Where have I been?

We just have to talk more about the wind. How did I not know about this? Feels like I’ve lived in a cave. Through Oklahoma and into Texas the wind has been overwhelming at times. 158 more words


Lower your holiday standards - you don't have Beyoncé's budget.

So many people have dreams about going on trips, but they can’t seem to get past what they think a trip will cost. Yes, travelling can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. 1,497 more words

New Blog

C A P E T O W N - Spelling It Out

After leaving Cape Town a couple weeks ago, I felt torn about what I should write about. I could get all sappy like I have in the past, but I feel my personal experiences alone don’t do it justice. 1,041 more words


13 Fun Facts You Can Add to Make Your About Me Page More Interesting! (1 min read)

Face It, we all have “About Me” pages, right? But the problem is they all suck, including mine. At least until now! Here’s what you can do to make your “About Me” page more exciting for readers to read. 184 more words

Millionaire's Digest

The best minimalist travel bag I ever had

What qualities do you look for when purchasing a bag? For me, I think about how it feels, how it looks, and how large it is. 124 more words


Oxford: The Land of Alice

Since this is the first location I will be “rating,” I thought I would begin with Oxford because it was one of my favorite places I visited while in England. 313 more words


Halloween In Brussels

It has become sort of a tradition, that we do a little Halloween get together. I can’t really say it’s tradition, because at this point, it had only been the second time we’ve done it. 514 more words