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The Twilight of Disability and Handicap Parking

“You look fine to me” This is the refrain I hear most often. Or the worst of the worst “You’re just wanting attention you look fine” Most recently I was sitting outside at a business where I’d parked in the handicap space. 1,259 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Personal Profile, Dr. Margaret Aranda



Dr. Margaret Aranda is a Keck USC medical school graduate, and Stanford alumni of anesthesiology and critical care. She was also trained in Forensic and Age Management Medicine. 808 more words



I suppose I should be, as you so kindly recommended, grateful that I’m capable of posting to my own blog about my own thoughts and experiences. 475 more words


Celebrating 19 Years Post-TBI

Today, May 19, 2017, marks the 19th anniversary of my life altering brain injury, and I am filled with gratitude.

Without that car “accident,” I would not be where I am today, would not be offering intuitive readings, Life Coaching, or teaching Reiki. 412 more words

Healing Stories

Traumatic Brain Injury Management in the ED

This is a handout designed to supplement a talk I gave at the NACCSGBI ASM in London, 2017. The full programme of the meeting can be found… 69 more words


all out of options

This illness can make one feel trapped inside one’s own body.  It can be crippling.  It can be devastating.  Statistically, people who suffer a TBI are more likely to have suicidal tendencies.**  I believe it is due to the brain feeling trapped and unable to function normally  (now don’t you be that statistic!).   549 more words