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Searching for Love in the Shadowlands

“The pain now is part of the happiness then; that’s the deal.” -C.S. Lewis

Around this time last year, I saw a profound play about the intersecting lives of the reputable Christian philosopher, C.S. 1,023 more words

Spilling the Guts

A week ago Thursday, I read an article about local light shows. I wanted to go. Then I realized light shows have music.

I am pretty sure I wrote about the Christmas song I associate with Melissa’s stroke. 548 more words


Falling Apart [Schizo PTSD Entry]

The past couple of weeks have been hell. I’ve been under a constant barrage of flashbacks, hallucinations, voices, paranoia, breakdowns, and angry outbursts. EVERYTHING has been triggering me. 589 more words


Why I share my story of Surviving Sex Trafficking

Today, one of the most rewarding things in my life, is getting to share my story with others that haven’t figured out theirs yet. I have come to know that when I share in a transparent and vulnerable way – it gives others a chance to do the same. 510 more words

A Day Out Of The Life. Looking Back & Moving Forward - Lifting Our Voices.

The Cardboard Monkey

Supermarkets are good places to see human personality being formed, but you have to look below waist height, which is easy enough, and with sympathetic eyes, which is not so easy. 154 more words


Waking Up To Day 5

I feel like I have already exhausted all of my help. I am not one to ask for help. And I feel like I have repeated the same things, said the same things, over and over and over again to the same four people and they are sick of hearing me complain. 620 more words