After no sleep or rest during my summer course at RISD, I’ve decided to travel somewhere for at least a week. Me and my brother have decided that we need to go to Dubai, so we booked everything, packed our bags and left. 863 more words


Tasting Mind-blowing Creativity

This is it. It doesn’t get more mind-blowingly creative than this. Or more exciting. Or more international. I’m with a wild bunch of globally acknowledged geniuses in the breathtakingly beautiful Upper Austria mountains. 222 more words


Things to know before you go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Children’s Traffic Park: The newly built Children Traffic Park is very beautiful looking. All the traffic rules are depicted on the wall in bold pictures. The pillars with different traffic lights in small sizes, speed breakers, small mile stones, cemented roads etc. 818 more words

Why blog?

When I was at college, my friend and I used to say that our dream job would be to work as a travel photographer. The idea was blissful. 189 more words


Magnificent El Nido 

Recently I got an opportunity to go to Philippines to attend a workshop from my company. And this was also an opportunity I could plan a mini vacation. 1,270 more words


The Free People of Taghazout

Two types of worship happen in Taghazout, and both start by getting to your knees. Both answer a call at sunrise- the scratchy sound of a 90’s sound system blasting out the call to prayer, and the other, the crashing of a decent wave on the shore. 952 more words