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Discussing the hard stuff with dr. barry

I saw dr. barry today and we had a long chat. we mostly talked about therapy and my avoidance of therapy lately. she said she felt that there was definitely something going on, because, in the 3 years she’s known me i’ve never missed so much therapy as i have in the past 6 weeks. 672 more words


Intracranial Hemorrhage Pearls

Cushing’s triad, which consists of widening pulse pressure, decreasing pulse, and abnormal (often Cheyne-Stokes) respirations, is usually a significant indication of increased intracranial pressure.  Unfortunately, this is usually a very late sign, and irreversible damage may have already been done. 255 more words


Just As me

Afraid of bullets
Riding on dust ridden air
By a trembling boy
Afraid, just

These are two art projects I did in my Drawing class this year. 86 more words


Heart Made Whole: A Journey

Chapter 7

The Naked Heart

In this chapter the author talks about why it is important to be “naked” in front of God, yourself and others. 2,642 more words


Katie's Bookshelf: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is one of those books that everyone needs to read in their lifetime.  Frankl was imprisoned in 4 different concentration camps during the Holocaust.   320 more words

Mental Health

The Light Within

Today I read a post by An Accidental Anarchist on the subject of non-judgment. I was first acquainted with the idea when I discovered Deepak Chopra… 432 more words


The intangible narration of the ‘Emergency’: Different layers of trauma construction of the Mau Mau uprising

As I write this post, there are hearings going on in the British High Court, where elderly Kenyans are giving testimonies on the abuse they suffered in British concentration camps in the 1950s, including forced labor, rape and mutilations. 2,237 more words