Travel Guide: California

Ever feel the urge to pack a bag and just fly? See where the next Boeing 747 will take you? I get that feeling a lot. 704 more words


At the Fairy Castle: Vancouver Island, BC

As is fitting of a dreamy wonderland, we arrived in Vancouver Island via a dreamy boat ride across a misty sea. There we reached our long-sought destination, my aunt Holly’s cozy home in the countryside where we’d spend a week visiting with her, her partner Kirk, and my brother Van, who’d flown up from California. 261 more words

The final month and the plan falls apart

Descending from the Tatra mountains in an old school tram

Since my last post, I have finished my jaunt through Eastern Europe and spent the last 10 days in Germany. 1,529 more words


A Day and a Night Out in Cardiff

We’re not big on country-counting and we can’t stand the whole bucket-list idea but we couldn’t help noticing that we recently completed a sort of geographic bingo full-house. 1,297 more words


Why choose Homestay for your upcoming trip?

Travel is all about experiences that directly connects with the destination’s culture.

What are Homestays?
Homestay is the part of someone house converted into an accommodation facility for their guests.Homestays provide their guests with much comport & relaxing environment. 358 more words

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Unpacking the "Piso": Spanish vs. American apartments

Happy Saturday to you all, seahorses and salmon!

So, after a week filled with visiting apartments, moving AirBNBs, and generally talking more about lodging than I had in the previous year leading up to this week, … 984 more words


Stepping inside of the Jungle Book

Bundi, 20-21 September

It takes only four hours to get from Jaipur to Bundi by car over a quiet highway with the odd cow sleeping in the middle of the road. 568 more words