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Unanswered prayers

Why? Seriously why?! Why has all this happened? I know I’m not supposed to question God but I just need answers. I know I’m supposed to be a good little solider and keep marching on and not question His plan for me, but how much am I meant to go through. 687 more words

Stepping into the light

Life would be quite tragic if I wasn’t able to find the humor in it. It’s funny how God works. He has my mother decide it would be “safer” to take our cars to the lake and not ride our bicycles over like we originally planned and well.. 995 more words

Fists Not Football: Brain Injuries Seen In Domestic Assaults

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CHICAGO (AP) — Brain trauma in domestic violence survivors has been overshadowed by concerns about injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan war vets, and by effects of repeated head blows in football players. 1,122 more words


Still, I rise...

“Your life will be different.” “You may never remember anything from your past.” “We can’t say when or if you will ever get back to functioning at a normal baseline for your age.” These are a few of the things I was told over and over again by my doctors. 960 more words

Stroke-like brain damage is reduced in mice injected with omega-3s

A stroke can happen at any age, and as with anything that involves the brain, a few seconds can be life altering. Usually the rule is time lost is brain lost, but there might be some good news regarding that, researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids reduced brain damage in a neonatal mouse model of stroke. 405 more words


Inmate 6/11/12.. My personal prison

I think I am slowly starting to unravel. I have tried to stay strong and hold it together for so long, but now the strings that have been holding me together are unraveling. 1,040 more words