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The Girl of Triggers and Thorns

Originally posted on backroomwhispering.com on April 8th, 2016.

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” (The Fault in Our Stars…

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Til Death Do Us Part: Adventures in Morning Separation Anxiety 

It’s hard to describe how we survive mornings at our house. It feels like we might all die before making it out to our school and jobs, respectively.   869 more words


Burger King Must Read My Blog! : Adventures in Healing Food

Pizza is disappearing into his face at an alarming rate. He is crouched in his chair, hunkered down over his plate, using both fists to shove pepperoni slices and crust into his mouth. 1,319 more words


Your Holiday Might Stink, But You Don't Have To!

Holidays for kids with trauma are a little bit like the apocalypse. All of the excitement and joy triggers an “end-of-days” type reaction withing them. There is yelling, lying, screaming, fighting, nightmares, rages, the works. 795 more words


Turkey Tears :Adventures In Holiday Trauma Triggers

It always starts with a happy event. Well, at the very least, it starts with an event that I consider to be “happy.” Happy events are often triggers for the traumatized child.   1,435 more words


Jasmin Kim: Life With Borderline Personality Disorder and Overcoming Trauma

HW Kim
is a trauma survivor, social activist and poet. She has worked with Asian Americans for Equality and the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Medicine & Public Health at Hunter College. 2,511 more words

Self-Care With Writers

Past Trauma Can Affect Present Trauma.

   Trauma And The Body.

I thought I could cut off the past and put it behind me. I am older now and find It doesn’t work. 655 more words