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BEHIND THE SCENE… That is my place as an intercessor. There is where I belong… my little corner where I feel secured in His arms. It is a secluded place where normally agile people will not enjoy going to because it is weighed down with burden and a big responsibility—bending knees, worshiping the LORD, weeping and travailing … spending hours to cry out to GOD in prayer and supplication for other people’s need. 812 more words

La vie en mode Japonaise

Hello tout le monde !!

Bon certes ça fait à une semaine que je n’ai pas posté dans le blog. Mais je n’ai pas disparu, je suis toujours là. 1,458 more words


Moi & l'autre femme dans la salle

Ça fait exactement 2 ans que je veux écrire cet article. Un article sur les femmes et leur carrière…la place des femmes (et des mères) en tant que hauts dirigeants. 1,292 more words

Expériences & Trucs De Parents

Will I ever be able to work again? What happens after long-term sick leave.

OCD and depression made me unable to perform my job. I was no longer able to function on a day-to-day basis. Put together, my sick leave and the time I then stayed off work (after resigning, resting, and then looking for a new job) equates roughly a year. 3,105 more words

Non Classé

Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart

Travail I

In the land of timelessness, atop tall spindly hills,
Lived the unhappy queen with a porous heart
A heart that retained no mirth, nor lingering happiness; 259 more words



Hi !Today I´m going to solve the last Exercise.

Solution:To solve it we just need to imagine dragging charges from a long distance (infinitely long). 520 more words