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This way, my love

When I’ve forgotten how to Pray

And the words won’t come

Give me two,

Forgive me

When my heart searches for

The comfort of gratitude, but… 92 more words


My Memories

Trigger warning: CSA, Incest, Abuse

I’m new to this blog, and I’m new to this fronting thing. Hah, I’m Lolly. I’m trying to figure out myself but I’m remembering like everything right now. 314 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Survivor vs Overcomer 

Survivor vs Overcomer A client who has been in treatment for at least 6 months continues to run into road blocks in her recovery. She has a heavy past engulfed with abuse, neglect, and severe drug abuse. 145 more words


Rough day in trauma

Whew! We had a rough day today in trauma chronicles. Well…not really…..but we talked about the tough stuff….around this time of the trauma talk there is usually an unusual “I’m sleepy” or “I’m bored” look on some of the lady’s faces but really it’s an “I really want to avoid talking about this” face. 117 more words


I'm clean! 

Having changed out of fetid pyjamas, showered and brushed my teeth, I’m back in the realm of daylight and a whiff of fresh air. … 231 more words

Self Care


This is just to say huge heartfelt thanks to those who leapt to comment on my previous post within mere minutes, seconds even.

I’ll try to reply individually but please pleaae please know that each one of those comments is the equivalent of a life raft or a chink of light in an impossibly long and dark tunnel. 61 more words


Angel or umbrella?

The past is present

as fingers are to wrists.

May all realities reign

in a coalition of active curiousity.

Well may I resist a cell’s wisdom. 78 more words

Art Journal