Flam: By Train and Kayak

Our Norway in a Nutshell adventure started when we caught a train from Oslo to Myrdal (Read about our Oslo adventures here and here!). We were supposed to have a half hour layover (the plan was to grab lunch) before catching the Flam railway (Europes steepest and also one of the most beautiful).   413 more words


Cheap holidays for college students

Spring Break 2008 will most likely continue the trend we have seen over the last two years, a move to a spring break vacation more affordable. 26 more words

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Which Korea? Which Korean?

A string of lanterns rocked in the wind, casting flickering shadows on walls that looked hundreds of years old. The slight breeze that moved them made the minus eight degrees of the air feel like minus 20. 670 more words


Strand Ephemera 2015

While we are hanging in Townsville we are trying to get out and about as much as we can! Over the weekend the Strand Ephemera was launched, so we went and checked it out.   42 more words

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Backpacking on a Budget in South Africa

My goodness it has been far too long since I last posted! Work has been absolutely insanely busy and I have been busy making plans for some future travels! 812 more words

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Discovering Cairns

I stumbled out of the airport, in that magical stage between hungover and still drunk from the night before, I landed in Cairns early morning, bleary eyed after my three hour hop from Melbourne to Cairns, most of it spent nicely sprawled out on my empty row. 1,022 more words


Day 105 Hottest day so far

31st July 2015

Mileage 30.2 (48.6km)

Caves Camp (1631.9) to Seiad Valley (1662.1)

My forced experiment of sleeping without a tent or sleeping mat was a big fat fail. 585 more words

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