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Today in remembrance and Honor for those who fight to give us Freedom

Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed for our freedom! Remembering that Freedom isn’t Free..,,



Bohol new world!

I know its way too late to post this blog anymore, but I no longer care about timeframe and chronological order. They say “strike while the iron is hot” 831 more words


From here to Rose Street, Scotland. 

For the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2015. A 20 minute memory exercise.

From here to Rose Street, Scotland.

In an accent not of her own “You simply must visit Scotland.” She had always antagonised. 207 more words

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Of My Sister. 

For the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2015. Visual description exercise.

Of My Sister.

On the corner of her eyes the crows are just hatching. Barely the beginning of the story they will tell. 144 more words

Travel & Adventure

Over the Next Hill - 26/100 Camino Photos

Curiosity drives me forward when I hike. What will I see beyond the next hill, around the next curve? Not much, sometimes. Amazing views other times. 46 more words

Family goes to the City of Pines

Been away from this blog for too long! Way too long. Haha..

Anyways, it feels good to be back to writing again. ;)

Baguio is known for its cold weather and of course, the pine trees. 423 more words


[Personal Travel] Captivating Camotes

I was enthralled by this island paradise when I was here 3 years ago, and im fallin in love with this island paradise this time around… 1,065 more words