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TBIs--A Modern Day David vs. Goliath. (Gaining Perspective)

I’m angry. No I’m beyond that. I think I’m in a rage. I have backpedaled so much in the past couple weeks in my recovery that it’s crazy. 1,548 more words


Two Years

A small conference room fills with doctors. Already inside the room is an impatient seventeen year old girl.

“Bullshit” she thought, “I’m missing practice for them to fucking gossip”. 663 more words

The TEDx Users Guide to Dr Caroline Leaf

On the 4th of February 2015, Dr Caroline Leaf gave her debut TED presentation, at TEDx Oakes Christian School, California.

Most TED watchers wouldn’t have heard of her before, but Caroline Leaf is a well-known name in western Christendom. 3,726 more words


Chapter 20: TBI - Closure

“Life is not about winning the race; Life is about finishing the race and how many people we can all help finish this race.”  ~ Marc Vero… 1,476 more words


And then there were...BOOKS!!

It’s been 18 months ago today that I had brain surgery.  I could barely read at all after I woke from the coma.  Since that time I’ve recovered nearly 100% of my reading ability.   324 more words

Staying Positive

Employment and TBI

I’ve been away from work for a month due to some medical issues resulting from the brain injury.

Last week, I had to turn in a letter from my doctor that I couldn’t work. 549 more words


Chapter 19: TBI - Holding On

Once the lithium started to work for Pat and he was more alert again, there were new issues that forced me to face the possibility of him not being accepted at a facility in Mayerthorpe, meaning that we wouldn’t even be in the same town, let alone the same house.  1,883 more words