Where is the best paprika in Hungary

The old lady at the market place said that the best paprika is in Kalocsai and Szeged region. Some things cannot be explained by logic, you must trust the wisdom of our grandmothers. 387 more words

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Darwin, it would seem, is most aptly named.  Venturing onto the roads has got a sort of  ‘survival of the fittest’ feeling.  For a start, the Territory has a 130kph speed limit on the open road, on roads that in many cases clearly are not suitable for such speeds.  637 more words

World Cup food

We’ve missed a trip this year; unfortunately a death in the close family meant we had to cancel a much anticipated June trip to Matera and Puglia in Italy, meaning it’s now 4 months since La Palma, and still another 5 weeks till Malaysia. 99 more words

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My Norfolk Food Diary

This is going to be quite a long one so grab a cup of tea and have a gander! :)

I am a massive foodie and am very lucky that my parents take me and my brother out to lovely restaurants. 706 more words

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Big announcement

For those or you reading this who know me personally, this won’t be a terribly exciting announcement, sorry. For those of you who don’t know me, get pumped and also please subscribe to this blog because I’m pretty sure even my mum doesn’t read it so I need all the validation I can get #ShamelessPlug. 301 more words


Traveling My Own State Episode 3- Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Last Sunday hubby, his cousin and I went to the Columbus Zoo. The zoo is not located in Columbus but rather north of the city of Columbus in Delaware County, OH. 777 more words