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Blood Test for Concussion OK'd

Helps inform management, including decision on whether CT scan is indicated

 A blood test aimed at guiding management of patients suspected of having concussion won FDA approval… 252 more words


Lightning strikes deep in my soul...

The night is dark, no moon to speak of… no stars to take my gaze away from the sound of the waves crashing upon the cliffs… The water is churning much like my soul… It weeps for what never was… It yearns for what will never be… All because of religion… 228 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI and Dyslexia

Do you have a TBI and you show signs of dyslexia???  I was never diagnosed with dyslexia, but I exhibited signs of it…

Be it in the way I read books or in balancing my checkbook… I would confuse letters and numbers… 425 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury


I don’t feel very productive as of right now. That may be because it is Sunday and I’m just relaxing today. Yesterday I did my laundry and cleaned up my apartment. 119 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Missing Nature

Here are some pics from our hike last weekend… Really sucks, I can’t even go out walking for 2 weeks… but, I can look out my window and enjoy all the nature… 22 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Here We Go Again...

The nightmares are back and they are in Technicolor… in other words… I am dreaming of the past once again… Ya know, I really would like to dream about other things beside my dumb ass family… These people do not deserve one ounce of my time or thought process… Yet, its like watching animation… They wear clown outfits…which fits the personality of their ignorance and bigotry and their heads are the size of a pumpkin that morphed into over sized balloons… 297 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Hiccup...

I don’t know about anyone else, when it comes to the TBI stuff… I can only relate the issues I have and how I deal with them… I just know, I am tired of writing about the family dynamic… It was ugly, it is over… so lets focus on the problems I have or had because of the TBI’s… 469 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury