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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Hopeless. Given up, throwing in the towel. This is pointless and I cannot do this anymore. This is a feeling we all have at times. 1,865 more words


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Remember, dear readers, you cannot fix a narcissist - but people with illnesses will respond to kindness. Let me change that. Everyone will respond to kindness. When I could remember that the narcissist was sick, I was able to remain detached and not become embroiled in his drama. Unfortunately, I could not maintain a healthy headspace and I fell into insanity with him. But it doesn't have to be that way. So that's No Contact for narcissists and following this writer's advice for other troubled people.

Suicide & Entitlement.

I realize that I have been acting bratty.
I want stuff, but I haven’t worked for it.
I want life to be easier, but that is childish wishing. 96 more words


The cause of suffering

The human mind, à la brain, is a unitary system. Although specific areas perform specific functions they do not work in isolation from each other. When an idea takes hold of one part of the mind it can spread to every part and come to dominant how an individual sees the world. 406 more words


never ever 

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eventually, one must step back into the ring - or become obsolete.

It's not pretty

Feeling sick.
Feeling angry.
Inks and poetry are my punching a wall. And music
Music lets me breathe
Especially Trent.

She shines in a world full of ugliness… 32 more words


It's Not Your Fault!

Just as a home is built with the materials on hand, so is the ego built from the materials of childhood, with a cornerstone being one’s sense of value or self-worth. 425 more words