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Durban Beach Rescue

Ok, I admit it.  I am an adrenaline junkie.  But only when it comes to Emergencies and Disasters.  I am, after all, a long time member of St John (Ambulance) Brigade. 148 more words

Dear Mom

Recently, I have seen a lot of “Dear So and So” letters floating around the Internet. So, I decided to write one to my biggest supporter and hero, my mother. 207 more words

Durban Beach Rescue airing on DSTV Travel Channel

Our local everyday heroes, casually saving lives on the daily at Durban’s busy beaches. They too often go uncelebrated and unnoticed. A new ten part documentary/reality series shows Durban beachfront lifeguards in their element. 200 more words

Things To Do In Durban

Post Journalism School: Doing all the things in all the countries and having all the fun

Hey everyone. I have a new website coming and this post is just a placeholder until the streamlined, bad-ass one is ready. Enjoy this picture of me demonstrating “lifestyle modeling” in the meantime. 647 more words



Respect. It’s a word with different meanings to each of us. Merriam Webster defines it as “to act in a way which shows that you are aware of (someone’s rights, wishes, etc.) and to treat or deal with (something that is good or valuable) in a proper way.” Everyday I strive to respect everything and everyone that I encounter. 180 more words

Happy Wednesday!

Since Sunday was the first “official” day of summer, we are celebrating the season with a little bit of Kenny Chesney!

Happy Wednesday!