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Detecting Trauma Triggers in Foster/Adopted Children

Dear friends through adoption,

I write this blog post with caution, knowing that this type of trauma–sexual abuse– doesn’t happen in the majority of adoptive/foster homes. 697 more words

Adoptive Parents

It's Time to Hit Your Children

My daughter is screaming “F**k you! I don’t F**king care anymore! I’m a bad kid and I guess I’ll just stay in my room!”¬†She’s 10. 884 more words


The Month All the Mommies Leave

It’s March again, and I can never stop this month from coming! This is the month our children were removed from their biological home during a drug raid. 532 more words


Trauma Triggers

I Will Never Let you Go

My back is heavy against the front door. I sit on the hard ground, salty tears pouring down my face. 709 more words


How to Help?

I am struggling in my relationship with my son. I am very aware that he triggers my past trauma with his Dad. Unfortunately, what was modeled for him regarding managing emotions, expressing emotions, and handling conflict was not healthy. 390 more words

In-Patient For the Holiday

I was so prepared this year. I was ready for anything. My husband and I had every therapeutic parenting technique we could think of at our disposal. 748 more words


I'm Not Sick and You Can't Make Me! Adventures in Oppositional Defiance

Anyone who has ever raised an oppositional child knows that they are very good at one thing: opposing you. It is like an unexpected special talent or bonus sporting event that adoptive parents were not expecting. 682 more words