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Invitation Home

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace;

The mountains and hills will burst into song before you,

And all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 344 more words


God Will Never Change His Mind About You!

God’s word is true and it is certain.
It divides between the soul and spirit,
that which is temporary or eternal.

God separates the darkness and the light,

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True Stories

Back En Route

Hi, how are you? I’m Shereen, I used to live here, and after much deliberation I’ve decided to come back to and write from here. 983 more words


Stress and Trauma in the Body

I came across this video today. I don’t know what the research is that he’s referring to but it has to be the most validating video I’ve watched in a while. 85 more words


Black hole.

For most of this journey I thought the biggest thing I had to overcome was myself.
I’ve spent countless hours, everyday, doing everything I can to improve my mental state. 593 more words

Conflict and trauma recovery

So, this morning I had some conflict with my husband. Instead of running, which is what I normally do, I fought to stick around. Instead of shutting down and having a nap, which is what he normally does, he fought to stay present. 390 more words



You make choices everyday.
From the moment you wake up until what you think about before you go to sleep.
For most of my life I have chosen not to be happy. 278 more words