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Is it Possible to Shake Out Trapped Emotions? Find Out in This Review of Kundalini Meditation

There are many kinds of meditation and the one I do in my personal time almost every day is a traditional vipassana – sitting up straight and concentrating on my breath. 1,129 more words


hynotherapy and eye movement integration

More about Eye Movement Integration™

We are living in an age when all of us are more likely to be exposed to the tragedies of war, terrorism, natural disaster or other forms of violence. 4,901 more words

What is the deal with EMDR?


I’ve remained a pretty big skeptic of EMDR. It is starting to look like it might have some potential tho, for stuff trapped in the sensory memory system, possibly even for trauma’s occurring during the pre-verbal years. 148 more words


Fooling Of Fools.

If you’ve dared to delude,
Enough to somehow include,
Any notion that’s at all akin to,
The breaking of rules,
The fooling of fools,
Let this be where I stop you, 102 more words

Americana Injustica

Crisis & Trauma Care...Praying for Louisiana and Emergency Personnel

It is hard to imagine losing everything you own in just a few minutes.  Many in Louisiana right now are still reeling from the devastation.  Please Pray for Louisiana.   526 more words

True Stories

Thoughts are Stories

Practice is really about waking up to life. Your life, as it actually is each and every moment.

In practice ‘waking up’ is a continuous process of letting distracting thought go and returning to the present moment. 610 more words


Why Expressive Writing Matters

Expressive Writing, James Pennebaker, and what this has to do with YOU

Writing is cathartic. Journal keepers know this. Writers know this. Writing instructors know this. 294 more words

Expressive Writing