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Balance And Manifest

Balance is needed now. Balance work and play, giving and receiving, alone time with getting out with others. Set boundaries, but be flexible. Imbalances are often related to beliefs and emotional issues that need to be healed and released. 48 more words


Me too has been a internet statement that has been taking social platforms by storm. On facebook and I heard twitter. I shared the hashtag because for me, myself. 378 more words


Medication issue

Has anyone taken Haldol and gone restless leg syndrome when you took it, we seem to be having pains in her legs after taking it, I’ve talked to Doctor Barry and the last time I talk to her about it she said it was because I took my antihistamine along with it and they interacted with each other. 53 more words


me too.


As I began to watch my social media feeds fill with this phrase, my stomach dropped, my heart hurt. “It happened to her?” I thought, after I saw the very first post. 1,255 more words


The Rainbow Connection

Early into our first year of dating, the narcissist informed me that he preferred to plan things out and wasn’t very spontaneous. I was the exact opposite, loving to do things on the spur of the moment. 2,808 more words

Me Too

Honestly, I went back and forth for a while trying to decide whether or not I was going to write this post. I’m still not fully comfortable talking about what happened. 241 more words

The Doctor Is Out

I am an empath.  I never knew that I was one I just knew I was different.  I feel things on such a deep level, personally and socially, that it interferes with my day to day life. 736 more words