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Hotel Impossible

One of my favorite jobs was associate producing a “Hotel Impossible” clip show for the production company and Scripps networks.  We made four episodes of Top 20 moments, using Avid to review previous shows and compile the clips.   167 more words


Dad On Board (Travel Channel)

Dad On Board (Travel Channel) – Premieres 8th November

Travel show where youtube celebrity JD Witherspoon and his dad, the comedian John Witherspoon, head off around the US to check out places that have lesser known history and events. 63 more words

2017 Review

Finding Beasts (Travel Channel)

Finding Beasts (Travel Channel) – Premieres 1st November

A show where wildlife expert Casey Anderson heads off to remote locations looking for illusive animals that are boarding on mythological status. 81 more words

2017 Review

Myth or Monster (Travel Channel)

Myth or Monster (Travel Channel) – Premieres 27th October

Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss looks into local legends of strange creatures existing, and investigates how they came to be. 150 more words

2017 Review

Mysterious Islands (Travel Channel)

Mysterious Islands (Travel Channel) – Premieres 11th October

Holiday show where travel journalist Kellee Edwards goes off to remote islands and checking out what they have to offer while being not usually seen as holiday destinations. 48 more words

2017 Review

Xtreme Screams (Travel Channel)

Xtreme Screams (Travel Channel) – Premieres 8th October

In the same style as Xtreme Underwater, this is a travel channel show where they feature the more intense theme park rides found in the US. 75 more words

2017 Review

Haunted USA (Travel Channel)

Haunted USA (Travel Channel) – Premieres 8th October

Travel show where in each episode it focuses on one particular US town, and then lists out the local attractions which are all based on the paranormal. 67 more words

2017 Review