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Why do people who have access to mental health care delay and avoid getting treatment?

I am thinking of two people right now; One of these people is someone who I have known for almost 20 years. I only met the other person 5 months ago.  259 more words


My dear husband.

I can still call you that, and forgive me if it bothers you. But typically and technically, we are still married, even if it is for only a few more weeks. 1,665 more words

I have an important meeting this morning, my IAP

I just got into college a couple of minutes ago. I left pretty early because I have my IAP meeting this morning. IAP stands for individual action plan. 213 more words


2016, March 31 - 1407 - depression 12

my self doubt and fear (5)
pulling memories and feelings (7)
from their quiet rest (5)


I did have a hole in my chest

Look there’s a hole in your chest!

Typical in the process of making sculpture. The sculptor, will open up their project to carve out excess weight. 97 more words

Chicago Figure Model

What Wants Us Gone

I don’t want to write about this.  My whole soul screams against it, like when my quads scream against riding on a hard-gear up a Seattle hill, or my arms groan agonised protest against another set of bicep curls. 3,434 more words


Skin (Trigger Warning)

Human skin cells replace themselves every two or three weeks, so by the time a month had passed after my rape, there was nothing left on my body that my rapist had touched. 356 more words