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AirBolt Smart Travel Lock yells at you when you leave it behind

Okay so it doesn’t quite yell at you but it does notify you on your phone. Airbolt is a Bluetooth equipped smart travel lock that is able to alert you when you and your luggage get separated. 89 more words


Santai Travel Food Pack, convenience for local travelers

If you are the type of person who craves local Malaysian food when you are traveling, or worries a lot about whether the food you are eating when you are out of Malaysia is Halal or not, Santai Travel has the perfect answer to your woes… 350 more words

Celebrating 9 months of #DrReenAbroad! ~ Free Instagram Giveaway


#DrReenAbroad is 9 months old today travelbugs!

Still growing but I want to say thank you to my beautiful followers by giving YA’LL something small, gold and cute. 89 more words


Spainpacking on Rohantime!

Down the avenues and alleyways in Cordoba..

As you may have gathered, Caroline and I have bought a few bits and pieces from Rohan over the years and regularly use their clothing along with items from other brands when we’re off travelling or even when we’re just mooching around… 47 more words


5 EZ-Link cards

This is worth $25.

When you buy an EZ-Link card, you pay a non-refundable fee of $5 for the card. It used to be refundable, but not anymore. 26 more words

Level 2

Hush Puppies luggage

I have found a lot of luggages. But this particular luggage is by far the best one I’ve picked up.

It’s not the first Hush Puppies luggage I’ve found, but the size of it, OMG. 44 more words

Level 2

Aylesbury II and still no pics!

So, day two in Aylesbury and breakfast time at Holiday Inn.

Which was okay, apart from the fact that we weren’t offered coffee tops ups as we were expected to find the unmarked filling station and the couple of vacuum jugs on a tray. 774 more words