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Vicious  Cycle

6 things that happen when you become numb 1. Stressed

2. Careless

3. Unmotivated

4. Hopeless

5. Emotionless

6. Physically ill

There are a lot more that could fit into this category, but right now these are my main battles. 348 more words


Thank God for Freedom

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank God for Freedom

I thank God for freedom. Freedom from unmanageability. Freedom from negativity. 251 more words

Jasmine suicide rambles

I just want to die. How come no one understands? I constantly feel like death is the only answer. Its horrible to wake up every day feeling suicidal. 107 more words


the day i stopped dancing

image credit: ryan pfluger

(this post was originally published in 2007- 3 years into my recovery- i’ve worked through a lot of trauma and grief since then- but i still remember- and give thanks) 1,264 more words

2nd Stage Recovery

Dance. Write. Now. - 21 Day Challenge Completed

21 days ago I began a challenge – Dance. Write. Now. – dance each day for 21 days.

I shook, shimmied, laughed, cried, moved through anxiety and depression and flashbacks, been blocked by anxiety and depression and flashbacks, expressed, written, felt, felt, felt, felt and danced… all because of dance. 1,047 more words


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