travel: exploring florence, italy

downtown florence is walkable, from end to end, in about 45 minutes- faster if you know the streets and are on a mission. the best days, though, are the ones where we stopped looking at the map and let ourselves wander. 44 more words

The Lost Weeks

Hey Internet, it’s been a while. Sorry I fell off the face of the planet, but to make up for that there will be 3 videos this week. 75 more words


Rotterdam, Amsterdam, seasickness

I went to Rotterdam back in January with my lovely friend Emma. It was mostly Jacuzzi’s, street photography, and a trip to the Amsterdam sex museum. 348 more words

Emily Lowrey

Riding a Motorcycle in Saigon, Vietnam

In another turn of events, I rented a motorcycle in Vietnam and took it for a spin on Saigon’s streets. Check out this brief clip of driving a motorcycle in Saigon.


This is Real - I'm in Italy

Day 27: First Day of No Class

Today was the first day that I didn’t have my intensive classes, and it was…. interesting. I woke up for class early and got to class on time. 756 more words

Bali 2014: Day Eleven - Last minute Ubud

Monday 17 November 2014:

Our second last morning in Ubud, tomorrow we will head down to Sanur for the next part of our holiday.  Today was a nothing planned day, pick up any last minute shopping “essentials” and just relaxing. 581 more words

Travel Journal

#TravelTipTuesday Number 6

Pace Yourself

We all have the urge to splurge in regards to drinks when traveling to foreign land. Bars to be discovered, pubs to be crawled, etc etc. 130 more words