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The Ocean of Consciousness

Meditation is the continuous waking to the present moment from distracting thoughts. This description implies a need to learn the difference between thinking and non-thinking. In practice this means we must be as the heron that has one eye out for food, while the other looks steadfastly to the sky. 555 more words


My Father: The Rapist

Dear Dad,

I’ve thought long and hard about what I would say to you if I had the chance or the courage… And I don’t know that I will ever send these words to you but maybe one day you’ll run across this letter online and discover the things I’ve wanted to tell you for years… 608 more words

Against Self-Help pt. 1: Against Self

First a Caveat:  I do not begrudge anybody the language or narratives that work for them in their own recoveries.  I don’t shrivel up in horror when I hear the concepts evoked below, especially when my peers or any humans are using them to gesture towards experience, strength and hope.   1,657 more words

Basketball Reflections

Renewal Resources is a nonprofit, public benefit organization serving our community through therapy, classes, groups, support teams and retreats. We offer care and compassion, strategies and support to nurture your inner resources with hope, meaning and healing.  682 more words


Curbing Social Climate Change with a cup of tea

‘Entie metzawzje?’ The dreaded question – Are you married?

‘Yes,’ I lie, ‘but I don’t have children.’

Naima frowns: ‘Leesh?’ Why?

That’s always hard to explain. 652 more words

Trauma Recovery

Voice Recognition

A young psychoanalyst named Fliess once asked Freud how a therapist knows when a patient has been cured. When the patient realizes therapy never ends, Freud said. 191 more words


16 Things That Remind Me Of My Assault

1. Driving past or intentionally avoiding the apartment where it happened

which is conveniently located on the same street as my home.

2. Driving past the hospital where I had my rape kit done… 247 more words