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I recently attended a two-day training on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) which covered the processes for defusing and for debriefing groups of people who have been involved in or exposed to a traumatic event (school shooting, natural disaster, first responders to an accident). 1,241 more words

Life Wisdom

There Are No Perfect Decisions: How to make "good enough" decisions instead.

When I was 20, I did not have children, I was single and I was managing a restaurant, which gave me plenty of expendable income and flexibility.  400 more words

Shattered Time 

Shattered stained glass windows mixed in the wreckage of a life obscured.When carnage and shreds of the sacred lie intermingled in the ashes of a child’s room. 231 more words

Honoring Our Armor

Below is a link to my article published on goodtherapy.org.  This article explores how our the many ways we adapt to pain, numbing, avoiding, getting angry, staying overly busy, all of these become our biggest strengths AND they also get in our own way.  80 more words

When Ignorance is NOT Bliss:

Being bullied as a kid is not usually something you might link to debilitating Fibromyalgia or a severely crippling pain syndrome. But, even though trauma, abuse and bullying feature as a common theme behind so much serious and chronic illness, many people do not connect their… 572 more words

Finding my NO!

Went into my closet to try and get my hands on a dress I wore as a baby that I managed to keep my mother from throwing out all those years (no small feat) and ended up clearing a BUNCH of stuff out. 277 more words

Actually Autistic

Response to Dr. Olsen's post about human trafficking

Yesterday my colleague Dr. Eric Olsen posted a story on Facebook about how he and his ER team helped rescue a victim of human trafficking. 280 more words

Dr. Eric Olsen