more words

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