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But You Were Fine Yesterday {The Mighty}

…There’s so many times when I get a remark or a look or a suggestion of “but you seemed fine yesterday.” These suggestions make my blood boil, because perhaps I had a mask on yesterday, or perhaps I didn’t and today I just feel like shit. 58 more words


What Complex Trauma Feels Like To Me {The Mighty}

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma are just that — complex. In fact, I believe all mental health and trauma are. It’s all so complex. 117 more words


A love letter to anyone who struggled to shower today {The Mighty}

This is a love letter to all those for whom showering is repeatedly a laborious exercise, physically, emotionally or both.7

To those who spend days putting it off because you know just how exhausting or painful it feels, right down to your bones, just to stand under the water for that long. 67 more words


I feel on the verge of tears, and for seemingly no reason.

I don’t remember about 99 percent of my last 3 therapy sessions.

Therapy seems to really be stirring up activity in the system.   208 more words


Touching base on trauma! 

So, what behaviours does a child show when they have suffered a trauma? And what is classed as a trauma?

Well, a trauma is an experience that an individual can find deeply distressing or disturbing. 283 more words


Broken Pieces

Soft white clouds
fill the air I breathe
touching prints
left in the sky

like a storm
rush to follow
the path not chosen… 116 more words

A Broken Blue Sky


TW- Post openly discusses themes of suicidality and self-harm. Only read if you feel appropriately strong to manage your feelings about this.

For the benefit of my international followers- in England we say “a right bobby dazzler” when something has happened that is full-on, something worthy of drawing attention to, something overpowering and something almost amusing in it’s over the top epic shitness. 1,531 more words

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