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I Have a Screw Loose...Literally

I met with my neurosurgeon yesterday. It’s been a year since my spinal fusion and I am still having some pain and difficulty. I had a functional capacity assessment (FCE) done and a CT scan to look at my spine. 597 more words


Plowed Over, For a Moment

Last night’s tragic events in Las Vegas plowed me over this morning when I heard of the horror of last night. It is good to have compassion for others and it is good to be appalled at this horrific event. 924 more words

Hurt People Hurt Others

I have the least patience for others on days I physically feel the worse. The battle can become a “how to shoot someone who outdrew ya.” On those days, hurting people seem to come out of the woodwork and find me. 445 more words

Trauma Triggers: Chronic Illness

My amazement with trauma comes with the triggers it creates during chronic illness. In some ways, I have dealt with the actual traumatic incidents better than the backlash years later. 463 more words

today, a scary man delivered me a couch

Today, on my day off, I sat at home and waited for the arrival of our new couch. Before I get into the meat of why I’m writing about this, I want to make it clear exactly how excited I am to have a new couch. 1,139 more words


September, In Which We Begin Again

Autumn is in full swing with the first good rain visiting us in the last day or so. The temps at night have dipped low enough that we no longer keep the fan in our window as we sleep. 660 more words


Suicide Prevention: Life in My Brown Robe

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Sunday, September 10th marked World Suicide Prevention Day

While I never attempted suicide, I have struggled with depression… 749 more words

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