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Trigger Warning Alerts: Can apps help manage mental illness?

When I first saw my GP about depression, I was given some reading material which stated that in cases where depression is the direct result of an incident (such as a death in the family), you can expect a full recovery with proper treatment. 1,169 more words


Living In Your Back Story

Panic-driven soliloquies roam the catacombs of her consciousness; strewn with misanthropic motives, crouching corpses, and decaying dreams dolor. Suddenly exploding from the shadows, more electrifying than life, are the fluorescent ghosts of fear, of loss, of pain. 1,014 more words


The Tigger Movie

Yesterday, Little Man found a movie on Netflix — The Tigger Movie — that I thought would be perfect and not triggering. Only, it turns out, The Tigger Movie is all about Tigger not having any family. 492 more words

Family Life

Beating On

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

This last line of the novel “The Great Gatsby” is an apt description of the struggle faced by children with early trauma histories. 780 more words

Childhood Behavior

Pushing through triggers

I am working on pushing through the triggers, as my coach calls it, and I am getting pretty good at it with many of the small triggers. 644 more words


I thought I was done with meltdowns

I thought I was done with letting big triggers send me into a tailspin. I was wrong.

I was cleaning out my bedroom closet. I have mentioned before that we moved just before my Discovery day and it took a few months before I even attempted to unpack everything. 1,272 more words


She doesn't trust him anymore

So Fulfilled Entrepreneur said in a comment yesterday that his wife doesn’t believe he is not still in contact with the OW.  She also doesn’t believe he loves her.  533 more words