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A Midwesterner's (changed) view of California

There are so many misconceptions I had about California before I actually went there…

1. I would experience an earthquake.

I thought that the likelihood of experiencing an earthquake was high. 852 more words


Day 11 - Washington DC - Finding Anacostia

Hi – Today was one of discovery. Specifically, discovering the location of the Anacostia METRO station. On a map it’s pretty simple. Like, it’s right there in plain sight, right? 775 more words


Your Guide To...Charleston, S.C.

Ahhh Charleston. Quaint, charming Charleston. I have completely fallen head over high heels for this city. It’s the kind of place you just never move away from because you have everything you need  – beaches, palm trees, historic homes, farm to table restaurants, a lively downtown, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. 797 more words


Bucket List: Stonehenge

I managed to check off one of my Bucket List items for this year. Visit Stonehenge!  A business trip brought me to the UK in late June and since our offices are about halfway between London and Stonehenge, I decided to stay the weekend and head down to Salisbury to check it out. 583 more words


Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Travel Photographer?

(Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

Have you ever looked at the glossy pages of travel magazines, and wondered what it would be like to snap beautiful pictures of distant places and cultures… 419 more words


Austin Newbie: The Pecan Street Festival

Before you get your hopes up, you may be disappointed to know there were no pecans involved in this festival.  481 more words


Anan Creek, Alaska

Anan Creek where the bears go fishing for salmon.

The walkway into the hide and bear viewing platform at Anan Creek. The bears use it also but none were on it the three times we used it.