Hi Guys,

My Name is Jeevan Glorious and I’m a Travel Blogger and this is my blog about Sri Lanka. Hope you guys enjoy it. This is a small introduction to Sri Lanka from my website (www.gs-tours.com) 292 more words

Ireland - Galway & Kilkenny

One of the best kinds of traveling is the kind when it’s to visit friends.  For my Christmas break this year I flew to Ireland to spend the holidays with two of my friends I met while studying abroad in Germany.  545 more words


That place called SAGADA (Itineraries, Budget & Travel Guide)

Ever since this popular movie came out in the cinema (That Thing Called Tadhana), people started to embark on a sudden road trip to Sagada. I, myself, also wanted to witness this hidden gem of the north that’s why last May 2016 we’ve had our vacation there.  866 more words

MNL-SG Day 4

MNL-SG Day 1MNL-SG Day 2MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4

Our last day in SG was a blast. Tiring, but a blast.It was the day it felt like we had a lot of things accomplished. 1,656 more words


Photo Diary: Mt. Ulap

December 19, 2015 was my first time to hike Mt. Ulap with Monxter’s Outdoor.

Last year, November 19, 2016, I came back for an unfinished business. 683 more words


Horseback Riding in Grand Turk

Grand Turk. First stop on the Bestie Cruise. All of these stops were relatively short, so we didn’t get too much sightseeing done everywhere, but I still enjoyed every moment off the boat. 822 more words


The Unfortunate Journey To The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal.

An enduringly beautiful, magnificent, and majestic monument that symbolizes India. One of the seven new wonders of the world. Millions flock there every year to see it and there are millions around the world who dream to visit. 2,456 more words