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Why I Travel 

  “To travel is to see the world and make beautiful memories.”

To travel- it’s a verb with a heavy definition. What exactly does it mean “to travel?” Well, it means something different to everyone, so here is my definition. 307 more words

Musical Monday

Happy Monday! Long time, no post! I’ve been busy working on TONS of things for Country Belle Chic, that I can’t wait to bring to you! Stay tuned.

Insider's Guide to Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky 

Calling all horse fans, bluegrass lovers, and more! Louisville has many, many attractions, ranging from museums, boat tours, and sports!

Things to Do: 150 more words

Big Crazy Family Adventure (Travel Channel)

Big Crazy Family Adventure (Travel Channel) – Starts 29th July

Travel show where the Kirkby family are on a 13,000 mile, 96 day jaunt to go from their home in Canada to a monastery in the Himalayas.  50 more words

2015 Review

Deer Lodge Prison

The spirit of Turkey Pete still haunts this prison theater used for executions.

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Catch a sneak peek of tomorrow's ALL NEW Montana State Prison lock down…

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Insider's Guide to Fort Worth, T.X.

Fort Worth, Texas 

Being originally from Texas, Fort Worth is the ULTIMATE favorite spot of mine on this Southern Summer Roadtrip! There’s cattle, cowboys, and a little something for everyone. 131 more words

Insider's Guide to New Orleans, L.A.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Ah-New Orleans, another favorite of mine! From rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina (10 years ago this week) to the city’s full history, New Orleans is stronger than ever and a great spot for a vacation. 158 more words