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Halved holidays

Quite some disappointment yesterday.

The production line will partially close in the coming days, with the shifts/teams gradually taking their annual two-week summer holidays. Except that the holiday entitlement I accrued with the agency wasn’t transferred to the company after my becoming the latter’s employee. 84 more words


Journey to Glory



This journey

Arduous, slow, fraught

With travail

Building my

Character before I reach

Glory’s Promised Land!


© Shadeau Bourne-Harbord & Lines of Shadeau, 2016. All rights reserved.


Je Reviens!


Il était un longtemps depuis j’ai écrit sur mon blog et il y a beaucoup des raisons, par exemple: le lycée, les examens et le travail. 58 more words

No longer a temp

After precisely 13 months the firm took me over from the employment agency. Now cutting out the middleman means I should have somewhat higher wages, but the fixed or guaranteed part is just the same, it’s still only a fixed-term contract (with two or three more to come before presumed permanent employment), and I still haven’t got the company shoes instead of the cumbersome agency ones: all in all I can’t say I feel any difference. 20 more words


CaHiErS dE vAcAnCeS ? eT sI oN eSsAyAiT lEs APPLIS ?

Hello everybody !

Le soleil s’est bien installée, les vacances aussi ! Mais voici une petite information pour les mamans (et papas) qui tiennent au cahier de vacances traditionnel. 105 more words


Work Hard, Play Chic

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads and we are faced with certain challenges. For a fashionista, one of the biggest obstacles we will deal with involves two harmless words, but when put together our world can come crashing down. 378 more words


Working 9 to 5.

Vendredi dernier, j’ai passé un entretien pour un poste d’assistant d’éducation dans un lycée de la région lilloise. J’ai la chance d’être, actuellement, sans grosse pression financière donc l’idée était: si je trouve un poste – chouette, si non – pas de problème. 918 more words