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How to cure anxiety

Loved this blog post so much, I’m linking to it here! It’s on Tim Ferriss’s blog, and was written by his former assistant Charlie Hoehn. 23 more words


Ubuntu Group in Orange County, February 2013

We are rhythm-bound organisms.
 – Bruce Perry

Hi everyone,

I’ve always liked that quote.  It is simple and succinct, yet a profound and apt descriptor of the very essence of our lives.

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Ubuntu Group in Orange County, January 2013

Man carries his fiercest enemy within himself.
– Elie Wiesel

Hi everyone,

More times than I can count, I seem to be the one who gets in my own way more than anyone else.  

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Ubuntu Group in Orange County, December 2012

Giving material goods is one form of generosity, but one can extend an attitude of generosity into all one’s behavior.  Being kind, attentive, and honest in dealing with others, offering praise where it is due, giving comfort and advice where they are needed, and simply sharing one’s time with someone – all these are forms of generosity, and they do not require any particular level of material wealth.

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Ubuntu Group in Orange County, November 2012

We are all substantially flawed, wounded, angry, hurt, here on Earth.  But this human condition, so painful to us, and in some ways shameful  –  because we feel we are weak when the reality of ourselves is exposed – is made much more bearable when it is shared, face-to face, in words that have expressive human eyes behind them. 

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Ubuntu Group in Orange County, October 2012

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.
Without them, humanity cannot survive.

The creatures that inhabit this earth–be they human beings or animals–are here to contribute,

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Tremors, an 8-min introduction to TRE

“The first night, I fell asleep really easily and felt like I’ve been asleep for weeks.”
– Nicole

In Southern California, we start each Ubuntu Group…

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