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What Are Repressed Memories?

“Recovered” memories is the descriptor given to recall of traumatic events, typically but not exclusively, of child sexual abuse, by adults who have exhibited little or no previous awareness of such experiences. 716 more words

Power of Forgiveness [P6]

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: – Matthew 6:14

Having been through complex trauma, as I have mentioned before, of being traumatised in early childhood with long-term neglect, then I was separated from my father when I was eight, I was sexually abused and bullied all throughout primary years to high school, has suffered from domestic violence and forced displacements of homes, schools and countries time and time again very frequently.

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Ways to deal with PTSD triggers

We all come across things that trigger difficult memories, but for people with PTSD, these memories  jumpstart a cascade of internal events that washes on panic, horror, or rage. 1,771 more words

The best I could

I was reading yesterday about the right temporoparietal junction, which is the area of the cerebral cortex where the temporal lobe meets the parietal lobe, on the right side (as the name implies). 924 more words