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The Book of Birds

Today I will travel back
to the planet I’m from
for the second time this week.

I will go back when the sun has set… 245 more words

treatment: feeling stuck trigger warning

I feel like I’m asking to much of my team. I asked my therapist what we were supposed to do if outpatient therapy wasn’t enough for the eating disorder because of the multilayered issues, and she said, well, you’re just going to have to use the resources you have. 406 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

A Letter to My Rapist

Dear Nameless,

Last night I discovered you are now engaged. Congratulations. You can thank me for that, because if I hadn’t been in love with you, too frightened, too aware of the all too realistic possibility of being silenced by those who were supposed to bring me justice and peace , you would be in prison. 1,107 more words


Family Values- 1Wise-Woman

The family values three squares at the table
A nightly ritual force fed to the masses
To bring us together in peace and harmony
Share the day around our daily bread… 445 more words


Without You Here

As snowflakes fall across the land,

bathing in purity all that stands,

ruins covered in a blanket of cold,

erasing memories torturing my soul,

their tombstones nearly out of view, 83 more words


Invisible Struggle (Autistic) (Violet)


You don’t hear me when I’m talking because I can’t actually say what I mean. I can rarely ever ask for my needs to be met unless you ask me a direct question about it if I’m dependent on you in some way. 1,349 more words