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Adorable Little Girl Screams ‘No, No, No’ Seeing Lion King’s Death First Time (Video)

The internet is going through the motion again of experiencing what it felt like to see the lion king’s father die for the first time. 124 more words

Oppression Olympics

Here again we look at the unimaginable manipulation of a radical movement, it is hell bent to push forward with their agenda, at the cost of civilization. 391 more words


Doesn't hurt anymore

He winces from the pain,
She bleeds from her bruises,
While they watch and laugh together.

It hurts to move.

He wants to slit his wrists, 51 more words


The Experience that Transformed my Life

  • Picture taken the night of my assault
  • A fairly recent picture of me enjoying time with friends

If you asked me three years ago where I’d be today I would probably take a deep breathe, look down, give you a discouraged shrug, shake my head and say something like, “Well I’ll be miserable!”‘ 2,125 more words


The Kindest of Wolves

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not into thine own understanding.” –Proverbs 3:5-6

“Shut up, you stupid idiot, or else I’m going to punch you in the eye.” 894 more words

Foster Parenting

Anxiety begets anxiety.

One annoying thing I’ve come to learn about GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is that when it flares up (for me anyways) it bleeds out into more anxieties than the typical sort of hypochondriac variety that I tend to have. 288 more words

Mental Health

April 18

Dear Diary,

I finally cried for real last night. It just all hit me, and I stood in the kitchen and cried for a few minutes. 418 more words