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I just finished reading a short story by foster carer Rosie Lewis.
Three year old Charlie comes to Rosie in the middle of the night as an emergency placement having fell from a third story window and injuring his head. 181 more words


Not This Time: Mood Disorder Warrior

Sometimes I just know that I can do this. I am feeling the super-powers of being “mom” to some very traumatized children. I try to hold on to these feelings because, let’s be honest, every parent feels woefully inadequate at times. 647 more words


Come take a walk in my shoes for a bit. 

* This is a trigger warning. The following contains a frank discussion about the realities of sexual assault and the aftermath.

When I was 12 years old I was kidnapped and raped. 2,618 more words

Don't Wipe Your Nose on Papa

It’s supposed to be a gesture of affection. Mostly it has become a way for Carl to wipe away the boogers in his nose or the sweat from his face. 504 more words


The "Do-Over" that Didn't

The closet is getting a vehement tongue-lashing. I can hear the muffled yelling of my 11-year-old son inside the hall closet. His behind is sticking out into the entryway, but the rest of his body has disappeared inside the coat closet. 696 more words


Clown Pranks vs. Trauma

Oh my ever-loving-cookie-dough! What is with the clown pranking everywhere? I know that kids all over the place from all different backgrounds are scared. I get it that it’s not just kids with past trauma who are being affected by this. 535 more words


The Non-Argument: Adventures in Battling Trauma

It’s been a year since Sean left. He’s 15 now. Marcus left in August of last year and he will be 19 next month. I can go whole days without thinking about them. 1,404 more words