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The Strategy of Illusory Control.

The Buddhist teaching of Dependent Origination states that no being or phenomena exist independently of other beings and phenomena. You would not be where you are today if it were not for the society that supports you with food, transportation, jobs and goods. 696 more words


The benefits of trauma

Today I’m in a state of reflection.

It’s the two year anniversary since my traumatic brain injury (TBI) (and another trauma that occurred 25 hours later). 754 more words

Childhood trauma leads to brains wired for fear

This is a great article posted on ‘Side Effects Public Media’ website explaining the impact of childhood trauma on a child’s developing brain.

Article – chilldhood trauma leads to brains wired for fear

Healing From Child Abuse

Yoga and Eating Disorder Recovery

The PHP/IOP program that I was recently at incorporates yoga into their treatment. At first, I was wary of how yoga could aid in my eating disorder recovery. 421 more words


Memory Loss and PTSD

I never was innately great at remembering things. Our timed multiplication tests in elementary school nearly broke me out in hives. If I worked hard enough I could recall, but the memory was just information splattered back out. 544 more words


Thought People

When examining ordinary consciousness we might see thoughts arising that evoke an emotional response, or feelings arising that evoke thinking. We see a resolute belief in the reality of thought and feeling, as well as a general tendency for the self to identify with these. 598 more words


Methylphenidate for the Treatment of PTSD

A recent study conducted by scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Spaulding Rehab Hospital/Harvard Med School, and UC San Diego found that the popular ADHD drug, methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) was “associated with significant declines in post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and post-concussion symptoms.” These declines happened right away after beginning treatment with methylphenidate and continued throughout the entire twelve-week treatment period, leading the researchers to conclude that the drug was “particularly interesting” and “an exciting opportunity.” 713 more words

Trauma Recovery