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Christine, I hope that if I’m ever in your father’s shoes...

Today, I had supervision during practicum. I rarely write in the moment, but I’ve found myself reflecting on this quite a bit, long after the conversation concluded. 610 more words


My Hideout: TBI Survivor

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

How would one define the word hideout? In the old western movies it was a cave where the gangster went to hide from the law.  426 more words


Missing him

I miss him. Although he is beside me each night, I still miss him. I miss that safety that came along with him. Knowing that no matter how big the issue was, he would either solve it or stay by my side through it. 164 more words


A new window

I may have mentioned having some hearing issues since the accident.

I have now visited four otolaryngologists, in an attempt to diagnose and correct the problem. 918 more words


Rollover in town :Against the Odds

via Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

If you had told me that day that I would end up in an SUV on its side after rolling three times I would have told you that you were crazy.  333 more words

Sound in a TBI World

via Daily Prompt: Sound

Sound, how does one define something so international and at the same time so personal?  Sound is all about us. In fact, we are constantly in the midst of some type of sound and are very seldom in a void of sound.  490 more words

Love Unconditionally

Today is a day filled with most focusing on love. It is Valentine’s Day.  Having been married for 39 years now the traditional aspects of this day have become much more simplified at our house.  515 more words