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All or Nothing

It’s got to the point of All or Nothing with TBP now.  This wish-wash fortnightly affair we’ve got going on isn’t cutting it; so I’m either quitting it, or going for it full on -well, weekly anyway. 775 more words

Child Abuse

Learning through love and pain

I got some sleep! Thank the gods of small items that get caught in drawers.

And everyone who was kind to me yesterday. I am so grateful, and learning so much – or rather, relearning things we knew but have almost forgotten. 1,274 more words

Mental Health


One of my dogs and I have gone for some respite. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself which is why half an hour in I’m here writing a blog post. 180 more words


On (or off?) sabbatical

It has been a bit silent on the blog in the past few months. And it was for a reason; I was on leave! Since some of you have asked me what I have been up to, I thought I’d write a slightly different blogpost this time, and share my experiences of the first half of 2015… 963 more words

Trauma Recovery

emotional abuse and narcissism in relationships

Caught in the Crossfire:  The ABC’s of Emotional Abuse

A is for alienation and avoidance:  the act of cutting off or and controlling an individual’s relationships with others.   715 more words

Abusive Relationships

Another Update

I know that I owe you all an update. I’ve been horrible about writing, even though I keep thinking of topics to write about, they rarely make their way onto the blog! 549 more words

Thank You Miriam, Another Liebster Nomination!

If I had a boy Sherman and a scientist dog, we would get in the Way Back Machine and visit March 2015 when Miriam E. Thompson at… 753 more words